37 Soothing Cool Color Schemes for Decorating Your Home

Pretty pink simple living room

Design by Michelle Gage 

The color palette of a room supports the overall style, and also makes a difference in the overall mood, too. Colors are deeply intertwined with emotions, and because of this different rooms can influence how their occupants feel. Warmer shades are typically associated with warmth, coziness, and energy—but don't brush off cool colors just yet. Despite their names, they are not the sole culprits responsible for creating sterile, moody, and sullen places. Blue, green, and purple can be just as inviting and welcoming as their warmer counterparts—it's just a matter of how they're incorporated.

Understanding how to use soothing, cool hues in your space can instantly take a room from bland to wow. To help you confidently pick the best ones to use for your home, we rounded up our favorite home cool color schemes. All these colors are both soothing and relaxing, making them an excellent choice for any room in your abode.

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    Cool Down Cozy Spaces

    cool color schemes

    Design by NK Living

    Deep shades of blue are great for areas where one wishes to unwind, like this living room in a modern farmhouse by U.K.-based NK Living. The navy shiplap feature wall sets the relaxing tone. The steel blue sofa and silver-gray carpeting add to the room's inviting vibe. 

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    Embrace the Power of Blue

    cool color schemes

    Design by Meriwether Inc Architecture & Design

    Blue kitchens are a favorite decor trend with real staying power. This example by Meriwether Inc Architecture & Design makes it easy to understand why. The blue cabinetry pops against the crisp white walls.

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    Don't Shy Away From Royal Purple

    cool color schemes

    Design by Erica Burns Interiors

    Cool shades of purple, green, and pink give this traditional living room by Erica Burns Interiors based in Bethesda, Maryland a vibrant twist.

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    Add a Splash of Warmth

    cool color schemes

    Domus Nova

    Gorgeous jewel tones elevate this living room from Domus Nova. The purple wall and sofa lend a regal air. The shocking pink couch brings a jolt of room-brightening color.

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    Make a Splash With Mermaid-Inspired Tile

    cool color schemes

    Design by Michelle Gage

    Sure, white cooking spaces are brimming with enduring style. But Philadelphia-based interior designer Michelle Gage took things a step further with a mermaid-inspired backsplash created using fish scale tiles in cooling shades of blue and green. The pretty hues look amazing against the bright, white cabinetry.

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    Blend Multiple Tones

    cool paint shades

    Entrance Makleri

    Two-tone walls in shades of pale blue are what gives this black and brown kitchen edgy appeal. What we love best about this cooking space from Entrance Makleri is the chic paint job that instantly refreshes the dated granite countertops.

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    Create a Feature Wall

    cool color schemes

    Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

    Portland, Oregon-based Jessica Helgerson Interior Design created an abstract seascape feature wall that establishes the palette for the rest of the space. What makes the paint job notable is how she incorporated a mix of cooler shades of yellow and plum, which are traditionally warm hues with two standard cool colors: blue and green. Notice the cream ceiling and the pale gray walls? They have a hint of cool green.

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    Choose Uncommon Hues

    cool color schemes

    Design by Scheer & Co. Interior Design

    Cool, pale periwinkle walls set the stage for warm furnishings in this bungalow from Scheer & Co. Interior Design based in Austin, Texas. Pairing cool walls with dark wood and warm vintage-style furnishings keeps the central living area from feeling cold and stark. 

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    Try Coastal Chic

    cool color schemes

    Laurel and Wolf

    A watery shade of ocean green lights up the walls in this beachfront condo seen on Laurel and Wolf, an online platform that connects licensed interior designers with residential customers. Covering the fireplace surround are glass subway tiles by Tilebar in a cool shade of seafoam green.

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    Lighten With Sky Blue Walls

    cool color schemes

    Design by Heidi Walker Interior Design

    Walls painted in Light Blue by Benjamin Moore give this living room by Heidi Walker Interior Design out of Charleston, South Carolina its open and airy feeling. The decorative pillows spotted on the sofa, and the stripes on the coffee table echo the wall color.

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    Infuse Pops of Color

    cool color schemes

    Design by Zoë Feldman Design

    Interior designer Zoë Feldman based in Washington, D.C., incorporated gorgeous cool jewel tones in shades of green, purple, and blue in this transitional living room. Though cool tones are rarely all paired together in one space, this gorgeous space makes a case for why it's worth trying.

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    Experiment With a Monochromatic Color Scheme

    cool color schemes

    Design by Turek Design

    If you are looking to make a dramatic statement, go with a cool monochromatic color scheme as seen in this small living room by Turek Design located in New York City. Beautiful accents in natural wood and brushed gold keep the space from feeling dark or dreary.

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    Blend Unexpected Colors

    cool color schemes

    Design by The English Room

    Show your true colors, like this quirky and modern living room by the interior designer behind The English Room based in the U.K. The jet black ceiling and white walls provide a neutral backdrop for an explosion of mostly cool colors, most notably, purple and green. While the shade on the floor is a neutral brown, the fawn-patterned carpet is anything but boring.

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    Incorporate a Distinct Modern Edge

    cool color schemes

    Design by Zoe Feldmann Design

    A robust shade of cool teal makes an elegant first impression in this cozy den by interior designer Zoe Feldman based in Washington, D.C. The stone fireplace and dark furnishings are contrasted with a bright rug and colorful decorative accents including a vintage Breakfast at Tiffany's movie ​poster.

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    Add Bohemian-Style Flair

    cool color schemes

    Design by Michelle Gage Interiors

    A cool shade of pale pink and lively hues of green are the dominant colors illuminating this boho design-inspired living room by Michelle Gage, an interior designer out of Pennsylvania. The gray and white walls have a blue undertone, which adds to the cooling mix of relaxing colors.

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    Plaster on a Little More Texture

    cool color schemes

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Wallpaper is an easy way to add a little oomph and texture to a bathroom. This space from Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions shows how calming blue can be, and how much more elevated it can feel with the right pattern. The countertops are beige, but tinged with a cool tint, which leads to a cohesive color palette.

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    Opt for Earthy Green

    Green kitchen cabinets

    Design by Ashley Montgomery Design

    The cupboards in this kitchen from Design by Ashley Montgomery Design are painted in a grounding green shade, creating a calm cooking oasis. Mixed with plenty of white, the soothing space feels open and airy at the same time.

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    Bring Out the Blues

    cool color schemes

    Design by Beauty Is Abundant

    Bathrooms should be places of respite and rejuvenation, which means cool color palettes are often an exquisite fit. In this bathroom from interior designer Leah Alexander at Beauty Is Abundant, the deep blue tiles of the shower are reflected in the mirror and help to pull out the blue tones in the sink and on the wall. Dramatic colors like this are easy to get away with when they're well thought out and applied to smaller rooms.

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    Play Up the Primary Bedroom

    cool color schemes

    Design by Brexton Cole Interiors

    Soothing doesn't have to equal boring, as this bedroom from Brexton Cole Interiors proves. Though an ethereal sky blue paint coats the walls, the rest of the space is enriched with tactile textures, and metallic finishes. It's a unique room as a whole but still maintains a sense of serenity.

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    Try a Trio of Cool Colors

    cool color schemes

    Design by Britt Design Studio

    This cool-toned space from Britt Design Studio mixes a darker blue-green wall on the right for a moody and sophisticated touch with a welcoming light blue door, and energizing green wallpaper.

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    Bring Blue to the Breakfast Nook

    cool color schemes

    Design by Charlie Coull Design

    Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to this space from Charlie Coull Design—a breakfast nook this pretty will make you want to extend the time you spend eating the first meal of the day. The blue tone plays nicely with the light gray. This corner could easily be seen in a bistro or cafe, and despite using cool colors it still feels inviting.

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    Use Subtle Tones

    cool color schemes

    @dommdotcom / Instagram

    Visually cooler rooms can be bright, but they can also be subtle. Pale sage green on the walls and a gray-blue sheet set instill tranquility into this space without wandering into primary color territory.

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    Balance White With Cool Blues

    cool color schemes

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Ryan Liebe

    Preventing all-white bathrooms from looking too sterile can be done with the help of blue and other crisp colors, like this bathroom from Emily Henderson Design. Although warmer shades might be the first that come to mind to cozy up a space, chilly hues can both brighten and maintain a soothing vibe.

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    Mix Warm and Cool

    cool color schemes

    Design by Gray Space Interiors

    Like all colors, purple can lean warm or cool. This calming lilac-colored bedroom from Gray Space Interiors balances the best of both worlds, using purple on the walls and complementing it with warmer pink, copper, and rust-toned accents. The blue stool at the foot of the bed helps add an additional splash of cool to the overall color scheme.

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    Use Coastal Colors

    cool color schemes

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    The beach is often associated with a feeling of calm and relaxation. This emotion can be transferred into your home by incorporating coastal colors and decor inspired by the cool palette of the ocean.

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    Accent With Cool Tones

    cool color schemes

    Design by House Nine Design

    It's easy to jump to paint or wallpaper as the best color solutions. Sometimes though, minimal white walls serve as an intentional blank canvas that can be boosted through accents. In this cool-toned room from House Nine Design, a navy headboard steals the spotlight and creates a general sense of calm in the chicest way possible.

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    Play Up Cool Palettes With Poppy Art

    cool color palettes

    Design by Mary Patton Design

    Another way to infuse a cold color palette without relying solely on wall color is through artwork. In tandem with a rug reminiscent of a night sky, the sculptural object on the table and patterned canvas set the atmosphere and give this dining area from Mary Patton Design a cooler overtone. Beige chairs and a small section of warm wood flooring provide a nice balancing effect.

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    Create a Soothing Workspace

    cool color schemes

    Design by Midcity Design Group

    Spending hours a day at your desk calls for the surrounding room to serve as a conducive, calming work environment. Because work can be stressful, calming cool color palettes are often a good choice. In this workspace from Midcity Design Group, muted navy walls envelop the space and make it feel grounded.

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    Add a Warm Twist

    Green bathroom

    @mochagirlplace / Instagram

    Green is technically a cool color, but this bathroom shows how it can still be energizing and exciting. Chartreuse on the walls, yellow towels, and gold hardware make this space feel lively and warmer, but the green holds it down and gives anyone in the bathroom the sense of being surrounded by nature.

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    Choose Blue for a Whimsical Nursery

    cool color schemes

    Design by Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    A barely-there shade of cool blue can make a nursery feel instantly calming and tranquil, as exemplified by this serene bedroom from Stephanie Hoey Interiors.

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    Match Paint and Wallpaper

    cool color schemes

    Design by Studio KT

    Rather than painting the walls all one color, try a mix of shades or incorporate an accent wall. The patterned wallpaper behind the headboard in this bedroom from Studio KT stands out ever-so-slightly from the opposing walls, but not to the point where it feels busy. Pair this with gray and greige accents for a space that feels like a breath of fresh air each time you step inside.

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    Feel Moved by Mauve

    cool color schemes

    Photo by Rikki Snyder

    Cool shades of purple can help a room feel grounded and peaceful, like the saturated mauve accent wall in this light and airy bedroom.

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    Pick a Pattern

    cool color schemes

    @thomasguyinteriors / Instagram

    Patterns in cool tones still retain their tranquility, but there is a little something extra that's infused. This powder room from Thomas Guy Interiors is visually delightful and feels structured thanks to the wall's geometric pattern and surrounding sharp gold accents. That being said, it still feels soothing—all thanks to the deep and light blue mix.

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    Nail Down the Tones

    cool color schemes

    Design by Tina Ramchandani Creative

    Cool color palettes do not have to be obvious at first glance. This room from Tina Ramchandani Creative provides the sense of calm cooler-toned rooms normally do—but it's tough to put your finger on exactly what those cold colors are. With its mix of blues, greens, and gray, it's a great example of how mesmerizing subtlety can be.

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    Add Just a Pinch of Blue

    cool color schemes

    Design by The Home Consultant

    Anyone who adores all-white spaces but wants to point them in the direction of a calming cool palette can do so through a pop of color. As this bathroom from The Home Consultant illustrates, a teal green or similar tone on cabinets is all it takes to set a color scheme without needing to go all out on the walls.

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    Combine Cool Colors and Warm Wood

    cool color schemes

    Design by White Sands Design/Build

    In this kitchen from White Sands Design/Build, the blue cabinets and stone island are offset by the warmer wooden tones that are dotted around the room. It's a perfect example of the warm and cold color worlds coming together in harmony. Striking a balance between the two gives spaces a warm coziness and sense of grounded tranquility.

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    Place an Unexpected Pop of Color

    cool color schemes

    Design by Tyler Karu Design and Interiors

    Purple is an often overlooked member of the cool color family. This means it translates well as a surprising and original pop of color in spaces like this living room from Tyler Karu Design and Interiors.