8 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling

White washed wood paneling in a living room

Planete Deco

Wood paneling may seem like a throwback to the 60s and 70s, but it's finding a resurgence in our 21st-century homes. While wood paneling can bring home an old-school vibe, when it's done just right it can read very cool and very modern. Here are nine of our favorite rooms where wood paneling is shown off in just the right light.

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    Dark and Moody

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling
    The D Pages

    This room shows that you can go dark and moody in such a spectacular way with wood. In this masculine living room, the dark wood paneling sets the stage. The gorgeous architectural details in the wood panels create a stunning detail. The extension of built-in shelving adds interest to the wall as well. And exposed beams on the ceiling complete the sophisticated look.

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    Midcentury Refined

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling
    Decorators Best

    Scale can be an important factor with wood panels. Wide panels feel more modern. In this dining room from Decorator's Best, they are the perfect complement to the modern and rustic details that are playing together so well.

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    Cherry Wood

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling

    We love the dark cherry wood on this living room wall from Interiors magazine. The reddish-brown tone has a classic feel and goes well with the decorative pieces in this interior. This warm wood has a stunning grain that adds texture to the wall. The texture continues in the boucle fabric on the womb chair and the tufted rug. A red sculptural accessory on the table complements the cherry wood walls.

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    Diamond Grid

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling
    The Decorista

    Adding wood paneling to your interior doesn't have to be boring. You can turn it into the ultimate statement piece. In this room from The Decorista, the wood panels extend to the ceiling, enveloping the entire room in the warm shade. A diamond grid has been laid out, making this paneling the perfect dose of pattern in this living area.

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    Wood Panel Built-Ins

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling
    The New Bohemians

    Raw, untreated wood is the ultimate rustic touch in any room. Here in this room featured in Justina Blakeney's The New Boehmianswhite walls are punctuated with wood paneling that houses built-ins for this home's music collection. Using wood panels to add a unique architectural detail to your space? Now, that's cool!

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    Horizontal Panels

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling
    Desire to Inspire

    Wood paneling that's completely outside the box can be a cool modern statement in a home. How about going horizontal instead of vertical? The horizontal wood paneling this living room from Desire to Inspire emphasizes the width of the space. It also adds to the beachy feel of this room that overlooks the water.

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    Pine Panels

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling

    While we love rooms that have wood panels just about everywhere, it's also cool to see panels in an unexpected place, like a nook. In this space featured by Pluviophile, the raw wood adds texture and interest to this living room.

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    On the Ceiling

    9 Super Cool Rooms With Wood Paneling
    Planete Deco

    There is one more place where wood paneling can make a cool statement at home - on the ceiling. By keeping it raw, the wood ceiling in this space by Plenete Deco adds to the weathered and rustic feel of the room. It's a cool accent in this otherwise black and white space.