Yearbook Signing Party Ideas

High School Year Book
Bill Oxford / Getty Images

Among the highly anticipated events of the end of senior year of high school are prom, senior day, graduation and the distribution of the yearbook. The first three of these events usually come with much fanfare, while the yearbook is often simply delivered during homeroom.

The distribution of yearbook is just as important to future graduates and should be celebrated as such. And, since most students are asked to pay for these keepsakes, some schools have begun to honor the significance of this day by hosting a yearbook signing party. If you’re on the committee that is planning one of these events at the school or wish to host a yearbook signing party at another location, these ideas may be just what you need to create a memorable event.

Sign and Dine

Distribute the yearbooks at a special senior breakfast, paid for by the senior class, PTA or with outside donations. Serve light breakfast fare and then pass out the yearbooks, allowing some time for kids to flip through them, exchange and sign.

Crazy Pen Exchange

Have students bring a unique pen to the yearbook signing party. The kids must exchange the pen for a yearbook. All of the collected pens are then randomly distributed for students to use to sign one another’s yearbooks.

Photo Booth Party

Sure, the yearbook is filled with photos of the kids throughout the school years, but this occasion is one that should be documented as well. Set up a photo booth at the party so kids can have a little fun making, even more, memories to tuck in between the flaps of their yearbooks.

Prom Theme

If the senior prom has a theme, you can go with the same theme for the yearbook signing party. It can help to streamline the planning process since you can utilize many of the same ideas to create a mini-prom for the yearbook signing party. You can even host this event as a before prom party.

Karaoke Party

Throw a party where kids can sing one another’s praises. A karaoke party is a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year, and since music often serves as a big influence during the teenage years, this can become a tribute through song to the high school years. Kids can share favorite songs that trigger their best memories and even use some of the lyrics to inspire the thoughts they will write when signing those yearbooks.

School Colors Party

Throw a party where the school colors are the theme. For instance, if your school colors are red and black, you can use these as the colors for the decorations, ask all of the guests to come dressed in those colors and even serve only foods that are red or black in color. Think of songs that mention those colors, either in the title or lyrics, and create a school colors playlist for your party’s background music. Hand out pens with those colors of ink for kids to use when signing the yearbooks. 

Time Capsule Party

Ask your guests to each bring an item that symbolizes a significant time, feeling, or event of their high school years. Order an extra copy of the yearbook, have everyone sign a page, and place it in a time capsule, along with the items brought to the party. You can also ask guests to write something about their items to place in the capsule. Set a date in the future to meet again and open the time capsule, such as at the ten-year high school reunion.