18 Coral Rooms We Love

Dining room with coral paint

joyellewest / Instagram

When Pantone declared Living Coral as its Color of the Year for 2019, we were overjoyed. Not only is coral a vibrant, playful, happy color, it's also surprisingly versatile—and in our opinion, underutilized. Many home decorators shy away from bold, bright colors because they can be intimidating, but we're confident that you'll love decorating with coral in nearly every room in your house.

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    Decorating With Coral

    Bathroom with coral dresser

    bradshaw_designs / Instagram

    Whether you want to add a splash of color with an upgraded vanity, as seen in this bathroom from Bradshaw Designs, or you are ready to transform a whole room, we've rounded up our favorite coral rooms for inspiration.

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    A Bold Accent Wall

    Bedroom with coral walls
    Thistlewood Farms

    This coral bedroom from Thistlewood Farms is the perfect mix of sophisticated and fun. Adding an accent wall to your bedroom is an easy way to create a focal point and establish a cohesive color palette. Try adding a coral accent wall to a guest room, a kid's bedroom, or even your primary bedroom for a happy pop of color.

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    A Peachy Clean Bathroom

    Pink bathroom with plants

    holliesplants / Instagram

    Though this bathroom from holliesplants is minimalistic in design, the coral paint adds loads of personality and acts as easy decor. Combine the peachy paint with few houseplants and a beautiful clawfoot tub, and you have a bathroom that feels instantly chic and spa-like.

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    Create a Coral Focal Point

    Living room with bright coral paint
    Vintage Revivals

    This living space from Vintage Revivals is stunning with or without the bold stripe of coral paint, but the pop of color takes the room to the next level. If you aren't ready for an entirely coral wall, try painting a stripe of the color behind your couch or in your dining room to create a focal point that doubles as artwork.

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    Curate a Color Palette With Accessories

    Bedroom with coral bedspread

    newdarlings / Instagram

    If you're a decorator that likes changing up your space frequently, consider transforming your room with accessories instead of paint. This bedroom from New Darlings still offers the same sunny coral vibe but does it with bold bedding instead of paint. A large abstract piece of art or new throw pillows can create the same effect throughout your house.

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    Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen with peach cabinets

    leelacyd / Instagram

    Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a fun way to transform your kitchen without a full renovation. We love this adorable kitchen from leelacyd because it provides a fun punch of color while still coming across as mature and sophisticated. When painting your kitchen cabinets, it's okay to mismatch the top and bottom set, as long as the colors pair together well.

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    Incorporate Boho Style

    Boho style in an RV

    shelbyadrift / Instagram

    Boho decor is very popular right now, and coral is the perfect color to accompany this fun trend. This renovated RV from shelbyadrift is a dreamy '70s-inspired oasis, and the coral accent wall adds color while still maintaining a muted, vintage palette.

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    Pair With Other Bold Colors

    Bedroom with coral walls

    leslie_landis_interiors / Instagram

    We love this sitting area from leslie_landis_interiors because it's anything but reserved. The bold coral paint paired with the vibrant green curtains adds loads of personality to the room. When playing with bold colors, don't be afraid to match other bright hues for an even bigger statement.

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    Beautify a Kid's Room

    Kid's room painted coral
    Project Nursery

    While we certainly think coral can look grown-up, it's also a great color for kids' rooms and nurseries. This adorable child's bedroom from Project Nursery proves that coral is the perfect upgrade from pink—it's whimsical and playful, but a little more unexpected than your standard pink.

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    Show off Slanted Ceilings

    Attic room with coral paint

    adriennerogerscolor / Instagram

    There's so much personality in slanted and vaulted ceilings, so why not show them off with a color that's sure to draw in the eye? This beautiful hideout from adriennerogerscolor already has natural structural beauty, but the coral paint creates an even more interesting and dynamic space.

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    Create an Inviting Guest Room

    Bedroom with coral walls

    trishaxx6 / Instagram

    This well-decorated guest room by trishaxx6 is a space any guest would be excited to visit. The deep coral pairs well with the eccentric, travel-inspired decor and lends a sense of calm and restfulness after a long day.

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    A Sophisticated Dining Room

    Dining room with peach walls
    Coco Lapine Design

    This dining space from Coco Lapine Design is proof that coral can be adult and sophisticated. The muted coral shade seen here is perfect for open dining spaces, bedrooms, or primary bathrooms. It adds just enough color to brighten the room up, but still feels minimalistic and modern.

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    The Perfect Entryway Color

    Entryway with coral paint

    gardenriotportland / Instagram

    Styling a great entryway can be harder than it seems, but a punchy color like coral is a great way to add a little personality to a small space. This fun entryway from gardenriotportland adds a healthy dose of coral, which pairs well with the rich brown trim. Consider coral in smaller rooms such as mudrooms, laundry rooms, or offices where the color will pack the most punch.

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    Upgrade Your Storage

    Mudroom painted with coral paint

    chebellainteriors / Instagram

    This functional mudroom from chebellainteriors is not only a great place to toss rainboots and coats, but it's also beautiful. We often neglect these small, functional spaces in our homes, but considering how much use they get, we think they're just as important when it comes to decor.

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    A Coral TV Stand

    Living room with coral-colored tv stand
    Classy Clutter

    This living room from Classy Clutter is another example of how a bright, lively color like coral can transform a piece of furniture and make a statement in any room. Flea markets are a great source of furniture in need of a new life—simply add a coat of coral paint, and you have a brand-new-to-you statement piece.

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    A Modern Coral Bathroom

    Bathroom with coral walls and black accents
    Black Lacquer Design

    This modern bathroom from Black Lacquer Design features a lot of straight lines and modern accents, but the coral paint adds a layer of playfulness to the space. A bold coral coat of paint is a great way to tone down a room and make it feel a little more welcoming.

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    A Stunning Nursery

    Coral nursery
    Love Nest Little Things

    We love this coral nursery from Love Nest Little Things because it inspires joy and playfulness. By keeping a uniform color palette throughout the room, it feels bright and colorful without a new paint job.

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    A Mid-Century Dining Room

    Dining room with coral paint

    joyellewest / Instagram

    This vintage-inspired dining room from joyellewest is everything we love about the mid-century modern trend: It's minimalist and streamlined but filled with personality. The muted coral paint helps to add more dimension to the light wood furniture and pairs well with the light pink upholstery of the chairs.