Cordless Freedom: 3 Gifts to Inspire Home Chefs

Check out items that will empower home chefs to unlock a world of possibilities.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for people who are passionate about cooking. Chances are that they already have most of the tools they need to prepare their favorite dishes. You can take a gamble on a new gadget, but who knows if they’re ever going to use—or have space for—that fancy new sous vide device or bulky pasta maker. It usually makes more sense to upgrade the essentials. Going cordless is a simple way to do exactly that.  

Home chefs should be free to follow their inspiration wherever it takes them, not just within the reach of their power cords. Cutting the cord also frees up space in cabinets and on countertops, making room for the ingredients, mixing bowls and other objects they need to bring their signature creations to life. That’s why anyone looking to be more creative and nimble in the kitchen could certainly use one of these cordless devices from KitchenAid. 

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    5 Cup Cordless Chopper


    Look, we’re not sure when anyone is going to have to chop up to 40 onions for one meal*, but isn’t it nice knowing that’s possible on one charge with the KitchenAid 5 Cup Cordless Chopper? In addition to its powerful Ion Lithium Battery, the Cordless Chopper comes with two speed settings to optimize for every dish. Say you’re making salsa—this feature allows you to choose between pico de gallo or a puréed restaurant-style salsa. 

    You can chop, mix and purée from any counter or corner of your kitchen with this cordless device. And it’s not just helpful while you’re using it. Its five cup bowl is easy to clean and the sleek, compact design makes it possible to store pretty much anywhere. It’s a versatile tool that will speed up the preparation and cleaning process, leaving more time for the fun parts of cooking!

    *Based on an onion size of 90-110 grams.

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    Cordless Hand Mixer


    Home bakers are always aware of—and usually frustrated by—the location of every outlet in the kitchen. But heavy duty mixing no longer needs to be done within close range of those energy sources, since the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Mixer can make enough batter for 200 cookies on just one charge**. After being charged for only ten minutes, it can handle all the necessary mixing for a full cake. 

    Don’t worry: You don’t need to sacrifice performance for portability. The Cordless Hand Mixer is loaded with seven-speed capability, empowering you to mix, whip and stir—whatever the recipe requires—from any point in your kitchen. That’s how cordless cooking can give you more freedom to create.  

    **Based on 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies.

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    Cordless Hand Blender


    The power to blend now rests in the palm of your hand. The KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender lets you move around the kitchen, blending soup on the stovetop before turning around and whipping up some salad dressing in a mixing bowl. This means you can juggle different jobs at once without ever worrying about the location of the closest outlet. 

    If these recipes require different speeds, that’s no problem either, because this device comes with a variable speed trigger. It’s a tool that gives home chefs flexibility and control, two traits that are especially important when fixing big meals for families. For that reason, you may want to consider it as an early holiday present to yourself.

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