Corned Beef Brisket Storage and Freezing

Frozen corned beef may be cooked without thawing

Corned Beef Brisket
Peggy Trowbridge Filippone

Corned Beef Storage and Freezing

Fresh corned beef is usually sold vacuum-packed in brine with a "sell-by" date. It may be refrigerated in the package up to seven days beyond the sell-by date.

If you make your own corned beef, it should be tightly wrapped and stored five to seven days in the refrigerator.

Vacuum-sealed corned beef can be frozen in its original packaging up to one month before cooking.

Hint: There is no need to thaw frozen uncooked corn beef before cooking. It can be popped right into a pot of simmering water.

Cooked corned beef may be refrigerated up to 5 days and frozen up to 2 months.