45 Corner Shelf Ideas to Keep Things Stylish and Organized

Corner Shelf

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There are few better ways to display items in a stylish and organized way than with shelving. It’s such a fun way to get creative that it's even garnered its own, and very popular, hashtag on social media—cue the #shelfies.

Corners can especially benefit from shelving as they offer a compact, designated spot to fill up space. They can look awkward or even vacuous when left empty, which is where corner shelves come in handy. There are so many to choose from, whether a fashionable pre-built one or floating shelves that you can attach yourself. Curious to try it out? Check out these 45 corner shelf ideas for inspiration. 

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    Dreamy Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @reneeduganwriting / Instagram

    Create a dreamy nook with a pretty corner shelf. Renee Dugan adorned her industrial-meets-rustic shelf (from Amazon) with fairy lights and floral decor for a whimsical feel while keeping her stationary organized and consolidated. Placed in the office, it offers a creative respite. "I love looking at it while I work," she says.

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    Rustic Corner Shelf

    Corner SHelf

    @wood_vibrations_driftwood / Instagram

    For a coastal-cool moment, Brian Sienkiewicz crafted his own corner shelf from a long piece of driftwood, lining it from door to door for a cohesive look. He soaked the material in bleach and water to lighten it while still maintaining its natural grain to keep things looking organic and rustic. Topping it with simple black and white decor helps balance it out with elegance.

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    Floating Corner Shelf

    Corner SHelf

    @interiorfarmhouse / Instagram

    Kitchens are always a fun and clever place to situate a corner shelf. After all, there's so much to display and organize—from pretty glasses to dinnerware and more. Here, Interior Farmhouse created a custom one for their clients, opting for a deep brown option to contrast against the white walls. It's tucked between two shelves to give the illusion of one piece and make things look symmetrical.

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    One-Side Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Design by Pure Salt Interiors / Photography by Vanessa Lentine

    There's no need to extend the shelf to the adjacent wall of a corner. Here, Pure Salt Interiors tucked floating shelves on just one wall. The light wood works as a perfect setup against the patterned wall, providing a base for vases, mugs, plants, and more.

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    Kitchen Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @stayhomestyle_ / Instagram

    Another kitchen corner shelf, this one features darker wood pieces staggered to end at the same length as the cabinets, creating symmetry and minimizing visual clutter. A matching piece above the shelf frames the bottom two for balance. Thrifted finds adorn the surface, including artwork, books, and ceramics.

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    Industrial Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @diycartel / Instagram

    This shelf is short but sweet, attached to the wall with a pipe-like structure and topped with various candy-colored trinkets. Its triangular base fits perfectly in the corner, featuring a two-toned grain and perfectly irregular lines to keep with the industrial look.

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    DIY Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @craftingwithmaria / Instagram

    On a budget? Crafting With Maria DIYed this corner shelf with items from The Dollar Tree, though it doesn't skimp on any of the charm. It's set in a farmhouse theme, featuring gingham patterns, tweed textures, and classic farm motifs. Set on a black square base, the shelving contrasts beautifully against the light walls behind it.

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    Rattan Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @thecraftsmanty / Instagram

    Featuring a solid walnut base and rattan weaving, this corner shelf looks effortlessly elegant with its rich tones and intricate details. There's plenty of room for snacks, decor, and more—plus, a slatted console perches alongside for cohesion.

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    Book Display Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @chennaux_fille / Instagram

    Why not go all out? A corner shelf doesn't have to be small—it can extend from floor to ceiling and wall to wall like this bookshelf. This is a great solution for bookworms, as it allows easy access to all your literature while designating it to one consolidated spot. A table sits in the center to create a perfectly-situated reading nook.

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    Olive Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @pointe_and_polish / Instagram

    For a cozy option, an olive-hued shelf and rocking chair combo does the trick. With an open panel design, the fixture remains minimalist and airy to prevent visual clutter. Earth-toned decor—from the rug beneath to the throw alongside—helps keep things feeling organic and grounded.

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    Criss-Cross Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @austinheitzmanfurniture / Instagram

    This custom shelf by Austin Heitzman Furniture is dramatic and rustic all at once. Showcasing a criss-cross design that gets wider as it reaches the base, it maintains the natural grain and curves of the wood it's made from—and provides snug little cubbies to display items.

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    Coastal Corner Shelf

    orner Shelf

    @czarinteriors / Instagram

    Keep things breezy with a coastal palette and textures. CZAR Interiors achieved the look with three stacked wooden floating shelves placed against white walls. There's no need to cram the shelves with items—a singular statement piece on each shelf allows for a minimalist, fresh feel.

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    Brass Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @gentryhomeofficial / Instagram

    In smaller spaces like bathrooms, extra storage and shelving always comes in handy. This piece by Gentry Home Official has a slim brass frame and curved triangular bases, creating an elegant and refined feel. The metallic sheen even happens to match many of the products placed upon it.

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    Mid-Century Modern Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @govintageandvinyl / Instagram

    You can't go wrong with a classic mid-century modern piece. This petite shelf has the clean lines and gentle curves of the era, set in a deep oaky hue. Three nooks of even size help maintain symmetry, and the flat top is perfect to prop plants and other pieces on, too.

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    Bathroom Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf Bathroom

    @james_coviello / Instagram

    Another take on a bathroom corner shelf, this one has a unique shape with two floating shelves wrapped around a beam and sitting atop a longer shelf that spans the width of the room. It's so effective that it looks like a built-in. And the simple design easily complements the vintage-style interiors.

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    Gothic Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @trick_thirtyone / Instagram

    For a gothic moment, Jillian painted her corner shelf white to make her gothic decor pop. Staggered pillars work their way to the top for dramatic flair. Red touches alongside—in the curtains and lampshades—emphasize in the eerie aesthetic.

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    Color Blocked Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @no5ishome / Instagram

    You can always color-block your wall to make a corner shelf stand out. Here, the designer opted for a dusty rose triangular shape, creating the illusion of length and expansion. The hue allows the plants on top to stay vibrant and catch the eye.

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    Intricate Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @homeagainsugarhouse / Instagram

    Vintage shops are great places to find unique and time-tested pieces. This one features elegant and intricate curves, with detailed woodwork throughout. It's the perfect showcase for soft items like china and glassware.

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    Gaming Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf Gaming

    @mistalia_ / Instagram

    A gaming corner doesn't have to be dark and scant, as proven by this cute setup. Pretty pastels adorn the space throughout, including a criss-cross shelf tucked in the corner. Adorable plushies take seats there to complement the purple, pink, and green palette.

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    Ladder Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @cottage_by_the_sea_woodwork / Instagram

    If you're looking for a more boxy shape, a ladder shelf is an apt option. It has cleaner lines than many pre-made corner shelves while still providing plenty of room to display items. This one is set in a rustic wood frame, with organic lines and grains to balance out its symmetry.

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    Bohemian Corner Shelf

    Boho Corner Shelf

    @treasures.trove.thrift / Instagram

    A rattan corner shelf is always a sure bet for a bohemian-style space. This one is embellished with swirl peacock details for extra flair. Plus, it has metal legs to keep it stable and protected.

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    Neutral Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @twenty.two.rivington.view / Instagram

    Take your shelf to new heights with a geometrical contraption like this one. With boxy receptacles and a combination of metal and wood textures, this pick has an industrial look. Though, it's softened by pampas grass, sculptural vases, and playful accents which give it character.

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    Modern Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Bulgac / Getty Images

    A thin-profile shelf works to keep things looking sleek and modern. Here, a trio of black floating shelves extended quite far across each wall plays off the contemporary feel of the living room. One side is longer than the other for slightly asymmetrical, visual intrigue.

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    Wall-to-Wall Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Jennifer Tabb / Getty Images

    If you have some awkward wall work or paneling, filling the space with shelving always works wonders. This nook has white slates stretching fully from one surface to the other in the kitchen—an ideal display for pots, glassware, cookbooks, and more.

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    Pastel Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Brett Taylor / Getty Images

    Another asymmetrical shelf, this one is topped with a pretty palette of yellow and blue pastel hues to create a dainty corner. Note that you can leave lots of breathing or "white" space—there's no need to crowd your shelving with lots of nicknacks to be effective.

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    Hidden Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Eoneren / Getty Images

    Tuck your shelving behind and into a wall for the coziest of nooks. This wall has a slanted edge on one side and a straight edge on the other. So, what would have been an awkward surface gets turned into a grandiose bookshelf. Perch a lounge chair alongside for the perfect reading spot.

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    Tonal Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

    Sometimes, less is more. Here, a few short floating shelves perch off of an arched window for a sleek yet minimalistic effect. Set in a gray tone to play off the monochromatic palette of the kitchen, the shelves blend into their surroundings with ease.

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    Airy Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Scovad / Getty Images

    For a bohemian beachy feel, all you need is some light wood shelving and seaside-hued throw pillows. This space stays bright and breezy with light, almost scant walls. So, a corner shelf provides a much-welcome dose of height and contrast.

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    Antique Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

    Go all out with an elaborate built-in. This cabinetry acts as a bar, with cellars for spirits, wines, and other beverages. Set in an oaky frame with meticulous woodworking, it instantly adds a sense of grandeur to any space.

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    Cottage Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Galina Zhigalova / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Craving a cottagecore feel? Opt for lots of wood textures in a mix of dark and light hues like in this space. Two slim floating shelves sit against one corner, adorned with whimsical decor like droopy plants, star motifs, and oversized wine glasses.

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    Enclosed Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

    Opposites tend to attract in design, as proven by this kitchen. A moody, inky black corner cabinet offers welcome contrast against pretty pink walls. Encased in paneled glass doors, it matches the elegance of the rest of the space—complete with crown molding and pillar detailing.

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    Shiny Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    alexey_ds / Getty Images

    A sleek and shiny corner shelf is the perfect choice for a bathroom, especially if it errs on the lighter side. This one has glass bases supported by stainless steel cylinders for easy cleaning and spot removal. Long, wide cubbies provide plenty of room for towels, candles, and more.

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    Ambient Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    TG23 / Getty Images

    Create a cozy feel with some mood lighting and matte-black shelving. This corner is adorned with a simple clean-lined unit, housing books, plants, and photos. The ambient lighting makes it all the more snug, with a wicker lamp emitting the perfect glow.

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    Contrasted Corner Shelf


    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Contrast moody hues with light and bright ones to create a dramatic look. This space has three white shelves floating above a home office setup, set against deep green walls. It provides a big bout of contrast. Plus, the shelves are staggered to keep things from looking too boxy.

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    Highlighted Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Vanit Janthra / Getty Images

    Shelving with integrated lighting has such a fun and luxurious touch—not to mention, it's visually stunning. Here, overhead lighting embellishes each cubby of the built-in corner shelf, set in a soft yellow to create a complementary glow for the light wood.

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    Curved Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf Bathroom

    Madhourse / Getty Images

    If you're working with an industrial, more straight-lined space, corner shelves can provide an opportunity to soften the look of a room. For instance, a wooden shelf provides a grounded texture to this hallway while its curved edges soothe and create balance.

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    Serene Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Kateryna Artsybasheva / Getty Images

    This built-in shelf is integrated into the wall, set in the same texture and tone as the rest of the space for a seamless look. It's propped by a window and next to a lively houseplant to create an airy, grounded, and serene nook.

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    Tiled Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    dpproductions / Getty Images

    Tiles are always a fun way to add texture and pattern. This corner shelf has an octagonal background for playfulness and geometric balance. The shelving itself is a deep mahogany hue to stand out and provide contrast.

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    Marble Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Going for elegance and luxury? A good slab of marble will do the trick. These corner shelves are tucked in the color-blocked portion of the living area, set in a white stone with gray veins. Simple decor is a must in this case: pillar candles, similar-toned books, and a single plant are all that's needed to decorate.

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    Two-Texture Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Garrett Aitken / Getty Images

    If corner shelving is your main point of visual interest in a more plain space, it's a good idea to bring in different textures and tones where you can. Here, bleached wood is held up with industrial black mounts to play off the specked two-toned counters and create depth.

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    Office Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf Office

    Madhourse / Getty Images

    With all its gadgets, notebooks, and stationary, home offices can always benefit from extra storage. Corner shelves are the perfect avenue, especially when floating, as they don't take up any extra ground space. This one acts as an office-slash-playroom storage space, as all storytimes are within reach.

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    Plant Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    Wirestock / Getty Images

    Brighten up an apartment corner with a classic plant stand. This one has wooden slats and a rectangular frame—but that doesn't prevent it from being situated nicely in the nook. Its slanted position actually softens the corner, with cute greenery and even garden accessories to adorn it.

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    Wide Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf Green

    Kristina Strasunske / Getty Images

    Go sky-high with your shelving. If you're blessed with lots of space and need a way to fill it, a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit will do the trick. This one lightens up the green interiors, is set in a white tone, and is topped with abundant plants and books for a cozy look.

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    Light-Filled Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf Hammock

    Marina Herrmann / Getty Images

    For another variation of a plant stand, this one is faced against the wall to create a straight line and is cornered off with a hammock for the ultimate R&R spot. Light pours in from the window alongside, allowing you to bask and enjoy the presence of your plant children in total peace.

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    Playful Corner Shelf

    Corner Shelf

    @riverridgehome / Instagram

    Kids' rooms can quickly get cluttered. So, a corner shelf is a great way to keep their favorite items on display while still staying organized. This one fans out from top to bottom, housing cute signs, a piggybank, faux plants, and more.

What Do You Put On A Small Corner Shelf?

For corner shelves with limited space, you'll want to be somewhat selective about what you put on display. For short widths, it's best to restrict each shelf to one statement piece (like a plant) or a group piece (like an anthology of books). If the height is stout, you'll want to place similarly short or smaller items on display so that the shelving isn't drowned out by the decor.

How Do You Arrange Floating Shelves In A Corner?

When it comes to floating shelves, there are plenty of arrangements you can choose from. One option is to create a symmetrical look, with equal-length shelves fanning out onto each wall. You can also go asymmetrical by using a longer shelf on one wall. For a cleaner look, you can place floating shelves against just one wall, equally spaced apart. You can also place several on one surface, with some touching the adjacent wall and some slightly staggered for a more playful take.

How Do You Create A Cohesive Corner Shelf Display?

To create a cohesive corner shelf display, you'll want to carefully consider textures, hues, and sizes. It's always a good idea to come up with a color story for your display, choosing a primary color and a few accent colors to complement. Then, choose your textures. For example, a more grounding space might include ceramics and natural materials. A more contemporary space could include metals and glass. Finally, make sure to contrast sizes. Some small items and some larger items together always help create a sense of visual balance.