Teach A Toddler To Potty Train With Baby Dolls That Pee!

Corolle Paul and Corolle Emma Dolls that Pee

Are you teaching a toddler to potty train? There are baby dolls that pee!

Parents ask questions of friends and search the internet for all sorts of potty training tips. This may not be the most widely known strategies, but it definitely works!

Corolle dolls, Paul for males and Emma for females, have anatomically correct parts, which make them a great potty training tool for toddlers.

Features of Corolle Dolls, Paul & Emma

- Paul and Emma are large, 14 inch baby dolls made of vinyl that can actually get wet

- Paul, dressed in white and blue, is the anatomically correct baby doll for boys

- Emma, dressed in white and pink, is the anatomically correct baby doll for girls

- Each doll is wearing a sleeveless shirt that fastens with velcro in the back as well as a pair of underwear

- Each doll arrives with a pacifier, bottle and small potty chair

- Dolls are baby powder scented

- The doll's eyes close when it is lying down

- After filling the baby bottle half full with water, children lie the baby down and gently squeeze the bottle to feed the baby.

- Once seated on the potty chair, children can squeeze the tummy and the baby will pee into their potty chair.

Between the ages of 2 and 3 many children are experimenting with more consistent use of the potty. Teaching children about how their body parts work is a major step in helping them understand what they need to do when they sit on the potty.


Kids can actually become fascinated with the process. Feeding the doll water through a bottle and squeezing the baby toy's belly to expel water into the toilet, over and over again. Many boys are operational in nature, and they benefit from learning about the process, while being in control of it.

It is possible for an adult to overfill the doll with water, even with a half-full baby bottle.

Make sure to completely push the bottle inside the doll's mouth to reduce water spilling and dribbling. Keep a hand towel or burp cloth nearby to wipe up any spills. Encourage the child to play in or near the bathroom. Do not be surprised if your child loves running to dump the excess water rom the potty chair into the actual toilet, similar to what happens when kids use their own potty chairs. 

The clothes on the doll are easy to remove. The doll may drip at times when playing, which can wet the clothing and surrounding area. While the Corolle Paul does not magically potty train children, there is still work to be done, this activity helps children make realistic potty training connections, which can help them be more independent.

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