Corolle Dolls are the Best Dolls for Kids

Corolle Soft Body Baby Doll

Corolle dolls are some of the best dolls for kids. Many of these beautiful baby dolls are the perfect size for children. They have a sweet smell of vanilla and clothing with velcro that is easy to fasten. There are many different styles of Corolle baby dolls, that are perfect for different age ranges. Once you find the perfect match for your child, the shopping does not stop! There are so many great clothing items and  baby doll accessories like strollers and carriers that makes it fun for both kids and their families.

Types of Corolle Dolls

Corolle, a baby doll company that started in France, has been providing children with lifelong companions since 1979. These dolls have unique features, as they have been been created with the mission to provide a doll that is right for the child's stage of development.

Infants are recommended to have a doll from the Babicorolle line, which is a small, soft doll that is machine washable.

Toddlers at 18 months will enjoy the Mon Premier baby dolls that are also soft and light with clothing with velcro closures.

The Les Classiques line is made for kids ages 2 and 3. These dolls come in all different sizes and have a variety of unique features like hair or the ability to talk or go potty.

Miss Corolle dolls are for girls ages 3 and 4. These dolls have expressive facial features and trendy clothing.

Corolle dolls include both boy and girl baby dolls. Each doll has secure eyes that close.

The vinyl on the dolls is scented like vanilla. Their hair is carefully rooted so kids can spend a lot of time brushing their hair. The fashionable clothing, designed in France, has velcro closures making it easy for young children to dress and undress their doll by themselves. Clothing and accessories are different with each doll, but they might include pacifiers, hats, bottles, toys and bibs.


How To Care For Your Baby Doll

Corolle baby dolls are suggested to be washed with a facecloth using a sponge bath with a chlorine free - bleach free towelette. The dolls should be hand washed and air dried, naturally. They should never placed in a dryer or on a radiator to dry. For children who draw on their dolls, ink will not come off the doll. Interactive dolls that have battery compartments should be kept away from water.

What People Say About Corolle Dolls

When kids play, they want every situation to feel natural and real, or as close to the real thing as possible. They enjoy sharing their daily life and adventures with their dolls. They ask their parents to bring them on trips throughout the day to the store. Kids love to pretend to be like their parents, feeding their dolls like their parent feeds their brother or sister. They enjoy swaddling and tucking their dolls into bed at night, just like their parents put them to sleep. Parents also enjoy watching their children during these play experiences and do not want to see their kids frustrated or crying when playing, because they can not get clothing on correctly.

Corolle dolls are the perfect size for toddlers to carry around and to place inside doll high chairs and strollers.

There are so many beautiful Corolle baby dolls to choose from, kids can have their choice of both boy and girl baby dolls. They are easy to dress, smell delicious and a doll that is beautifully designed and made to play for a long time and be passed on from one generation to another.

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