Examples of Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Modern Kitchen with Slab Cabinet Doors

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When remodeling your kitchen, new cabinets comprise a significant percentage of your budget—30 to 50 percent of the total cost, in most cases. Reducing the cost of cabinets means more money to spend on flooring, appliances, countertops, and wall treatments, and a key way to do this is by foregoing custom-built cabinets in favor of factory-made cabinets. Both ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets, as well as preassembled factory cabinets, are available, both of which are substantially more affordable than custom-built cabinetry. 

On the low end, expect to pay between $1,800 and $4,500 on a basic 10-by-10-foot kitchen for RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets or preassembled cabinets, shipped and delivered to your door or to the nearest shipping and receiving facility. The lower end of this price range is for unassembled cabinets. The pre-assembled option significantly adds to the cost in two ways: the cost of the company assembling the cabinets for you plus the higher shipping costs. Flat-packed RTA kitchen cabinets take up less space than assembled cabinets, so they are less expensive to ship. 

Actual cost estimates from some well-known kitchen cabinet manufacturers may surprise you with the wide range. In addition, remember that many factors can further influence cost, such as the style of cabinet, whether they are assembled or not, and whether they are being shipped to the home or are being picked up by the customer. These price comparisons assume standard cabinet configurations for a small 10-by-10-foot kitchen. 

Additional Costs

Installation costs are not included in our examples. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to add another 50 to 75 percent of the total cabinet cost for high-quality installation from cabinet pros. To save some money, a small contractor firm or handyman can do a decent installation job for far less.

Shipping is expensive because the cabinets are large and heavy. Many companies offer "free" shipping if your order reaches a price minimum, typically about $1,500. You can scale costs upward or downward by choosing different modes of delivery, from self-pick-up at the nearest port all the way up to white-glove delivery directly into your home.

Also, be aware that many online kitchen cabinet companies do not include sales taxes in their prices.

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    $2,327: Unassembled Cabinets from The Cabinet Spot

    Vintage Merlot Kitchen Cabinets

    The Cabinet Spot

    From The Cabinet Spot, these unassembled cabinets feature all-wood construction with 5/8-inch-thick A-grade plywood boxes. The price of $2,327 includes free shipping and the following cabinets:

    • 1 base cabinet, 15" 
    • 1 blind base corner cabinet, 36/42" 
    • 1 sink base, 36";
    • 1 base cabinet, 33"
    • 1 wall cabinet, 36 
    • 2 wall cabinets, 15" 
    • 1 wall cabinet, 30" 
    • 1 wall cabinet, 33" 
    • 1 corner wall cabinet, 24" 
    • 1 wall cabinet, 27"
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    $1,699: Unassembled Cabinets from Shaker

    Bamboo cabinets in contemporary kitchen

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    These are good-quality, unassembled kitchen cabinets with solid wood doors, plywood cabinet boxes, and ​maple cabinet faces. Shaker is one of the most popular cabinet styles on the market today, which also means that competitive deals can be found with this style.

    Like many other RTA cabinets, these assemble with cam locks—a special type of fastener ensures that no screw heads are visible. Cam locks are the standard fastening mechanism for RTA cabinets.

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    $3,292: 8 Pre-Assembled Cabinets from Costo

    Costco Fulton Mocha Glaze Cabinets

    All Wood Cabinetry/Costco

    These kitchen cabinets are from Costco and are made by Florida-based All Wood Cabinetry, Inc. Costco has maintained this relationship with AWC for many years, and its products consistently receive high marks for customer satisfaction. The price includes shipping for an assortment that includes: 

    • Sink base, 30"
    • Base cabinet 21" with 2 roll-out trays;
    • Base cabinet, 24" 
    • Wall cabinet, 30"
    • Wall cabinet, 18";
    • Microwave shelf, 30"
    • Corner cabinet, 24" 
    • Pantry (or utility) cabinet 18" (84" high) with 4 roll-out trays.