30 Delightful Cottagecore Kitchen Ideas

cottagecore kitchen with baked goods

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Cottagecore style can shine in any room of the house, and that includes the kitchen! If you're looking for a way to add some personality to this room of the home, look no further than the 30 spaces below, all of which will make you want to engage in cottagecore activities like baking, arranging florals, and gathering with friends.

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    Decant When Possible

    cottagecore kitchen with dishware

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    Say goodbye to unappealing packaging and decant boxed items into aesthetically pleasing jars that you can display on an open shelf.

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    Keep Cooking Essentials at the Ready

    cottagecore kitchen with hutch

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    Adhere a hook to the wall to hang up aprons when they're not in use. Cooking is a big part of the cottagecore lifestyle, so you'll want to have all of your go-to essentials at the ready.

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    Try a Dusty Pink Hue

    pink siding in kitchen

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    Try painting your walls a muted pink. This dusty rose is dreamy and romantic, despite not being a color that we often see in the kitchen.

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    Say Yes to Fresh Flowers

    open shelving in kitchen

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    Make fresh flowers in your home a priority! Every week, display a new bouquet in order to make the everyday feel a little more luxe.

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    Keep it Simple

    mugs and scones set out in kitchen

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    Say yes to simplicity. Keep homemade snacks or fruits and vegetables from your backyard on hand for everyone to access as they come in and out of the kitchen.

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    Try Some Floral Wallpaper

    wooden kitchen table

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    Hang flowery wallpaper and curtains in the kitchen to start each day on a bright note. The bright colors contrast wonderfully with the wooden furniture shown here.

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    Make Use of Baskets

    woven baskets in kitchen

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    It's all in the details: Bring an oversized woven basket to the store to stock up on essentials, then hang it on a hook in your kitchen while it's not in use to further embody all things cottagecore.

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    Don't Worry About Matching

    patterned curtain over sink

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    Don't worry about your pots and pans matching. Cottagecore is all about combining different elements. That stainless steel cookware set is better suited to a modern space.

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    Set Out a Little Lamp

    florals in kitchen

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    Adding a lamp to your counter will make your cottagecore kitchen appear more inviting. Other simple touches, like a petite scalloped rug and some leaning art, will make your space look stylish and complete.

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    Showcase Vintage Finds

    shabby chic kitchen cabinets

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    Use the upper portions of your kitchen cabinets to display special finds that are full of personality, like vintage teapots, clocks, and more. Your cottagecore kitchen should embody a warm, lived-in quality.

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    Try a Neutral Palette

    white cabinet with dishes

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    Cottagecore kitchens are often full of color, but if you prefer neutrals, you can certainly still embrace them—just embrace a layered look with special pottery, napkins, and other focal pieces.

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    Invite Friends for Coffee

    patterned backsplash and mugs

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    Who's coming over for coffee and conversation? Cottagecore kitchens are always welcoming; they make us want to invite all of our friends and neighbors over and gather over hot beverages and baked goods.

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    Decorate With Shabby Chic Pieces

    kitchen table with colorful chairs

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    Shabby chic style furniture, as seen here, is popular in cottagecore kitchens. If you cannot find distressed furniture that appeals to you, consider taking on a DIY project and creating your own pieces.

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    Play With Pattern

    patterned settee at table and shiplap walls

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    Add some pattern to your dining nook by reupholstering a bench or loveseat in a print that speaks to you. The whole family can gather together in style.

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    Mix Up Your Dishware

    cabinet open displaying china

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    Say goodbye to bland dishware and opt for pieces with whimsy instead. Handmade pottery, colorful ceramics, and antique pieces are a major yes.

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    Bust Out Baskets

    hutch with plates

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    Make use of wicker baskets throughout your cottagecore kitchen. They're fantastic for storing fruits, linens, utensils, and so much more and can be purchased affordably and even sourced secondhand.

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    Style a Shelfie

    shelves with pottery

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    Open shelves are popular in kitchens of all kinds. Here, they perfectly display cottagecore essentials like china, a teapot, and a vase filled with flowers. If you wish to change up your display with the seasons or as you acquire new pieces, it's incredibly easy to do just that.

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    Skirt Your Sink

    kitchen with skirted sink

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    Could this skirted sink be any sweeter? Put your craftiness to the test and sew your own sink skirt using the fabric of your choice. Hello, hidden storage!

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    Style Greenery

    green painted island

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    Add pops of greenery throughout your kitchen no matter the season. Whether that means setting out a potted plant or two or hanging a wreath, you truly cannot go wrong with a little nature.

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    Curate a Collection

    corner hutch with ceramics

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    Maximalists, you'll fall in love with cottagecore style simply because there's no reason to be hesitant about displaying all of your thoughtfully collected pieces. Sorting pottery by color, as we see here, results in an artful setup.

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    Keep It Peppy

    kitchen with green floors

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    This cottagecore kitchen is full of pep, thanks to the wreaths hanging on the interior doors and the floral linens scattered throughout the space. Just because your kitchen is a practical space doesn't mean that it can't also be pretty—and full of personality.

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    Radiate Charm

    kitchen with white shelves and florals

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    A cottagecore kitchen is full of charm and elegance. Instead of saving your beautiful floral china for a rainy day, keep it within reach and elevate even the most casual of dinners at home.

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    Design With Sage Green

    kitchen with green cabinets

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    Sage green is a commonly used hue in cottagecore homes. Even if you do not wish to paint your kitchen walls, you can consider making over your cabinets to add a welcome pop of color to the space.

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    Keep Mugs Nearby

    open shelving and mugs hanging

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    Hanging mugs on hooks above your sink gives the impression that it's always tea time—why not get cozy with a cuppa? To take things a step further, keep tea bags and other essentials in small canisters that can be stored on an open shelf.

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    Use a Busy Tablecloth

    floral tablecloth in kitchen

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    Spice up your tablescape by adding a fun tablecloth to the mix. A patterned design like this one sure is eye-catching, and as a bonus, it's also great for camouflaging spills.

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    Make Room for a Hutch

    wooden furniture in kitchen

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    If space allows, a hutch is a key component of any cottagecore kitchen. Whether you build one, repurpose an antique and refinish it in a new color, or decorate using a family heirloom, you can't go wrong.

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    Hang Pots and Pans

    simple white and wood kitchen

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    Displaying pots and pans on a hanging rack is not only practical (it frees up precious cabinet space) but it also adds a lived-in feel to any kitchen. Cottagecore kitchens, as is evident by now, are the opposite of stark and sleek.

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    Serve Freshly Baked Treats

    scones in kitchen

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    Cottagecore homes are all about the homemade—and that includes baked goods. Greet visitors with a fresh batch of scones or whatever else you enjoy whipping up in the kitchen.

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    Pick Flowers From the Yard

    florals and pennant in kitchen

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    Fresh flowers add life and vibrance to any cottagecore kitchen. Shop your own garden for blooms or visit the farmer's market—both of these activities are right in line with the cottagecore lifestyle!

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    Light a Candle

    flowers and candles

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    Candles add charm to any cottagecore home. Don't be afraid to get creative with your presentation. Here, a flower pot has been repurposed into a candle holder, which fits wonderfully into a cottagecore design scheme.