10 Cottagecore Room Ideas That Couldn't Be Cozier

cottagecore bedroom

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Cottagecore style has risen in popularity in recent years and doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. Cottagecore celebrates all things simple and home-focused: cooking, baking, gardening, and crafting. Cottagecore homes are cozy, romantic, and rustic looking. They often feature vintage pieces, natural elements such as plants and fresh blooms, patchwork quilts, and more. These spaces are the opposite of the stark, minimalist rooms that we often see in the 21st century and instead pay homage to the homes of centuries past.

If you've always admired this look and are eager to incorporate cottagecore design into your own home, you've come to the right place. The below 10 spaces—ranging from kitchens to bedrooms and beyond—have all mastered the art of cottagecore design and are full of inspiring easy-to-implement takeaways.

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    Add Charm to the Kitchen

    cottagecore kitchen with checkered floor

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    You may think of the kitchen as a mainly utilitarian space, but trust us, it's so much more. There are so many creative ways to add cottagecore touches to your kitchen without sacrificing function. First, cover the area below your sink using a darling curtain, as seen here. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you could even craft your own in the fabric of your choosing. Wicker baskets are popular in cottagecore spaces; why not set a few out and use them to hold kitchen essentials like fruit or table linens? Lean a framed photo of the countryside against your countertops so that you'll have something soothing to admire as you cook or wash the dishes. Simple touches like these will make all the difference.

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    Design a Cozy Sleep Space

    cottagecore bedroom with green walls

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    This cottagecore bedroom couldn't be cozier. Cottagecore is all about whimsical pattern play, so don't be afraid to mix and match prints. You'll also see a lot of muted green tones, like the color used on the shiplap wall above. Never forget about the power of paint! Last but not least, finish off your cottagecore bedroom with a charming lampshade—a scalloped design like this one is too cute to resist. You can also look into making a lampshade of your own using a favorite fabric; pleated shades are also perfect for cottagecore spaces.

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    Display a Collection

    ceramic collection on shelf

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    Cottagecore homes are far from minimalist, so if you have a special collection to display, don't shy away from doing so. Here, a series of blue and white pieces shine on a wooden bookshelf and add tons of pep to this corner. Wicker is also a cottagecore staple; the woven chair shown here complements the wooden shelf, too.

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    Hang Pots and Pans

    cottagecore mugs in kitchen

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    Make your kitchen both fun and functional by displaying some of your favorite pieces of serving ware so that they double as decor. Bust out those pretty platters, bowls, and teapots and place them on a shelf. Hang pots and pans on hooks so that they're easy to access as you cook. Copper pieces add so much personality and visual interest to any kitchen.

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    Forage for Florals

    flowers on hutch

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    No cottagecore home is complete without flowers! Whether you head to the farmer's market or cut stems from your own backyard, you'll want to be sure to prioritize florals in your design. Scatter pretty vases throughout your home and you'll feel like you're living in a dreamy garden cottage. If you're unable to access fresh flowers frequently, you can also consider displaying fake flowers. There are many convincing faux bouquets on the market; no one will be able to tell the difference right off the bat.

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    Set Up a Cute Craft Room

    cottagecore sewing desk

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    Cottagecore life is all about being crafty and embracing one's creative side. Set up a sewing station like this one that's right out of a fairytale—bring on the shabby chic furniture, wall hooks, and other adorable accessories.

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    Work in Some Neutrals

    kitchen with cottagecore plates and walls

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    Note that if you prefer neutral pieces, you can still enjoy the cottagecore aesthetic in your home. This white dining space features cottagecore elements like china on display, shiplap walls. and a glimmering chandelier.

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    Make Your Front Door Stand Out

    cottagecore entryway

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    You know what they say about first impressions! Design your front stoop so that it really stands out. Maybe that means painting your front door in a fun, cottage-like color—green is always a winner. Then, add some topiaries in chic pots, set out some whimsical sculptures, and hang a lantern to complete the look. You can even consider switching out your door knocker for something with personality. Throughout the year, jazz up your door even further with seasonal wreaths or baskets.

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    Refinish a Piece of Furniture

    cottagecore chest

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    As we've seen earlier, sage green is one of those classic cottagecore colors that can do no wrong. Even if you're unable to paint the walls of your home, you can get creative and find other ways to incorporate this hue into your space. For example, consider repurposing a simple wooden dresser to give it more of a cottagecore look. Refinish the piece, then paint it using green chalk paint and distress the piece to give it that worn-in, cottage-like look. This is just one of many ways to DIY your way to a cottagecore home.

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    Add Sweetness to Your Sleep Space

    cottagecore bedroom

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    After a long day, you deserve to retreat to a bedroom that's oh-so dreamy. Design the cottagecore sleep space of your dreams by taking a few cues from the room above. Not sure where to begin? For one, don't forget about the power of a good paint and wallpaper combo. Here, a soft floral print is relaxing and welcoming. If your room features a border like this one does, paint it to add some contrast. Then, go all out with your bedding. Floral patterns are always suitable for a cottagecore space, as are soft velvets—this dusty rose pillow couldn't be more fitting! If you wish, you can even add a small canopy above the head of your bed for some additional whimsy.