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Baby showers are designed to be a lot of fun. One of the mainstays of most baby showers is the baby shower game. Certainly, some have gotten a bad rep, but these games are some of the best, as voted by members of the public. Here are ones to add to your list.

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    It's a baby! (Even twins!)

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    Fill plastic Easter eggs as full of water as you can and place a small plastic baby figurine (available at party supply stores) in each and freeze. Just freeze them the night before the shower and take out right before the shower. As guests arrive, give each an egg. The first to "break their water" (completely melt the ice around the baby) wins! Give them a paper towel (ie - baby blanket) to soak up the water as it melts.

    Tell them it has to be a natural birth. No biting the ice or running it under hot water. They can warm it in there hands, put in a pocket and/or they can sit on it.

    You can even put two in one of the eggs. (twins!)

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    Blindfolded Diapering & Child's Name Building

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    We had each of us get down on the ground with a ​baby-sized doll and a diaper, and we timed how long it took to diaper the baby and dress it with our eyes blindfolded. The one with the best time won.

    We also played a word game that you had to make as many words with the child's name as possible. Average was about ten words. Our winner had over 17 words!

    This was fun too!

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    Crossing Your Legs

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    At a recent baby shower I hosted we handed out clothes pins to each person as they came in the door the object of the game was not to cross your legs (of course honoring the pregnant for not being able to cross her legs). When some one was spotted crossing their legs they stole that persons clothes pin. And at the end of the night whoever had the most clothes pins received a prize.

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    Baby Plates

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    On the plates the food will be served on, draw a picture of a baby on only one of the plates or place a sticker. When everyone is eating ask them to look under their plates for the picture of the baby. The one with the picture wins a prize.

    This is sometimes interesting cause some of the guests will throw out their plates when finished before you mention the picture and you'll catch some guests in the garbage getting back their plates to see if they won.

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    Time Capsule

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    Have each person at the shower write a "time capsule" message on a 3 x 5 card for the baby.

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    Watch that Napkin

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    Now it can be done on any paper you like but a folded napkin, toilet paper or paper towel will be best. You'll see why here in a minute. Write in pencil a baby item on the napkin or paper towel (can not be read through the paper item using pencil, all else bleeds through). Give each guests the folded paper item on entrance to hold during the game. Try to make this the next to the last game played. By this time, they forgot and used it or threw it away. Ask the mom-to-be to say a baby item name and whomever has it wins a prize! The fun is seeing those who threw theirs away!

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    Dirty Diapers with a Twist

    Baby Shower Diaper Game Candy Platter
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    Just a little twist to the dirty diaper game. I got the smallest newborn diapers and put an unwrapped Hershey's kiss in the center then folded the diaper up and tied it with a ribbon. (in this case, she knew she was having a boy...used blue) Then sat them on a tray and as they arrived, the guests picked out one and put it under her chair until the end, then they unwrapped it. I gave a little gift to the winner.

    Here is a step by step of how to make the baby shower diaper game work!

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    Baby Memory Album

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    As the hostess for my niece's baby shower, I decided to make her a BABY MEMORY ALBUM. I used a regular school binder (3 ring) and decorated with baby material, lace, etc. I purchased scrapbook sheets with baby motifs and inserted them in sheet protectors and placed them inside the binder. I purchased enough sheets to give the mother plenty of pages to post pictures, birth announcements, etc. This was then presented to her as my shower gift. Then as the hostess(es) of the baby shower, I prepared several sheets of paper that have a baby border or baby graphic.

    As each guest arrives or at sometime during the party, ask each guest to write down some helpful hints, baby advice, words of encouragement to the mother or the baby to be, including their name and their relationship to the mother and the baby to be. Collect these sheets, insert them into sheet protectors and insert them into a baby memory album. This will be something both the mother and the baby will enjoy throughout their lives and will be a very treasured gift.

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    Thank you!

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    At my shower, the host bought Thank You cards ahead of time and had everyone write their name and address on the envelope. They did a drawing and the person gets a prize, while the mom gets the Thank You notes. This was really nice, especially since we know how little time there is to find everyone's addresses,etc. when the baby comes!