Countdown to Valentine's Day

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    14 Days to Valentine's Day

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    You don't need a widget on your phone or a countdown clock timer on your personal profile to make sure you don't forget Valentine's Day. Use our Valentine's Day Countdown and make the time between now and Valentine's Day special for both you and your spouse.

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    13 Days to Valentine's Day

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    Enjoy Valentine's Day With Your Spouse by Sharing Your Expectations

    Valentine's should be more than giving gifts. For many people, Valentine's Day is the ultimate day for romance. For others, it is just another day and not a big deal.

    It is important that you share with one another how important Valentine's Day is or isn't to you. If you aren't sure what Valentine's Day means to your spouse, you need to talk about it. Otherwise, your unspoken expectations can lead to...MORE huge disappointments.

    As you talk about Valentine's Day, share your attitudes, memories, expectations, and feelings about Valentine's Day and what the holiday represents to both of you.

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    12 Days to Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Love
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    Give the Best Gift Ever!

    If you want to give your spouse the best gift you can possibly give, consider giving the gift of yourself. If any of these behaviors apply to you -- stop doing them!

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    11 Days to Valentine's Day

    Love You Cup
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    Where to Leave Love Notes

    Regardless of where you leave or hide a love note for your spouse to find, writing the note and taking time to find a unique place for it says loudly that you are still very much in love with your spouse. Here are room-by-room suggestions for where to leave love notes for your spouse to find.

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    10 Days to Valentine's Day

    Valentine Card
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    Valentine's Day Poll

    Whether you make a big deal out of Valentine's Day or not, it is important that the two of you share your expectations of Valentine's Day with each other.

    How do you and your spouse celebrate Valentine's Day? Please vote in our poll.

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    9 Days to Valentine's Day

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    Simple Ways to Be Romantic in Your Marriage

    Being romantic isn't just for couples who are dating. Here are simple ways you can be romantic in your marriage all through the year.

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    8 Days to Valentine's Day

    Vintage Valentine's Day Postcard
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    Top 10 Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Spouse

    A great present to your spouse on Valentine's Day is one that says you care and that you remembered.

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    7 Days to Valentine's Day

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    The Language and Meaning of Flowers

    Throughout history, lovers have given flowers to each other as a token of their longing, devotion, and love. The language and meaning of flowers has evolved through the years.

    When choosing a flower as a gift, consider how special the flower is to your lover and what message it communicates. Use our guide to the language and meaning of flowers to make sure your meaning is crystal clear.

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    6 Days to Valentine's Day

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    Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home for Your Spouse

    Set aside the excuse you can't cook. If you are culinary-challenged, you can still plan a romantic dinner at home for the two of you by either choosing simple recipes to follow or by purchasing some of the meal courses from a restaurant or store.

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    5 Days to Valentine's Day

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    Top 10 Sensual Gifts for Your Spouse

    A great present to your spouse is one that gives the gift of relaxation and a feeling of being pampered and sensual. Here are suggestions that will not only create a romantic mood but will also say your spouse deserves feeling special.

    Oh -- the picture is of a Tingler -- and it really does feel great on your scalp!

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    4 Days to Valentine's Day

    Love Letters
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    How to Write a Love Letter to Your Spouse

    Whether or not writing love letters was part of your courtship days together, consider writing love letters to your spouse now. Keep your love letters real and don't let love letters become a lost art in your marriage.

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    3 Days to Valentine's Day

    Unexpected Gift
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    Valentine's Day Gifts

    There are just a few more days left until Valentine's Day! Just in case it has slipped your mind, it's on February 14th. Here are some gift suggestions and ideas.

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    2 Days to Valentine's Day

    Say I Love You
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    Great Ways to Say I Love You

    The best ways to say "I love you" to your spouse are usually in simple, everyday, seemingly unimportant ways. Leo Buscaglia, who wrote and taught about love, said: "Words and deeds that say 'You enrich my life' go on forever."

    Here are some suggestions on how to say “I love you.”

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    1 Day to Valentine's Day

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    Did You Decide to Skip Valentine's Day?

    You're not alone if you did decide to skip Valentine's Day because there are mixed thoughts and feelings about Valentine's Day.

    Some folks think Valentine's Day is over commercialized and puts too much pressure on people to buy cards, flowers, candy, expensive dinners, etc. Others say it is a lovely holiday to remind one another of the love that is felt between two people.

    But before you actually skip the holiday, make sure your spouse agrees with you.

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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    February 14
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    Say I Love You in Different Languages

    You don't have to spend a lot of money to make this a special day. It's nice if you can afford to go out on a date, but it isn't critical to making Valentine's special for your lover. Make sure you say 'I love you!'