How to Choose Countertops That Match Your Kitchen Colors

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Your kitchen is the number one room that will receive scrutinizing eyes from potential buyers. When it’s time to update your kitchen countertops especially for the purpose of selling the house, you need to choose them wisely. We can’t stress enough that the kitchen is the heart of the home and most important room for most home buyers. That’s why renovations in this place can easily make or break the deal. As for the countertops, there is much more to consider than just the cabinetry. Elements such as appliances, backsplash, wall color, and flooring are all visual components that put together create the overall look. Here are some choices to consider when selecting countertops for your kitchen.  

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    Granite Countertops Come in a Variety of Colors

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    Granite is a very popular choice when it comes to kitchen countertops. Choose the right one, and it will enhance the beauty and functionality of your space, but choose the wrong color, and the entire kitchen can be ruined with an odd piece of granite. For instance, when choosing a dark granite kitchen countertop such as black and gray, make sure there is ample light in the room or else, it can make your kitchen or feel dark and impersonal. Whereas, light granite colors such as brown and beiges work best in kitchens with shining white appliances and trim. In fact, they can be featured in a number of kitchen styles, making it the safest choice when it’s time to sell.

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    Light Colored Quartz Countertops Are Gorgeous With Dark Cabinets

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    Quartz is often considered as an alternative to granite; quartz countertops are an exceptional match for any lifestyle and kitchen. More durable and long-lasting than the former, it is one of the hardest materials in the world making it a popular choice for kitchen surfaces. Moreover, as its colors have consistency, there is never a problem of matching slabs. We recommend using contrast to brighten up your space. Light colored quartz countertops look great with dark colored cabinetry, adding warmth, appeal, and brightness to your kitchen. But make sure to take walls, floors, and furniture as well into consideration, and not just cabinets.

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    Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Look With Affordable Laminate Countertops

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    Laminate provides a budget-friendly, attractive solution to update old and worn-out countertops. But as it is available in a huge array of colors and patterns, it can make the decision-making process tough. To make sure you do a good selection, contact the retail stores for complimentary samples that you can take home. Slide them next to your walls and cabinets and observe them both in daylight and artificial lights in the evening. Different types of lights often have a significant impact on the color. Also, consider staying with matte finishes as much as possible as they tend to hide the scratches better than glossy laminate finishes. Many laminate manufacturers have become very savvy with their laminate offerings. From granite and marble looking laminate to subtle grain variations, these companies give a new meaning to affordable laminate.

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    Butcher Block Countertops Add a Rustic Flair to Your Kitchen

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    The best part about butcher block countertops is they are easy to maintain, fit nearly any design, and can be stained to match the overall look of your kitchen. While they offer a beautiful, durable alternative for an all-over kitchen treatment, they are most suitable when reserved for a smaller work surface like an island. As for the colors, consider matching it more with the flooring. If you have a wood-grained tile for your flooring or a natural hardwood, opt for dark wood counters, whereas, light-colored butcher block countertops pairs well with distress hardwood or dark wood floors.  

    Well-done improvements in your kitchen not only help to recoup the cost of the remodel but also help to sell your house and sell quickly. The best part? Gorgeous countertops can easily transform your space from only a place to cook into a great place to live. Decide which countertops will work best for your kitchen. Depending on your budget, the condition of your current kitchen, and lifestyle, and decorative style will be the deciding factors to help you choose the best countertop.