Country Cottage Style for Bedrooms


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The country cottage, or farmhouse style, is the use of antique furniture and accessories found within a home on a farmstead or countryside. These items consist of late nineteenth or early twentieth century pieces of furniture, antiques, patterns, and fabrics. Some of these decorative items are reproductions or a modern twist to much-loved antiques; some great examples of these items are quilts, ruggedly hewn furniture, antique picture frames, and trinkets, or braided area rugs. This style is fun to create and will also complement contemporary pieces for a more up-to-date look. If you feel that this is the decorating style to use in your bedroom, here are some wonderful photos, advice, and tips to help you create your countryside retreat.

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    Historical Tips and Ideas

    1850s plantation house bedroom
    Rick Patrick Photography / Volz & Associates, Inc.

    The farmhouse style is the trend this year, and it can be used throughout the home, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Sometimes the best approach in decorating in this style is to use historical references and ideas; a good example and reference is featured in a 1850s rustic bedroom designed by Volz & Associates, Inc. This bedroom has many great ideas, such as the wall finish, which is the original wall paint from the mid-nineteenth century. This wall finish can be duplicated in your room by using a decorative paint technique, as was done to some of the boards within this bedroom by Volz & Associates, Inc. due to rot and termite damage.

    Other wonderful examples to use in your design are the furnishings, according to Candace Volz, the President of Volz & Associates, Inc., “...are a mixture of a few family pieces (the beds, which are 20th century, but reproductions of mid-19th century 'Jenny Lind' pieces). The other furniture was bought at auction in New Orleans or at antique shows or shops.”

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    Traditional Country Cottage Idea

    Country cottage bedroom
    LaurieAnna's Vintage Home, LLC

    Another approach to creating your country cottage or farmhouse bedroom is to use unique antiques as decoration. A good example is a lovely bedroom designed by LaurieAnna's Vintage Home, LLC, which uses some simple and traditional items, such as a vintage scale, old photos, rugged wrought iron bed, old-world wardrobe, country lace bedding, and a custom-made lamp table. These items can be found at antique shops, shows, flea markets or online, it just takes time and patience to find the perfect pieces to complement your design.

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    Shabby Chic Country Style Bedroom

    Eclectic bedroom
    Kate Jackson Design

    If you like some items and aspects of the country style but still want to have a modern, fresh look then use some contemporary pieces with a few county-type accessories. A good example is the shabby chic bedroom designed by Kate Jackson Design, which features modern bedding, decorative pillows, and window treatments but also has some rustic country-type decor, such as an old wooden bench in the corner and a few small vintage pieces.

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    Modest Country Cottage Retreat

    Traditional country cottage bedroom
    Rethink Design Studio

    Simplicity is the key when designing your country cottage bedroom along with a little ingenuity. Often a simple and basic approach to this style is to use white rattan furniture, bedding, and wall paneling. It’s always fun to add a little original charm to your design, such as in the traditional cottage bedroom designed by Rethink Design Studio, which features a unique, custom window treatment, using rattan rope through a ring-top drape.

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    Rustic Farmhouse Cottage Bedroom

    Country cottage bedroom
    Monster /

    To find a more rustic farmhouse-cottage style, then incorporate more exposed wood and weathered pieces of furniture. A good example is in this beach cottage bedroom by Monster, which uses rough wood plank floors and wainscoting along with a rustic wooden beam door frame. Other great accessories that represent this rural cottage style are the white weathered bed frame, table tray, and vintage lamp.

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    Bed Frames and Headboard Ideas

    Cottage bed
    AndG /

    Beds, headboards, and bed frames for the country or farmhouse style consist of vintage or modest representations of classical pieces. Headboards are normally traditional but can be contemporary as seen in the bedroom by AndG, which uses two upholstery twin headboards paired with a country quilt and lace decorative pillows. Other ideas for headboards or beds are wrought iron, rattan or wicker, canopies, and other historical representations; such as Sophia, Jenny Lind, or sleigh beds.

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    Bedding and Decorative Pillow Ideas

    Bedroom of summer cottage
    corbisrffancy /

    Besides antique-inspired bed frames, furniture, and accessories, bedding is also a critical element in designing a country-style bedroom. Traditionally, country quilts and pillow shams are found, but other ideas include crochet throw blankets and lace quilts. If you're not too keen on using quilts, then consider a solid white plush comforter or duvet with accents of country motifs and patterns.