Country Cottage Decor

Great Tips to Find the Perfect Furniture, Bedding, and More

If you like the cozy, quaint feeling of farmhouse or country cottage decor; here are some great ideas and tips on furniture, bedding, and accessories to help you create your countryside oasis.

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    Bedroom in Country House
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    Some of the beds, headboards, and frames used in the country cottage style consists of late nineteenth and early twentieth century pieces or reproductions. These pieces often have weathered, rugged paint finishes on wood or wrought iron frames. Many of these reproductions can be quite expensive, for a more reasonable solution, shop around online or at local flea markets.

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    Jenny Lind Beds

    Kincaid Homecoming Queen Jenny Lind Bed
    Kincaid Homecoming Queen Jenny Lind Bed. Photo Courtesy of

    Jenny Lind beds were created in the nineteenth century inspired by the famous Swedish opera singer during her tour in the United States. There are many reproductions of this design, often found in baby cradles or children's beds.

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    Home Style Arts and Crafts Buffet
    Home Style Arts and Crafts Buffet. Photo Courtesy of

    There are many ideas and options to use for wardrobes and dressers in a country cottage bedroom but you are not limited to these few items. Try to be creative and use vintage buffets or kitchen cabinets instead. You’ll be amazed how charming and original these pieces will look in your design.

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    Pricilla Country Yellow Quilt
    Pricilla Country Yellow Quilt. Photo Courtesy of

    The best option when choosing your bedding for your country cottage bedroom is to use a quilt. There are many different ideas, options, and reproductions to choose from as well as the option of creating your own. Country cottage quilts will often have more lace, less patch work, and use simple patterns.

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    Country Comforters and Duvets

    Comforter. Photo Courtesy of

    If you do not prefer quilts and want to find something more contemporary or trendy, then consider using a comforter or duvet set. There are many designs and patterns to choose from; but if you want something more universal try to use a solid white or off-white comforter or duvet.

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    Lighting and/or Lamps

    Lighting Enterprises Classic Cottage Lamp
    Lighting Enterprises Classic Cottage Lamp. Photo Courtesy of

    Lighting and lamps in a country cottage bedroom are normally Victorian or Arts and Crafts pieces, which is when most of these pieces were invented and created for mass production. There are many different types to choose from as well as many reproductions and new modern versions of these popular antiques.

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    Rod Pocket Drape Panels

    Minka Lavery Boho Mikna Ironwork Rod Pocket Window Treatment
    Minka Lavery Boho Mikna Ironwork Rod Pocket Window Treatment. Photo Courtesy of

    Rod pocket drape panels are very popular in country cottage bedrooms. This is an inexpensive window treatment and easy to hang. The most common rod pocket panels used in this style are sheer or heavy fabrics with country-type patterns, which consist of plaids, stripes, and floral designs.

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    Whole Space White Fauxwood Shutters
    Whole Space White Fauxwood Shutters. Photo Courtesy of

    Shutters are a historic window treatment that has some modern and contemporary updates that work perfectly for country cottage bedrooms. They can be combined with other window treatments to complete your look; such as valances, cornices, or roman shades.

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    Ellis Curtain Fleur De Lis Lined Duchess Filler Valance
    Ellis Curtain Fleur De Lis Lined Duchess Filler Valance. Photo Courtesy of

    Valances are a traditional country cottage window treatment and normally what pops up when you search for “country curtains” online. There are many different types, patterns, and textures to choose from; but you’ll often find floral, plaid, checkered, and stripe designs.

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    Trademark Art David Lloyd Glover American Country
    Trademark Art David Lloyd Glover American Country. Photo Courtesy of

    Artwork in the country cottage style is a combination of landscapes, vintage photos, farm animals, or still life’s. Of course, there are many ideas and options besides these pieces but these few ideas will help get you started in your design process.

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    Vintage Signs

    Country Girl Vintage Wood Sign
    Country Girl Vintage Wood Sign. Photo Courtesy of

    Vintage signs are a great accessory and decoration for country cottage bedrooms. These can be signs from the Victorian era or just old rustic signs found at a local hardware store from the early twentieth century. Other options can be reproductions or hand-crafted signs you create yourself.

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    Personalized Antiques Trinket Box
    Personalized Antiques Trinket Box. Photo Courtesy of

    Filling your bedroom with antique photos, frames, mirrors, books, and trinkets is one of the key components in decorating in the country cottage style. These can be heirlooms passed down from grandparents or great finds at estate sales, flea markets, or antique shops. The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for your knick-knacks is to find a common theme, texture, or finish; otherwise, you may end up with a cluttered room full of old stuff with no rhyme or reason to the design.