This Couple Went Viral for 'Growing' A Halloween Skeleton in Their Garden

The stop-motion video is captivating

12-foot skeleton on bench

The Spruce / @loud.emma

If you haven’t seen this year’s most popular piece of Halloween decor—a 12-foot skeleton—I fear you might be living six feet under. The Home Depot launched the ultimate Halloween decor piece at the beginning of the holiday season, which, during a Halloween that is going to look different than other years, is the type of spooky decor that the world needs right now.

When Halloween fanatics and TikTok content creators, @loud.emma and her partner, discovered the towering skeleton they immediately knew the kind of potential the larger-than-life piece had to captivate the TikTok world. 

Halloween enthusiasts agreed. The spooky skeleton quickly won over the decor world, selling out almost immediately, with a price tag of $299, and resale prices on eBay reaching $1,575. The sought-after skeleton stands 12 feet tall, six feet wide, and features glowing, beady battery-operated LCD eyes that we’re pretty sure can see straight through to your soul. 

Since the couple was lucky enough to snag one of these coveted pieces, they knew they owed it to the world to put out the most whimsical and spooky content they could.

“We were planning on doing a big display in our yard anyway and once we saw the larger-than-life decor, we knew [it] would be the perfect centerpiece,” says @loud.emma. Once they started to develop the content, they planned a three-part series on TikTok. 

The first video shows @loud.emma’s partner actually purchasing the skeleton. Once you see the cart with the gigantic box being pushed up to the Mini Cooper, you can tell there’s some entertaining content to come. Since the box literally couldn't fit into the trunk of the car, the duo had no choice but to assemble the skeleton to transport the ghoulish creature home. 

man wearing the skull of the 12-foot-skeleton
The Spruce / @loud.emma

All of their Halloween content has done well, but what first went mega-viral was the video of the drive home with the skeleton strapped on top of the Mini Cooper. It has over 1.9 million views

skeleton on top of mini cooper
The Spruce / @loud.emma 

After being featured on several sites, the couple couldn’t imagine they could be as lucky with their third skeletal video as they were with the first two, but they were sure willing to try.

And their efforts paid off.

The third video in their series is just as good, if not better as the first two. They "grow" a skeleton "from seed" in a garden. Having never created a stop motion video before, the couple was inspired by content that they admire. 

“We are huge fans of Monty Don’s Gardeners' World, which gives gardeners advice on how to get the most out of their gardens, and so we based it off that,” says @loud.emma. What took a day to film and a day to edit, resulted a comical display that their neighbors are obsessed with. 

It’s pretty simple to grow from seed. “Once you’ve planted your baby skull, water and tend the weeds around it and in no time you’ll have a show stopper of an autumn display,” she quips.


And the comic relief continues, almost convincing us that there could be natural growth. The video explains how this “hearty fall perennial, a member of the squash family,” is guaranteed to scare the children in the neighborhood. 

Watch the video here.

To achieve the video, the duo needed several sized skeletons to help it “grow” from the ground up. Starting with tiny skeleton hands peeking up from the ground, we slowly see the skeleton being watered and growing to its final 12-foot-tall height, capping the video off with blinking bright eyes that will send chills down your spine.

Check out @loud.emma on TikTok to see what other ghoulish content they come up with next!