50 Stylish Patio Cover Ideas (For All Budgets)

Inspiration and tips for your pre-patio planning goals

stylish covered patio

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A well-designed patio cover can enhance your outdoor living experience and increase the amount of time you spend outside. For any major outdoor structure, you'll want to work with a professional, like an architect or landscape architect, to make sure your building complies with city codes and is engineered correctly. Other considerations before planning, designing, and building a patio cover include:

  • Budget
  • Architectural style of your house
  • Materials you desire and what is available in your region
  • Location
  • Size and scale of patio and overhead
  • Orientation of the patio to the sun, like a hot west-oriented or cold northern location.

Take a look at 50 very different patio cover ideas that will certainly spark some ideas for your own project.

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    Modern Overhang in South Africa

    covered patio outdoor dining room minimalist house
    Etienne Koenig

    The South African firm LevEco Architects designed an overhead with a ceiling made from IsoPine, which is a composite polystyrene material that functions well outside, provided it doesn't get direct rain. The timber roof rafters are pocketed into the brickwork of the house, so you don't see any connections. The roof sheeting is attached with flashing and waterproofing. 

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    Open-Air Rooftop

    covered patio outdoor living room shabby chic
    Alexandra Lauren

    An open-air rooftop patio in Hong Kong was designed by Alexandra Lauren featuring a Horchow rug with a geometric pattern. The roof is made of clear Perspex, a type of plexiglass with UV resistance. Lauren has studios in Tennessee, Hong Kong, Arizona, and Montana.

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    Shade Cloth Patio Covers

    covered patio sail roof
    Eva Z Photography

    The husband-and-wife design team known as Phoenix's The Ranch Mine covered a house in corrugated steel and treated the concrete flooring with Cohills Enviro Stain. Shade-sail anchors were tied into the roof trusses under the eaves to support the shade sails. Shade sails are often a less expensive option than brick, mortar, and other built-ins, reducing the need for an architect and construction crew.

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    Rustic Vines in Santa Ynez

    covered patio garden outdoor living room
    Joe Dodd for Carson Douglas

    A beautiful and eclectic eco-conscious outdoor space was created by Carson Douglas Landscape Architecture (CDLA) for a Santa Ynez, California, ranch. Many features are custom-designed, like the redwood pergola, which supports healthy, lush vines, the redwood vegetable boxes, cold-season A-frames, and metal-frame fire pit, infilled with stone to resemble a gabion. The hanging light fixture is also a CDLA creation and is available on the firm's website.

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    Modern Steel-frame Roof Panels

    covered patio on industrial house
    Elliott Johnson Photography / Gast Architects

    Gast Architects of San Francisco created shade for a scored-concrete patio in Arroyo Grande, California by constructing a custom-made steel frame that supports corrugated galvanized-steel Sinewave roof panels. 


    Patio cover kits remove the hassle of designing a patio cover by leaving that work to their manufacturer's architectural experts. You follow the instructions and build it, removing the guesswork. The pre-made kits come in many budget, size, and style options. Some kits require you to buy the materials, while others include everything.

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    Tuscan Farmhouse in Houston

    covered patio outdoor living room with pool and bridge
    Eklektic Interiors

    Designed by Eklektic Interiors of Houston, this home was built by the homeowners, who are in the construction business. The patio floor is made of reclaimed Old Chicago brick, while the facade and arches are made of Texas limestone.

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    Cedar Pergola

    covered patio designs with pool and lounge chairs
    Francine Fleischer for Resolution: 4 Architecture

    New York City-based Resolution: 4 Architecture constructed a stained-cedar pergola over a bluestone-paver patio for a home and pool house project in Southampton, New York.

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    Mediterranean Style in Orange County

    covered patio outdoor dining room stucco house terra cotta roof
    Shelley Gardea Photography

    A small house in Orange County, California, received a makeover by Benedict August. Slate tile set in a diamond pattern is used for the exposed patio, while the covered dining space features a poured-concrete surface. The lights are older Z Gallerie chandeliers.

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    Modern Industrial Entry Courtyard

    covered patio industrial roof and wooden fence
    Randy Colwell

    An entry courtyard for a home-based work/art studio designed by Homes by Monticello in Missouri features cedar decking and slat walls. A corrugated plastic roof adds rain protection and allows natural sunlight to filter through. The home is built around a grain silo, giving it a "modern industrial" sensibility. 

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    Mid-century Modern Ranch Style

    covered patio designs outdoor living room with stone and wood
    Rowland and Broughton

    Raising the roofline and adding clerestory windows to this midcentury ranch house in Aspen, Colorado, flooded the living spaces with natural light. Rowland and Broughton added a rooftop patio to the single-story home, along with a patio off the back of the house with white polished concrete flooring. The patio cover features tongue-and-groove stained fir blind-nailed to the ceiling and Texas limestone columns and a fire pit.

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    Motorized in Rising Glen

    covered patio ideas near pool minimalist house
    Tocha Project

    The modern Rising Glen house in the Hollywood Hills by Tocha Project features a custom-designed deck. The patio cover's levelers (shades/blinds) are motorized and operated by elevator buttons located in the home's bar area. Like many components of Rising Glen, the patio levelers were customized by Janna Levenstein/Tocha Project.


    The simplest way to add shade to a patio or any outdoor space is by opening an umbrella. Just make sure it is sturdy and anchored by a weighted holder or it will be gone with the next big wind!

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    Calistoga Loggias

    covered patio with lawn furniture
    Emily Hagopian Photography

    Strening Architects of Santa Rosa, California, transformed a 25-acre property in Calistoga into a spectacular showcase by creating two distinct loggias on the front and back of the house to take advantage of wine country indoor/outdoor living. Strening used a simple palette of stone, stucco, wood, and steel to bring refined elegance to the property. The patio cover is a combination of painted structural steel and Alaskan yellow cedar.

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    Seattle Paneled Patio

    covered patio modern house outdoor fireplace
    Lane Williams Architects

    A 1950s Seattle home, remodeled by Lane Williams Architects, features two 16-foot-wide Fleetwood pocketing aluminum and sliding glass doors that open the den and dining rooms to the terrace. The patio covered in steel and wood is made of Polygal translucent ribbed panels. LWA saved the original 1960-built outdoor brick fireplace, which was incorporated into the new patio design.

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    Glass and Timber in Basswood

    covered patio overlooking lake
    Michael Abraham Architecture

    Designed by Michael Abraham Architecture of Clarendon Hills, Illinois, Basswood is a custom-built farmhouse-modern estate at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The patio flooring is made of natural bluestone, while a sun-drenched outdoor room features large spans of glass with contemporary lines that frame views of the lake. Hand-hewn beams, exposed timbers, and indigenous stones were used in building this outdoor escape.

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    Australian Beach House Awning

    covered patio modern white house outdoor bar and pool
    Simon Wood

    Located at Manly Beach in Australia, this 1950s-inspired home by Sanctum Design features a German Markilux motorized canopy/glass awning.


    A retractable awning gives you the option to cover and uncover your patio at will. Most are attached to one part of the side of the home. Some are motorized and others are wind-up. You can keep them closed during winter and bad weather, but during sunny days they cover up with the best of them.

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    Vibrant New Orleans Structure

    covered patio ideas New Orleans style outodoor living room and dining room
    Mullin Landscape Associates

    A Mexican-inspired patio for a home in Metairie, Louisiana, was designed by Mullin Landscape Associates. Hanging from the painted wood-frame shade structure is a gold and white Ella Home pendant light. The homeowner bought the colorful pillows on Etsy, while the green rattan chairs are by Kenian.

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    Melbourne Contemporary

    covered patio outside modern house with outdoor dining room
    Andrew Wuttke Photography

    The design firm Mr. Mitchell warmed up the interior and exterior of a contemporary coastal home in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Included in the remodel were reclaimed Australian hardwoods, natural stone, and textural fabrics. 

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    Texan Pergola

    Pergola style covered patio
    Texas Custom Patios

    Texas Custom Patios built a pergola off the side and front of an existing covered area and added an outdoor kitchen to maximize outside living space.

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    Desert Cool in Scottsdale

    covered patio outdoor living room near pool
    Werner Segarra

    A custom classic home designed by PHX Architecture is in the Silverleaf Parks area of Scottsdale, Arizona. The home offers relief from the desert heat inside and out with several covered areas that extend from the main structure. The homes offer beautiful views of Phoenix.

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    Palapa Paradise

    covered patio with hot tub at night
    Tony Phillips for Utopia Landscape Design

    An outdoor hot tub gets a tropical overhead with a hardwood frame that supports a palapa (thatched roof), designed by Utopia Landscape Design of Brisbane, Australia.


    Natural tiki thatching works best in a dry, hot, and windy climate. Synthetic thatch doesn't look as authentic as the real thing, but it will hold up better if you live in a humid climate.

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    Open-Beamed Outdoor Living Room

    covered patio outdoor living room and dining room
    Dena Brody

    Dena Brody Interiors transformed this outdoor space into a true living room complete with Gloster patio furniture, ceiling fans, and a custom kitchen. The closed and open-beam wood overhead is supported by metal posts.

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    Transparent in Amstersdam

    covered patio outdoor dining table
    Beatrice Hoedemakers

    A high, transparent patio cover designed by in3interieur allows unobstructed sunlight into the house and also keeps the patio area warm on summer evenings. 

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    Thatched Shade for Casa Arcadia

    covered patio with thistle roof and adobe style dining room
    Scott Sandler for Higgins Architects

    Higgins Architects of Scottsdale, Arizona, designed a Camelback area home that includes several outdoor living spaces, including this shade structure with metal framework and a thatch-style roof.

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    Solar Fabric Shade in Austin

    covered patio open weave solar fabric roof and dining room
    Coles Hairston for Paula Ables Interiors

    An exterior-grade open-weave solar fabric shade helps block the rays of this Austin patio designed by Paula Ables Interiors. The fabric is attached to a track along both sides and is moved via a detachable rod.

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    Wood-Slatted Unobstructed View

    outdoor fireplace
    Tanner A. McGraw

    Laguna Beach architect Robert A. McGraw designed a simple wood-slat shade structure that doesn't compete or obstruct views of the Pacific.

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    Colorado Local Wood Construction

    covered patio gabled roof near pool

     Alise O’Brien Photography

    A young family's passion for the Colorado lifestyle is reflected in the outdoor space created by Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design. Built from local woods, the covered room attaches to the home and flows from the living room and kitchen to the yard and swimming and spa areas.  

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    Palo Alto Fabric and Steel Pergola

    gazebo idea with curved roof
    Jenna Bayer

    Custom designed and installed by Jenna Bayer Garden Design, this Palo Alto patio cover is made from a steel-engineered structure ​and a shade fabric with 70 percent filtration.

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    Villa Dei Fiori Wisteria and Roses

    covered patio with greenery for roof
    Walnut Hill Landscape Co.

    Walnut Hill Landscape Co. in Baltimore designed a vacation home in Annapolis, Maryland that evokes Tuscan charm and offers breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay. Wisteria and Lady Banks roses are planted at every column for mass coverage.

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    Bali-inspired Patio Design

    covered patio outdoor living room near pool
    Don Bloom / Tropical Light Photography

    It looks like Bali and is called Bali House, but this home with elaborate architectural and decorative details created by Indonesian craftspeople is actually in Kihei, Maui. The home was designed by Rick Ryniak Architects.

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    Screened-in Porch in Ladue

    covered patio ideas with outdoor fireplace and loungers

     Michael Jacobs for JCR Design Group

    JCR Design Group of St. Louis, Missouri, created a new look for a Ladue home with the addition of a three-season screened-in porch, along with a new and enlarged patio and hot tub. 

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    Flat Roof Overhead in Maui

    maui pergola
    Don Bloom / Tropical Light Photography

    A modern hardwood flat-roof overhead was built by Rick Ryniak Architects to allow the homeowners to relax and enjoy the surrounding view.

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    Reed Grass Arch at D.C. Farm

    covered patio straw roof on wood chips
    Ron Blunt

    Architect Mark Buchanan of Newmann Lewis Buchanan Architects designed a simple shade structure at this Washington D.C. area farm using metal arching framework supporting a reed-grass cover.

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    Narrow Covered Patio Path

    covered walkway with beige dog and black dog

    Birdseye Design created a rustic and elegant path of pavers that also serves as a narrow patio for this house in Jericho, Vermont.

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    Corrugated Steel Roof in Aspen Creek

    covered patio design with table and chairs

    Matthew Millman and Carney Logan Burke Architects

    Several years after the installation of this corrugated cold-rolled steel roof at a Utah home, there are no signs of major corrosion. According to the designers, Carney Logan Burke Architects, plain, cold-rolled mild steel doesn't corrode significantly, even after 50 years.

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    A-Frame Patio Roof in Briar Bayou

    covered patio outdoor living room and fireplace
    Texas Custom Patios

    A wood frame supports an A-frame overhead that serves as a complete outdoor living space with stone fireplace, TV, outdoor kitchen, and seating. The project was designed by Texas Custom Patios.

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    Wooden Pergola in Cinncinati

    covered patio with table and chai
    Lauren Olthaus Photography

    The Carolina by Designs on Madison is a complete home project that includes an outdoor wood pergola allowing filtered light and just enough shade for dining comfortably.

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    Open-Roof Beach Vibes

    pergola design outdoor living room
    Tom Olcott

    Emeritus Development in Massachusetts designed a coastal-style residence with a wood pergola that features a flat, open roof, and custom-built brick fireplace for stylish outdoor living.


    Pergolas are a nice alternative to entirely enclosed coverings, especially if your home's interior windows lack for sun exposure. To save timber costs for a wooden pergola, enlarging the openings between slats. You can also save some money by considering an aluminum or vinyl pergola. Redwood pergolas are gorgeous but are one of the more expensive choices.

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    Wood and Concrete in Perth

    pergola ideas covered patio with bench and high table
    DMAX Photography for Dale Alocock Homes

    Concrete blocks create a decorative wall feature for this courtyard in Perth, Australia, designed by Dale Alcock Homes. Wood beams attach to eaves and another shade structure, making the courtyard a more open space to catch some rays.

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    Polished Wood Focal Point

    covered patio outdoor kitchen living room and fireplace
    Texas Custom Patios

    Many good patio cover ideas blend together interior and exterior components. An intricately detailed, polished wood ceiling is the focal point of this outdoor structure designed by Texas Custom Patios.

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    Dining Gazebo

    gazebo overlooking valley
    Cynthia Montgomery

    John Montgomery Landscape Architects designed a dining gazebo that was built to take advantage of the gorgeous Central California view.

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    Seattle Solid Roof

    covered patio overlooking a lake
    American Louvered Roofs

    Living space for this Seattle house was extended outside by American Louvered Roofs of Western Washington. Wood columns and decking support a solid roof that provides shelter from sun and rain.

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    Almost Indoors in Canada

    covered patio outdoor dining room and fireplace
    Cedar Springs Landscape Group

    Even when it's raining or snowing, the Canadian homeowners of this solid-wood covered room designed by Cedar Springs Landscape Group can feel like they're still outside. 

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    Pennsylvania Traditional Pavilion

    covered patio outdoor fireplace
    C.E. Pontz Sons

    A 16- by 20-foot pavilion designed by C.E. Pontz Sons of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, features a faux slate roof. The wall-mounted TV was hung from the pergola.

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    Poolside Retreat

    gazebos near a pool

    LiquidScapes of Pittstown, New Jersey, designed a poolside gazebo that features a modified gabled-style roof for architectural interest and to provide shade, of course.

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    Elaborate Gazebo

    covered patio outdoor kitchen
    Cynthia Montgomery

    A pitched wood roof of a gazebo is supported by stone columns. The design is by John Montgomery Landscape Architects of Alamo, California.

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    Privacy Pergola in Portland

    covered patio and kitchen
    Paradise Restored

    Starting with pretty much a new, clean slate, Paradise Restored of Portland, Oregon, created a wood pergola that extends from the house and shades the outdoor kitchen, dining table, and provides privacy for the hot tub.

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    Shaded Mini Pool

    Outdoor covering over a hot tub

    herzenstimme / Instagram

    Provide a small slice of refreshing shade by draping fabric across a section of an outdoor area, as this cozy corner exemplifies. The tiny pool and ample seating is a perfect place to escape the warm sun for a little bit without covering the entirety of the patio.

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    Partial Shade Pergola

    Outdoor area with white pergola

    Melanie Rekola Landscape Design

    Covered areas can also create "rooms" in an outdoor space and can separate out dedicated areas for relaxing, eating, or playing games. When considering patio cover ideas, a pergola may come to mind as a great way to do this. These outdoor structures also provide an opportunity for climbing plants to explore and create even more shade, making the whole space feel more biophilic.

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    Test Out Temporary Covers

    White umbrella over outdoor couch

    Kirsten Diane / Instagram

    Patio coverings, by no means, have to be permanent. For temporary coverage that can be moved around with ease, a chic weather-resistant umbrella is perfect. It blocks out any unwanted sun or drizzle, but can just as easily be brought down or rearranged for soaking up a few rays or getting a view of the night sky.

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    Half-and-Half Covering

    Swinging chairs with half-covered roof

    Melanie Rekola Landscape Design

    Providing multiple coverage options will appeal to multiple comfort levels when it comes to spending time outside. The swinging seats in this outdoor area get more exposure to the great outdoors, whereas a fully covered roof protects the couch and anyone sitting there who may prefer more shade or respite from the elements.

  • How do I cover my patio on a budget?

    When thinking shade—quickly and inexpensively—fabric will be your best option. Solar fabrics can resist and repel the sun, and setup can be speedy with an umbrella, sun sail, or a portable fabric canopy.

  • How easy is it to attach a roof cover to a patio?

    Attaching a patio roof is not easy, but it is doable by a do-it-yourselfer with the right tools, knowledge of basic structural engineering, and a solid plan. The construction approach will depend on your house and where you intend to join the patio roof (through masonry, at eaves, or joists). Essential things to think about: roof load, slope, rafters, footings, supports, ledger board, flashing, and roof covering (shingles, planks, etc.).

  • Are acrylic patio covers good?

    Acrylic roof systems and patio covers block harmful UV rays and let in 90% of the sunlight. Most are guaranteed for up to 10 to 30 years. They also have a "heatstop" option, which traps the heat from reaching those under the cover. They are built to withstand heat, sunlight, hail, wind, and snowstorms. Acrylic is a viable alternative to fiberglass or polycarbonate, which both turn yellow over time. It's also less expensive than glass. The only downside is it looks a little cheaper than other coverings, but it does its job well.