30 Bedding Ideas That Will Cozy Up Your Space

simple black bedding

Gray Space Interiors

Given that you'll make use of your bedding each and every day, it's important to purchase sheets, comforters, throw pillows, and blankets that you love. The following 30 spaces prove that no matter your style or color preferences, you can create a cozy sleep setup that speaks to you. Whether you're wild about throw pillows or crave a simple design, there's truly a solution for everyone.

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    Create a Cloud-Like Sleep Space

    fluffy white bedding

    @cloudy_of_star / Instagram

    Who doesn't dream of relaxing in a cloud-like bed at the end of a long day? This puffy comforter is sure to add instant comfort to any space. The texture brings major visual interest to the room, too.

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    Mix and Match Your Favorite Colors

    colorful pillows and white bedding

    @jamiesolomoninteriors / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to mix and match colors when accessorizing your bed. Here, green and pink prove to be a delightful combo, and both of these hues look nice paired with the deep green headboard.

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    Play With Pattern

    colorful bedding with throw pillows

    Louis Duncan-He

    Patterned comforters bring so much personality to any space. Add texture and layers to your sleep setup with the addition of a throw blanket and plenty of pillows.

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    Make It Match

    matching twin beds

    Victoria Bell Design

    If you're placing two twin beds in a room side by side, you will likely want to style them in a uniform manner. The combination shown here—featuring three throw pillows, a bolster pillow, and a throw blanket folded over the end of the bed—will never go out of style.

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    Subtly Introduce Some Color

    bedding with yellow and orange

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you crave warm hues in your bedroom but still wish to keep your space somewhat subdued, opt for two-tone pillows like these. Additionally, if you like the idea of a brightly colored comforter but worry it will overpower your bedroom, simply fold it in half and use it as a throw blanket on top of white sheets, as seen here.

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    Play Off Your Artwork

    white layered bedding

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Your bedding should complement the other accents in your room, including art, curtains, and wall coverings. Here, textured white throw pillows look beautiful alongside the natural artwork hanging beside the bed.

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    Incorporate Various Neutrals

    layered neutral bedding

    @all_my_home / Instagram

    There's nothing wrong with embracing neutrals, but to keep your setup from appearing too stale, mix together a few different shades of brown, white, and gray. Doing so will add some dimension to your bed.

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    Go Bold With Stripes

    colorful striped bedding

    @belartestudio / Instagram

    On the other hand, maybe you wish to go all in with color. Bold bedding isn't just for kids' rooms and can shine in grown-up spaces, too. A striped comforter or duvet, for example, will never go out of style.

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    Embrace a Vibrant Setup

    layered colorful bedding

    @rowans_rainbow / Instagram

    Here's another example of plenty of bold hues in the bedroom. All the colors of the rainbow are present on this bed, which is the focal point of this space.

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    Style a Colorful Quilt

    colorful patterned quilt

    @letsby.avenue / Instagram

    Laying a patterned quilt over your comforter is a nice way to introduce some color whenever you wish. On days when you crave a more simple setup, simply tuck the blanket away or fold it in half for less of a bold impact.

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    Become a Throw Pillow Pro

    preppy bedding

    @designedbydixon / Instagram

    When it comes to throw pillows, mix and match patterns and sizes for a stylish effect. These two pillows are excellent for a coastal or grandmillennial-inspired space.

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    Weave in Rust Colored Pillows

    throw blanket on bed

    @thecharlestongrove / Instagram

    Rust-colored throw pillows never fail to look elegant and will warm up any bedroom. Pillow covers are easy to swap out with the seasons, too, you can keep extra covers in a small basket underneath the bed or in a closet.

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    Try This If You Can't Paint Your Walls

    marigold bedding

    @goldenndazed / Instagram

    If you're unable to paint your bedroom walls, why not bring the color to your bedding instead? Here, a bright marigold steals the show in this cozy, boho-style sleep space.

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    Have Fun With Fringe

    fringe quilt

    @slow.living.photography / Instagram

    Once again, coordinating your bedding with the surrounding artwork in a room will make a major impact. This bedroom is all about darling fringed accents.

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    Get Swirly

    bw patterned bedding

    @warmthofourigloo / Instagram

    A swirled pattern is more forgiving when it comes to small spills and stains, making it an excellent choice if you have pets who sleep in your bed or for those who like to sip coffee and snack under the covers.

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    Embrace Elegance

    cottagecore bedding

    @paintedandcollected / Instagram

    Celebrate all things cottagecore with fun, frilly bedding. These white pillows add a sense of timelessness and romance.

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    Look to Nature

    green and white bedding

    @suffolk.cottage / Instagram

    Bring the outside in with a natural inspired pattern like this green and white print. Pair the design with wooden furniture for a warm, earthy touch.

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    Grab a Sheepskin Throw

    sheepskin throw

    @haleyervinhome / Instagram

    Sheepskin throws are perfect for casually tossing over the end of the bed. Hello, instant texture and coziness.

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    Invest in a Cozy Blanket

    thick knit throw blanket

    @atouchofsimplicitybyrana / Instagram

    Large knit throw blankets make for chic decor during the day but will also help keep you warm during chilly nights.

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    Jazz Up Your Daybed

    pillows on daybed

    Erin Williamson Design

    Wondering how to style a daybed? Go all in with pillows! This setup makes for a cozy spot to kick back and read or lounge by day.

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    Recreate Hotel Room Vibes

    striped pillows

    Mary Patton Design

    Four poster beds command plenty of attention, so you won't want to skimp on your bedding accessories. Layering standard and European shams on the bed will bring a glam hotel room feel to your own home.

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    Keep It Simple Without Throw Pillows

    white bedding

    @mariannesides / Instagram

    There's something about white bedding that looks so peaceful and effortless. For a minimalist-friendly look, skip the throw pillows and stick with the basics instead.

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    But Bring on the Sleeping Pillows

    white hotel-like bedding

    @mycityapartment / Instagram

    Even if you forgo throw pillows, you'll still want to outfit your all-white bed with plenty of sleeping pillows. Sticking with two per person—as is often done in hotel rooms—will make your bed feel nice and plush.

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    Add an Unexpected Hue to the Mix

    florals and white bedding

    @annawpage / Instagram

    Soft blues and whites are a popular bedding choice but don't shy away from adding other colors into the mix if you wish. Here, a petite dark green pillow adds a pop of drama.

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    Pick Out Whimsical Pillows

    white bedding with circular pillows

    @reserve_home / Instagram

    By no means do you need to stick with traditionally shaped pillows—if your style leans modern and funky, consider working some circular throw pillows into the mix, as demonstrated here.

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    Choose a Durable Throw

    green chopped pillows

    @everyday_home / Instagram

    Here, a chunky knit blanket makes an appearance once again. Select throw blankets that are easily washable and durable so that they will serve you for the long haul.

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    Say Yes to Moodiness

    black and white bedding

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    While white bedding seems to be everywhere, black bedding can make for an excellent alternative if you crave a moodier look. These black throw pillows perfectly complement the paneled wall behind the bed.

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    Try a Black and White Mix

    black and white bedroom

    Alvin Wayne

    Black and white is also a fun combination and is ideal for a contemporary bedroom like this one.

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    Make It Sleek

    simple black bedding

    Gray Space Interiors

    For a sleek, simple look, go all black. This monochrome space still features many textures, including leather, metal, and velvet.

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    Be Frilly and Soft

    fluffy pink bedding

    Gray Space Interiors

    For a more lighthearted look, go for pops of pink! A fuzzy comforter is unapologetically whimsical.