45 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Feel Like a Warm Hug

Cozy bedroom with woven throw spread across dressed bed

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Everyone loves a cozy living room, but creating a cozy bedroom that makes you feel safe and warm and sheltered from the chaos of the world is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your well being and upgrade your living situation. Some spaces like attic bedrooms have a built-in coziness factor thanks to the arched ceilings and top floor location, but any bedroom can be made to feel cozier by keeping a few simple principles in mind.

So what makes a space feel cozy? The answer is partly subjective based on your personality and individual tastes, but certain elements make a room feel universally cozy—a comfy bed, soft lighting, and decor details that make it feel like home. Check out these inviting bedrooms in a range of sizes and styles for inspiration on how to create a cozy oasis that will feel like a giant hug.

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    Use Warm Woods

    Cozy bedroom

    Design by Jersey Ice Cream Co / Photo by Nicole Franzen

    Interior design team Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co played up the historic charm of a 1887 Arts & Crafts home in the Catskills by embracing the warm wood paneling on walls and ceiling and hardwood floors. To add contrast and lighten things up, they chose pale cool-toned gray paint that highlights the detailing on a pair of doors flanking the bed. A cushy upholstered headboard in a cheerful blue-and-white check pattern, a large cream-colored rug with a subtle pattern, and plush bedding that includes a fluffy gray fur throw at the foot of the bed adds softness and a homey touch.

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    Practice Pattern Mixing

    Cozy bedroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design used bright wallpaper and bold pattern-on-pattern mixing to style this cozy guest room. "When mixing patterns, there are several possible strategies that I like to employ," says Williamson. "For this space, we mimicked a classic en suite look of matching fabrics and wallpaper by using several patterns that are close in color and scale—the effect is kind of dizzying and old school cool at the same time. The last layer came with the rug, which is a contrasting color and more open scale than the wallpaper and textiles. It adds visual texture while also letting the more bold patterns breathe."

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    Add a Family Photo Wall

    Cozy bedroom ideas

    Most Lovely Things 

    Blogger Annie Diamond of Most Lovely Things created a warm, enveloping feeling in her bedroom by painting the walls in deep gray paint. The dark wall color adds a grounding element to the otherwise light palette that includes pale oak flooring, bed linens, and bright white paint on the ceiling as well as the window trims and doors. And she created an easily changeable gallery wall by adding three picture rail shelves and filling them with black and white framed family and travel photos. It's a personal touch that creates an instantly cozy feel.

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    Accent With Dreamy Floral Wallpaper

    Cozy bedroom

    Ellie Cashman Design

    This bedroom features A Golden Age Wallpaper by Melissa Dilger of Ellie Cashman Design that transforms the space into a dreamy flowering garden oasis. Matching reading lamps on the bedside tables and a nearby bookshelf full of reading material and space for art and personal objects creates a comfortable atmosphere for bedtime reading, or a place to while away the hours on a rainy afternoon. Creamy linens and a navy blue velvet round tufted pillow on the bed add a touch of old world charm.

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    Add Midcentury Modern Touches

    Cozy bedroom


    In this Tudor house bedroom designed by Seattle-based OreStudios, an otherwise neutral room bathed in soothing tones of white, cream, and gray is given a bright and cheerful dose of color with a bright blue overdyed Turkish rug. Tall midcentury modern lamps on a warm wood sideboard with a vintage rattan mirror create a homey vignette that makes the bedroom feel like more than just a place to sleep. Paler shades of blue create an overall soothing feel that makes this cozy room something you'd be happy to wake up in every morning.

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    Create a Sense of History

    Cozy bedroom

    Design by Jersey Ice Cream Co / Photo by Heidi's Bridge

    In this charming guest bedroom on the North Fork of Long Island, Jersey Ice Cream Co injected a sense of history into the blank slate of a modern day home by adding timeless vintage-inspired touches. They played up the slanted wood-paneled ceiling by painting it white to contrast with dark wood ceiling beams, adding patterned Farrow & Ball wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, a framed piece of vintage art, frilly linens, and a bedside table just big enough to hold a vase of wildflowers.

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    Layer Cozy Textiles

    Cozy bedroom ideas


    To create this cozy bedroom in a contemporary Seattle townhouse, OreStudios chose a soothing palette of warm shades of gray and cream. An upholstered headboard and layered bedding in a range of textures create a feel-good spot for lounging and sleeping, while a plush cream-colored carpet adds warmth. Industrial Serge Mouille reading lights are sculptural but soft in white, while a curvy, sheepskin-covered armchair looks as inviting as the bed.

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    Create a Cozy Bunk Room

    Cozy bedroom

    Christina Kim Interior Design

    In this cute kids' bunk room from Christina Kim Interior Design, dorm-style bunk beds fill up an entire wall, creating cozy individual sleeping nooks in an otherwise wide open space. Privacy curtains on each bunk create a room-within-a-room feeling, and a plush Amazigh-style rug and a window seat with an abundance of overstuffed pillows adds a space for kids to congregate.

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    Add a Fireplace

    Cozy bedroom


    Is there anything cozier than a fireplace? This bedroom designed OreStudios has a fireplace opposite the bed. Walls are painted in pastel lavender for a soothing effect. A comfortable armchair and ottoman creates an appealing spot to put your feet up and read. A midcentury modern dresser layered with art adds warmth, and extra throws and pillows on the bed and chair create a sense of comfort and well being.

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    Choose a Wrap-Around Headboard

    Cozy bedroom

    Christina Kim Interior Design

    In this cozy bedroom from Christina Kim Interior Design, the bed is placed in front of a bank of windows in a tight nook that has a cocoon-like feel thanks to a large wrap-around upholstered headboard. Integrated wooden bedside tables and bright brass reading light sconces mounted on the wall complete the space, while a palette of pale grays, pinks, and whites keeps it feeling light and airy despite the otherwise cramped quarters.

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    Embrace Boho Design Style

    Cozy bedroom

    Black and Blooms

    Blogger Sara Toufali of Black and Blooms created a makeshift guest room with eclectic charm in a corner of her home office. The bed is tucked into the window-filled corner and layered with pillows and comfy throws in natural tones and varying textures to create an off-duty daybed effect. The light-filled space is filled with hanging plants, a macrame wall hanging, and woven baskets to store items and keep it clutter-free.

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    Create a Kid-Friendly Cocoon

    Cozy bedroom

    Christina Kim Interior Design

    This snug kids' bedroom from Christina Kim Interior Design has a cozy feel based on its small proportions, but Kim played up its tiny charms by making use of every inch of available space. A twin bed is tucked in under the windows and layered with plenty of pillows to create a reading nook during the day. A built-in desk and shelves that take advantage of vertical space create a place to do homework. A chalkboard wall, black desk chair and painted interior window shutters add contrast to the white room, while a fluffy rug adds softness.

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    Prioritize Cozy Neutrals

    Cozy bedroom

    Almost Makes Perfect

    Blogger Molly at Almost Makes Perfect chose earthy neutrals and lots of texture to turn her spacious, airy bedroom into a cozy oasis. A large plush Amazigh-style rug anchors the bed and feels cozy underfoot. A tall standing mirror leaning against the wall reflects light and creates a user-friendly wardrobe selfie set-up. A blank space is filled with a pale wood bench and lumbar cushion for putting on shoes, and a vase of fluffy dried pampas grass from her garden and a tall plant in the corner bring some natural elements into the mix.

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    Add Backlighting

    Cozy bedroom

    The Syntopia

    This cozy bedroom at the Syntopia Hotel in Crete is all about warm wood tones and natural woven elements like pendant lights and baskets. An organic shaped mirror, simple bedding, and a palette of warm, light but earthy tones creates a serene and relaxing feel. Warmly backlit shelving creates space to show off decorative items but helps to add a pleasant layer of ambient light to the space at night.

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    Drench the Walls in Blue

    Cozy bedroom ideas


    This minimalist teen bedroom from OreStudios is washed in dramatic blue paint to create a whole mood. The simple bed and bedding creates a sense of calm and order while an armchair offers a place to practice on the guitars mounted like functional decor on the walls. A light-colored rug and a sheepskin on the floor adds comfort and improves acoustics. It goes to show that you don't need an abundance of decor to personalize a cozy room.

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    Use Warm Tones

    cozy bedroom ideas

    WRJ Interior Design / Photo by Eric Piasecki

    WRJ Interior Design remodeled this rustic cabin bedroom on a Wyoming ranch once owned by the state governor with warm tones and textures that give it a cozy and enveloping feel, from the buffalo hide rug to the exposed wood ceilings and golden toned stone fireplace.

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    Add Layers of Texture

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design added layers of texture to this bedroom with its slanted roofline, asymmetrical window, and mixture of stone, wood, and glass, to give it a cozy and lush feel, from the wallpaper to the dark paint to the warm Moroccan accents like a carved wood screen and handira blanket at the end of the bed.

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    Hang Cafe Curtains

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Alexandra Ribar

    This cozy bedroom from Leanne Ford Interiors has deep black walls and bright white bed linens, while a bank of windows behind the bed floods the room with natural light. A pair of gauzy cafe curtains filters light and provides a modicum of privacy without blocking light or views.

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    Use Earth Tones and Wood

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Lobster and Swan

    Lobster and Swan painted this cozy bedroom in an earthy shade of terracotta that creates a soothing atmosphere, while a live edge wall-mounted nightstand introduces an organic element that is warm and reassuring.

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    Highlight Original Features

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    Preserving and highlighting original features in a room is an easy way to make a space feel lived in and cozy. This snug Stockholm bedroom from Fantastic Frank celebrates the rustic beauty of an original brick wall, adding nothing but the largest size bed that would fit in the small space, dressed with simple linens in shades of white, gray, and blue. A midcentury modern pendant light adds soft light, and a collection of black metal candlesticks on either side of the bed are a romantic alternative to bedside lamps.

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    Add Unique Details

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design added a scalloped carved wood opening to this bed alcove that makes it feel one of a kind, then painted the inside in a warm latte color, hung a piece of art, and layered the back wall with pillows to make the space usable as a day bed when the sun is out.

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    Push the Bed Into the Corner

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    Fantastic Frank pushed the bed into the corner of this neutral-toned Scandinavian apartment opposite a charming Swedish fireplace that gives the light and airy room a cozy feeling. If you live alone or only one of you likes to read in bed, there's no law saying that every bedroom has to have twin nightstands.

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    Create a Cozy Bed Nook

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Amy Neunsinger

    This California sun room turned snug little bedroom from Leanne Ford Interiors has a cozy bed that nearly stretches from wall to wall, and neutral-toned bedding and decor that gives it an airy and soothing hideaway feel.

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    Add Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    Limiting your color palette is a simple way to create a calm oasis feel like this Scandinavian bedroom from Fantastic Frank that's done up in soothing shades of gray, from the walls to the bedding to the floor-to-ceiling drapes.

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    Multiply Warm Textiles

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Sissy + Marley Interior Design / Photo by Marco Ricca Studio

    Sissy + Marley Interior Design made a clean-lined, highrise NYC apartment feel cozy with a light neutral palette of soft textures from the floor-to-ceiling curtains to the rug and pouf, then added and an enveloping Womb Chair and ottoman in the corner as a finishing touch.

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    Mix and Match

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Erin Kelly

    Leanne Ford Interiors enhanced the charming bones of this bedroom with white-washed ceiling beams and brick, while layers of floral wallpaper in different patterns and mismatched nightstands. This approach gives the room a cozy and improvised air with a layered look that appears collected over time.

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    Add Vintage Details

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design made this kids' room feel cozy with saturated dark blues and reds and vintage details like a carved wood bedframe, chrome rocking chair, and whimsical black metal hot air balloon chandelier.

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    Mix Pink and Red

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo By Kaitlin Green

    Emily Henderson Design mixed blush pink walls, a red velvet armchair, and shades of pink and red from the bedding to the wall art in this cozy bedroom that is balanced with white trim and a pale gray rug.

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    Add a Clawfoot Tub

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Kate Marker Interiors added a retro-style clawfoot tub next to the bed in this white-washed cottage bedroom that lends the room a sense of timelessness and coziness that makes it feel like a private hideaway from the chaos of modern life.

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    Mix Wall Textures

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    A mix of textures on the walls and plenty of natural light makes this Scandinavian bedroom from Fantastic Frank feel cozy and inviting.

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    Use Autumn Colors

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by AHG Interiors / Photo by Nick Glimenakis

    The autumn color palette of rusts and burnt oranges in this bedroom from AHG Interiors, enhanced by a mix of textures on the bed, from the tufted velvet headboard to the soft linens and chunky throw blanket, give the space a year-round cozy feel,

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    Make It Personal

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Lobster and Swan

    Displaying personal items on the walls is a sure way to make your bedroom feel cozier, like this gallery wall and jewelry display above a vintage nightstand from Lobster and Swan.

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    Highlight the Bed Alcove

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    Hanging tie-back curtains outside of a bed alcove in this Scandinavian apartment from Fantastic Frank gives the space a cozy feel, while a pile of blue-and-white bed linens creates a dreamy and inviting place to crash.

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    Add Boho Style

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design added boho style to a small bedroom with patterned pink wallpaper, a vintage chair and dresser, a crochet rug, and a patterned kilim throw pillow that makes the space feel cozy and full of personality.

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    Use an Antique Bed Frame

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    An antique wood bed frame with a glossy finish adds charm and a sense of history to this airy attic bedroom from Fantastic Frank, while the pale wood paneled slanted ceilings and floaty pendant light that looks like a tulle skirt keep it feeling fresh and modern.

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    Fill It With Art and Books

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    A wall of bookshelves behind the bed and large-scale art on the walls gives this bedroom from Leanne Ford Interiors a cozy and inviting feel.

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    Keep the Wood Burning Stove

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This cozy cottage bedroom from Kate Marker Interiors has Scandi-style influences, with a neutral palette of whites and taupes, painted ceiling beams, an antique armchair covered in burlap, and a working vintage-style wood stove with a pile of wood that adds charm and functionality.

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    Add Scandi Touches

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Caroline Andreoni Interior Design / Photo by Sophie Lloyd

    Graphic black-and-white patterned wallpaper, simple black wall sconces, neutral bed linens and drapes, and a woven rattan pendant light add a Scandinavian feel to this Paris bedroom from Caroline Andréoni Interior Design.

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    Make It Moody

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    In this cozy, dark-toned Scandinavian bedroom from Fantastic Frank, heavy floor-to-ceiling drapes in a bold green-and-gold floral pattern complementsthe forest green walls and add contrast to simple bed linens and modern globe lighting.

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    Soften Stone With Fabric

    cozy bedroom ideas

    WRJ Interior Design / Photo by Tuck Fauntleroy

    The stacked stone walls and fireplace of this Jackson Hole, WY primary bedroom from WRJ Interior Design are softened with textured tweed Hibernian Beige wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries, floor-to-ceiling drapery, and warm, cozy textiles on the bed.

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    Go Dark

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Christy Q. Photo

    This San Francisco condo bedroom from Cathie Hong Interiors has a dark and comforting deep tonal palette of greens that saturates the space with soothing color while retaining a minimalist feel.

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    Hang Accent Wallpaper

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Caroline Andreoni Interior Design / Photo by Sophie Lloyd

    Black-and-white palm tree wallpaper and a bed covered in pale shades of linen bedding add coziness to this light and spacious Paris bedroom from Caroline Andréoni Interior Design.

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    Keep It Light

    cozy bedroom ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fizser

    Boho style touches from the woven pendant light to the textile wall hanging over the bed give this London bedroom from Emilie Fournet Interiors a free-spirited and cozy feel.

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    Add a Canopy

    cozy bedroom

    Studio Peake

    Studio Peake added charm to this small bedroom with a tall wall-mounted canopy over the bed, a mix of textiles, and a classic color combination of pink and green that makes it feel homey and cozy.

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    Add a Coastal Spin

    cozy bedroom ideas

    K+Co. Living

    This chic coastal bedroom from K+Co. Living has pastel blue accents, textured wall coverings and textiles, and plenty of rounded shapes to give it a soft and cozy feel.