This Canvas and Macrame Hammock Is Ridiculously Affordable and So Cozy

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affordable hammock review

Tessa Cooper

During my five-year stint as an apartment dweller, owning a home with a backyard was something I'd daydream about the most. When my husband and I first saw our now-home, I immediately knew that I wanted to hang a hammock between the two shady trees in the middle of our yard. 

Our home sits on a double corner lot, so as soon as we invested in a privacy fence, I purchased this gorgeous and budget-friendly macrame hammock. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it, but I'll share its pros and cons.

HAOLAIWU Large 2-Person Boho Hammock With Macrame Fringe

macrame hammock review


What I Like
  • Very cozy and relaxing for lounging

  • Budget-friendly price

  • Beautiful macrame fringe detail

  • Simple ordering process and fast shipping

What I Don't Like
  • Fraying ends on the macrame detail and canvas body

  • Provided ropes can damage tree bark

The best way to describe how I feel when I'm lounging in this hammock is somewhere between like a baby in a swaddle or a caterpillar in a cocoon. Its canvas body makes it much more comfortable than a rope hammock, but I love how the decorative macrame fringe on the sides is a little nod to a classic rope look. The Amazon listing advertises this hammock as a two-person hammock, but it's a less claustrophobic experience for one. 

The hammock came with everything I needed to hang it between two trees using a series of simple knots, except for instructions. It didn't take me long to find a how-to video online though. One downside to hanging it between trees is that the rope can slide down the tree a bit until it settles into a spot. When this happened, my trees did lose some bark. However, it's still a safer alternative to drilling hardware into the tree itself. If you don't have two ideal hammocking trees, you can attach it to one tree and a post or place it anywhere on a stand.

Get This If You Want Short-term Comfort

I will say that this hammock is lacking a bit in the quality department. When it was new out of the box, I already noticed some fraying on the ends of the canvas and rope on the macrame. I recently saw a small strand of macrame rope lying on the ground next to it as well. 

However, there are two reasons why my hammock might not be living up to its full potential that aren't actually the hammock's fault. One is that I live near a college campus that is home to more than 800 trees and probably double the number of squirrels. I swear the squirrels in this neighborhood are just built differently. I have seen them playing on the hammock daily, so they could be the culprits for the extra wear and tear. The other factor is that I am not great at remembering to bring the hammock inside during heavy rain storms.

Because of the fraying, I've been hesitant to throw it in the washing machine yet. So far, spot cleaning has worked well for me, and I may try a DIY dry cleaning method on it before storing it for the winter. Luckily the canvas is fairly dirt resistant. And if the rope does keep fraying, the knots should keep it from actually falling apart.

Is It Worth the Money?

There were two main driving factors that influenced me to choose this hammock in the sea of options. One was its unbeatable price, and the other was the convenience. 

Despite the iffy craftsmanship, I would say this hammock is totally worth the money. It was, hands down, the most affordable option that I came across. I bought it right after we had just poured a ton of money into our professionally installed privacy fence, so I wasn't in the mood for another big splurge. 

Also, we were planning on hosting our first backyard barbecue that weekend, and I thought it would make a nice touch to the ambiance. So, I turned to the source I always go to when I want something fast—Amazon. It was available for Prime two-day shipping to my address.

Key Specs

Total Product Dimensions: 125" by 59" | Size of resting bed: 78.8" by 31.5" | Weight Limit: Up to 450 pounds | Material: Cotton

For now, this is the perfect hammock for our yard. When it eventually wears down, I may opt for a higher-end version. However, this is a great choice for someone on a budget who doesn't want to feel too guilty if they decide to leave it out rain or shine.

Price at time of publish: $32