The Cozy Essential You Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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The cozy essential for your zodiac sign

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When choosing how to design our spaces, there are multiple factors to consider—from color choices to function to aesthetics and more. Yet, equally as important is ensuring we have cozy, comforting elements to help keep our minds at ease.

Our homes are often viewed as a source of comfort, and if you ask us, you can never have enough cozy items. From plush blankets to soothing scents, there are plenty of options to work with. Ensuring we have cozy elements in our space is extra essential during the winter when we often find ourselves indoors. Still, coziness is truly a year-round concept in our book.

While we all have our preferences, our zodiac signs can give us a little insight into what things might bring us comfort and a sense of tranquility. Below we've selected the must-have cozy essential for you based on your zodiac sign.

Homesick Premium Scented Zodiac/Astrology Candle, Aries

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Aries: Zodiac Candle

Nothing says "cozy" quite like candles—especially those with a significant burn time. While seasonal scents can set the stage, a candle that resonates with your personality can make all the difference, like this Aries candle by Homesick. The sleek look makes it a perfect addition anywhere in the space, and the scents of grapefruit, bergamot, and smoked amber are an ideal fit to match your invigorated fire sign energy.

Bedsure Linen Cotton Blend Duvet Cover Set

Linen duvet cover set


Taurus: Soft, Breathable Duvet Set

While your bed should certainly be the go-to place for comfort, there are many ways to bring that concept to life. For you, a soft, breathable duvet set adds a whole new level of coziness by providing additional insulation without being too heavy or stuffy (not to mention protecting your comforter in the process). This one from Bedsure comes in a selection of neutral, calming colors and sizes to match your space.

Rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film, Rainbow Window Clings

Rainbow window film


Gemini: Rainbow Window Film

We are all for adding some sheer curtains and fabrics to create a comfy aesthetic, but sometimes it makes sense to mix things up. Always one to try something new, you need a solution that provides privacy and aesthetics—like this rainbow window film that has been captivating Tiktokers for quite some time. The easy-to-peel film can be measured and cut to fit your window, ensuring no one sees into your home. When the sun hits the film, the room is covered in a cascade of rainbow light—a soothing, relaxing way to add a burst of color.

Ehobroc Moon Lamp

Moon lamp


Cancer: Glowing Moon Lamp

Soft lighting can make all the difference in a room, transforming it into a cozy sanctuary with ease. Statement lighting certainly has its perks, as it works as a functional decor piece, such as this glowing full moon lamp. Place it anywhere in your home (we recommend your bedroom) and allow the soft glow to create a sense of calm (especially since the moon rules your sign—it's a perfect fit).

Woaboy Pack of 2 Striped Velvet Christmas Throw Pillow Covers

Green velvet throw pillows


Leo: Luxurious Velvet Throw Pillows

Pillows are an easy source of cozy, especially when the right fabrics are involved. Yet, with your luxurious Leo nature, it must be elegant and comforting—a set of velvet throw pillows is the perfect combination. The diagonal stripes and plush fabric are tasteful and can be used year-round, and come in a variety of colors to match a variety of color palettes.

Novashion Super Soft Fluffy Floor Rug

Plush furry rug


Virgo: Plush Area Rug

You aren't afraid to indulge in the simple pleasures. Virgo signs prefer practical, sleek, and minimalist choices, but that doesn't mean you want to sacrifice comfort in the process. A plush, shag area rug in a neutral color can add an extra layer of comfort to your space—and you'll more than appreciate its durable yet silky fabric so you can remain cozy for more than a few months of the year.

Plawanature Mixed White Sola Flower with Cotton Wick Diffuser Set

Faux flower diffuser set


Libra: Faux Flower Diffuser Set

Essential oils are undoubtedly a go-to for so many when trying to create a cozy environment, but choosing a diffuser option? That's an entirely different ballpark. Libras love to choose decor that is artistic and sophisticated and that makes anyone who walks through their door feel at home. These faux flowers that double as a diffuser are a must-have, as they not only function as a gorgeous decorative addition (faux flowers can be used year-round!) but also allows preferred essential oils to be added—allowing you to cultivate the perfect aromatherapy blend.

Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp

Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp


Scorpio: Radiant Sunset Lamp

When it comes to comfort, Scorpios are willing to go all out to create their perfect sanctuary. Subdued lighting and calming accents are no stranger to the water sign—especially in the colder months. Despite the preference for dimly lit spaces, you could use a little more lighting to boost your mood—and the beautiful sunset lamp that has gained popularity on Tiktok provides radiant, calming light that mimics a sunset, enveloping you in warm, comforting hues.

Etsy Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

Eucalyptus bunch


Sagittarius: Aromatic Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

For a sign often typed as restless, you may not be as prone as others to cuddle up with a blanket, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice any signs of comfort. Adding a eucalyptus bunch to your shower is a great way to prepare yourself for the day—and if you grab the version that also includes lavender, you can add that extra bit of relaxation and coziness.

Otavilem Bonsai Tree Light for Room Decor

Bonsai tree lamp


Capricorn: Aesthetic Bonsai Tree Light

Your tendency to gravitate towards darker tones can leave your home feeling a little dark and secluded— lighting can certainly make all the difference. Yet not just anything will work for a determined, selective Capricorn. This bonsai tree light is perfect to set on a table or desk to brighten things up, yet the soft glow provides a sense of comfort that strikes a balance you crave in your decor choices.

Wemore Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

Wemore Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket


Aquarius: Sherpa Weighted Blanket

When it comes to comfort, you prefer choices that are durable and resilient (like your fixed sign nature), as well as options that help keep your mind at ease. This weighted blanket not only provides warmth, but the weight can help provide a sense of calm and security that typical blankets just can't cut.

Surbon Upgraded Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy diffuser


Pisces: Himalayan Salt Lamp and Diffuser

For Pisces signs, creating a cozy environment requires multiple levels—meaning any cozy essential should have a few functions to it. The Himalayan Salt Lamp and Diffuser will be your best friend—the salt lamp aspect evokes a sense of relaxation, while the diffuser portion can be used to diffuse any essential oil scent that will put your mind at ease. As a bonus, it's also a humidifier—perfect for you as a sensitive, intuitive water sign.

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