Cozy Kids' Rooms with Rustic Style

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    Rustic Retreat

    Photo via Fawn Over Baby.

    Dreaming of a rich, rustic retreat for your little one? Whether you're imagining a woodsy wonderland, a cozy cabin, or a rugged Western bunkhouse, these sweet, rustic style kids' rooms are sure to inspire!


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    Woodland Welcome

    (Photo courtesy of Ashley Campbell via Houzz.).

    This lovely room, created by Ashley Campbell of the Colorado-based design firm, Ashley Campbell Inc., seems fit for a pair of woodland fairies. These beautiful beds, with their canopy of woven tree branches and rich, patchwork bedding, make a dramatic statement. In contrast, the subdued color palette and uncluttered coziness of the room allows the beds to take center stage as the design’s defining element.

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    Western Round Up

    (Photo courtesy of Jeanie Claughton via Houzz.).

    When it comes to rustic charm, fans tend to fall into one of two camps: Mountain or Western. While very similar, mountain-inspired designs place more emphasis on nature, wildlife and outdoor pursuits while Western motifs celebrate our country’s rich history, incorporating Native American influences as well as elements of vintage Americana.

    This rugged, Western retreat is the perfect place for a weary cowboy to rest his little head after a hard day’s play. Wide-paneled, reclaimed barn wood applied to both the walls and ceiling lends an authentic cabin-feel to the design.

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    Modern Influence

    (Photo courtesy of Design Indulgence.).

    This modern take on traditional rustic décor represents a growing trend toward cleaner, more contemporary designs that incorporate elements of rustic style. While the design has obvious contemporary appeal, the use of primitive fabric, such as linen and burlap, and the introduction of organic accessories, like the sheepskin area rug, adds warm, rustic charm. A wooden backdrop, created from a stunning pair of antique barn doors, is suggestive of the wall-to-wall wood paneling traditionally used in rustic décor.

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    A Twist on Rustic Traditions

    (Photo courtesy of Katie Bower via Bower Power.).

    Here we have another contemporary take on rustic style. Designer, Katie Bower of Bower Power, and her husband sought to create a modern, masculine space reminiscent of a quiet little cabin in the woods for their little man. The room’s most striking feature, the wooden accent wall, which the couple crafted from recycled pallet wood, gives a respectful nod to rustic traditions while allowing the room to maintain it’s clean, somewhat-contemporary look.

    The large wooden sign, a handmade vintage replica denoting a place with special meaning to the family, proved an inexpensive alternative to traditional vintage accessories often used in rustic designs. The faux deer head, which Katie picked up on eBay and spray-painted white to resemble a ceramic mount, also adds a contemporary twist to a classic staple of rustic style.

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    The Softer Side of Rustic

    (Photo courtesy of Jeanette Lunde via Houzz.).

    While we typical think of rustic décor as being masculine, it definitely has a feminine side. In this sweet, rustic girl’s room, traditional dark-wood paneling is replaced with a cleaner, brighter white. Pastel accents lend girly charm, as does the room’s understated flower motif - a more feminine take on the style’s traditional emphasis on the outdoors.