21 Cozy Living Rooms That Make It Worth Staying Home

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    Let's Get Cozy

    Living room with plaid and leather furniture
    Witt Construction

    There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and settling down into a comfy, cozy living room. When the weather is rough outside, who wouldn't want to wait indoors cuddled up and safe? If your living room could use a bit more welcoming warmth, all you need are a few select touches. This living room by Witt Construction exudes warmth with its subtle mix of patterned upholstery and area rug, a butter-soft leather sofa, a roaring fireplace, and a table filled with varying heights of glowing candles. 

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    Traditional Cozy

    Traditional cozy living room
    Lisette Voute

    Traditional style living rooms lend themselves to a sense of coziness. This all-classic long and narrow room designed by Lisette Voute features upholstered furniture with rolled arms, soft fabrics, a coffee table with turned legs, and a softly worn area rug over burnished hardwood floors. Together, the elements create a sense of familiarity that makes everyone in the space feel at ease. Floor-to-ceiling drapes and shutters offer privacy, an essential ingredient to a cozy living space.

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    Cozy Neutrals

    Traditional neutral living room
    Dillard Jones Builders

    The warm, neutral tone-on-tone color scheme in this living room from Dillard Jones exudes cozy. The palette of soft grays and browns sets the stage for a collection of comfortable furniture and easygoing fabrics. An ottoman, a bench with a soft throw are small touches that create a restful atmosphere. The shiplap walls, stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and plush neutral-toned area rug create a delicious texture in the room.

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    Intimately Cozy

    Cozy sitting area
    Beth Webb Interior Design

    A small, intimate seating area, particularly when placed in front of a fireplace, creates a friendly, cozy atmosphere. In this room designed by Beth Webb Interiors, the combination of soft fabrics, cabinetry, and walls all set in warm, neutral colors are punctuated by the edited use of bold patterns in the area rug and ample window treatments. Two easy chairs with ottomans are inviting for an afternoon read in front of the fire.

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    Cozy Wood Panel

    Panelled living room
    Warmington & North

    This sumptuous living room from Warmington & North proves that wood paneling still reigns when it comes to cozy sophistication. The warmth and natural grain of the wood, juxtaposed with the natural grass area rug, creates depth, texture, and character in the room. It's also the perfect backdrop for the velvety soft upholstered pieces and patterned throw pillows. A large, low leather upholstered ottoman doubles as a coffee table so that everyone has a reachable place to put their feet, and their drinks. The neat symmetry of the artwork, flanked by linen shaded table lamps, adds to the visual comfort in this room.

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    Cozy in Gray

    A room painted with a darker color, such as in this gray room from Anna Duval Interior Design, feels like you're sitting in the midst of a big hug. The room experiments with traditional and modern elements that make the space comfortable, but also bright and airy. The mix of a red plaid throw and classic patterned throw pillows on a leather sofa, and facing wing chairs provides intimacy. 

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    Cozy Hearth

    Living room with a colorful rug
    Cullman & Kravis

    Nothing makes a room feel cozier than seating arranged around a wood-burning fireplace as in this room designed by Cullman & Kravis. Classic upholstered sofas face each other with ample places to set drinks. A traditional floral carpet and traditional sculptures and accessories set the tone for this all-American room. Golden drapery and sofa fabric rest beautifully next to the dark stone hearth and wood mantel. 

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    Chalet Style Coziness

    Cozy living room with fireplace
    Hempts Furniture

    Lake houses, lodges, and ski chalets are inherently cozy thanks to their rustic decor. These retreats from outdoor activities such as skiing or a day out in the woods are meant to call you in for a welcoming place to warm yourself In this living room, courtesy of Hempts Furniture, the rustic ceiling beams frame the roaring stone fireplace and a space filled to the brim with soft seating. The large coffee table is easily accessible from all seats.

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    Playfully Cozy

    Cozy playful living room
    McGrath II

    Cozy and fun go together here in this relaxed and elegant living room designed by McGrath II. A bit of playful fabric patterns, a wall of colorful books, a modern coffee table, and a neutral carpet combine to create an accessible and comfortable living room.

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    Bohemian Glam Cozy

    Boho living room
    Ashley Camper / Houzz

    The casual and relaxed vibe of bohemian style is total cushy. Lush and rumpled fabrics, oodles of soft pillows, and tactile fabrics blend as an invitation for you to sit and stay awhile. This living room features the must-have item for all cozy living rooms—a cable-knit throw. A creamy throw adds instant warmth and gives even the coldest room a sense of warmth. Add in a faux-fur throw pillow and you're set to cuddle up indoors all day.

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    Robust and Cozy

    Traditional living room
    Witt Construction

    Here's a robust room filled with furniture, accessories, color, and pattern as a way to create a cozy feeling. The room by Witt Construction, softens natural materials, such as leather, wood, and stone with artfully layered fabric and floor coverings in classic patterns. The creamy white walls and large picture window keep the room from feeling closed in or too dark.

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    Elegantly Cozy

    New traditional style living room
    Highgate House

    This living room by Highgate House combines elegance and coziness in a simple way. Furniture is arranged around the central focal point of the fireplace to create an intimate conversation area. Softness is key in this space where there's plenty of upholstered seating, window treatments, and shades on the chandelier. A few gray accessories accent the room, and the round mirror above the warm wood mantel makes the room sparkle.

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    Eclectic Cozy

    Colorful eclectic living room
    Caseys Furniture

    Expand your repertoire of cozy living room ideas by adding colorful, fun furniture to the mix. In this living room, courtesy of Casey's, comfort is key. Along with classic elements such as rich hardwood floors and wood tables, comfort comes in all shapes and colors of accent pillows tossed on a luscious aqua velvet sectional sofa. Greenery in the corner near a plush tufted ottoman adds more quirky comfort. 

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    Cozy Home Library

    A cozy home library
    Dillon Kyle Architects

    This cozy sitting room from Dillon Kyle Architects is arranged for hours of conversation or alone time with a good book. The strong sense of luxury is created with neutral tones, including floor-to-ceiling drapes, upholstered pieces with rolled arms, and the tone-on-tone of the architectural detailing on the focal wall. The two reading chairs facing each other, plus two walls of books, adds a sense of intimacy in this library. The clear Lucite side tables offer plenty of surface without cluttering up the space.

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    Old Fashioned Cozy

    Traditional living room
    Meadowbank Designs

    There's something about traditional rooms with decor from a bygone era that brings comfort and a smile to the face. This living room, by Meadowbank Designs, is filled with soft seating, wing chairs, and extra ottomans. Look closely at the mantel and you'll see the flickering of old-fashioned candelabras contributing to the atmosphere of cozy comfort. The well-worn carpet gives a pop of rosy color to an otherwise neutral room. 

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    Rustic Coziness

    Cozy rustic living room
    James V. Coane & Associates

    A sophisticated rustic style living room, designed by James V. Coane & Associates, is both chic and cozy. Its refined color palette and style is crafted with reclaimed wood detailing on the walls and ceiling. The wood surfaces envelop the plush and velvety upholstered seating in neutral gray tones highlighted with denim blue pillows. 

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    Colorful Modern Cozy

    Colorful modern living room
    Karen B. Wolf Interiors

    Cozy rooms can be colorful, too. To create a look like this space, designed by Karen B. Wolf, add soft furniture and layers of fluffy pillows in saturated colors against a neutral backdrop. Ruby red floor-to-ceiling drapes plus a velvet turquoise sofa combine with equally plush, gray chairs. The furniture is pulled in close together, much of it away from the walls, to form an intimate space near the fireplace.

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    Cozy and Cheerful

    Cheerful living room with red accents
    Jeri Koegel / Darci Goodman Design

    You'd feel happy and content in this bright room from Darci Goodman Design thanks to its downright cheerful vibe. Create this look with neutral upholstered furniture, walls, and area rug. Then add pops of red color with a red vase of flowers, throw pillows in varying sizes with mix-and-match patterns, red drapery, and you can't forget the cozy red throw. The room sets an exuberant tone, but it's a space a group of friends and family can hunker down in all day long.

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    Cozy Windows

    Warm traditional living room
    Tripp Smith /Classic Remodelling & Construction

    A room can be cozy, even without window treatments. In this living room from Classic Remodeling, rattan shades frame the room and lift the eye, making the entire space feel larger, but also warm and comfortable. The natural, neutral tone of the window shades blends in with the ceiling fan, the dark hardwood floor, accessories, and wood frames of the side chairs. The entire space is lightened up with creamy solid color area rug and soft upholstered pieces with a touch of baby blue included as an accent color. 

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    Cozy Lighting

    Cozy living room with balcony
    Amy Youngblood Interiors

    Layered lighting is crucial to creating cozy living rooms. Include ambient lighting, such as a chandelier here in this room by Amy Youngblood Interiors, along with task and accent lamps placed at different heights throughout the room. Bulbs with a soft, warm glow ensure maximum comfort. Avoid bulbs with a bluish tint. You'll find plenty of energy-efficient LED bulbs that save you money in electricity costs, and also emulate the warm, golden glow of incandescent lighting. Be sure to buy bulbs that say warm white or soft white on the package.

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    Cozy Fireplace

    Rustic cozy living room
    Jordan Design Studio

    Nothing quite compares to a roaring fireplace in a beautiful stone hearth. In this traditional style living room, designed by Jordan Design Studio, the fireplace stands on its own in majestic beauty. It's surrounded, but never overwhelmed, by unique pieces such as a tufted plaid sofa and a pair of hooded wing chairs, ideal for privacy seekers. A darker multi-toned area rug pulls the entire brown-toned conversation space together. This is the type of living space—with plenty of plush seating and layered textures and patterns—that exemplifies what cozy is all about when all the elements are pulled together.