Why 'Cozycore' Is a Must-Try Design Style for Fall

Cozycore bedroom decor

Melanie DeFazio / Stocksy

As the days grow shorter and the temps begin to fall, there’s one aesthetic that’s easy to embrace. In a similar vein to the Danish concept of ‘hygge,’ people are falling for the newest "core" design trend this season: cozycore. This style is all about laying, embracing autumnal, naturalistic colors, and most of all, creating a cozy space you'll never want to leave.  

To give us some fall, cozycore inspiration, we turned to the experts to find out what cozycore entails and how to make it work this season and beyond.

Meet the Expert

  • Amy Wilson is an interior designer for 247 Blinds.
  • Jess Martin is a decoration expert from the housewares brand, Ginger Ray.
  • Lucy Ackroyd is the head of design at the housewares brand, Christy.
  • Gina Strain is the head of homeware buying at Matalan.
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    It’s All About Adding Layers

    Autumnal layering


    As Amy Wilson of 247 Blinds tells us, the key to achieving a truly autumnal home is layering. "Layering is the best thing about the season changing—it is a quick and easy way of cozying up your home," she says. "By layering accessories and textures, you can really transform your room and give it a new, inviting scheme.”

    If you’re interested in layering but not sure where to start, Wilson explains that using multiple textures is a must. “Introduce sheepskins, faux fur, and boucle in the form of blankets, cushions, and rugs," she says.

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    Warmer Windows are Required

    Layers of textures

    247 Blinds

    While tossing more blankets onto the sofa feels like an obvious autumnal decor hack, Wilson says that there’s another space that calls for adding more layers.

    “For your windows, consider a second layer—for example, a Roman blind behind existing curtains will help to both keep the warmth inside and make your room feel more luxurious and stylish in the process," she says.

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    Lighting the Mood is Key

    Lowlit cozycore room

    247 Blinds

    Autumnal ambiance calls for low lighting, firelight, and lots of candles.

    “Candles and lighting are key to creating a cozy, autumn vibe in your home,” Wilson says. “You should consider dark corners and any surfaces that present an opportunity for illumination. Don’t neglect window sills for a lamp—if you have a roller blind, a lamp can help to soften the window area and add depth.”

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    It's About Celebrating the Natural World

    Adding natural elements

    Katie Hodges Design

    As you add in more and more layers, Wilson says that the key to maintaining a true cozycore aesthetic is to pull your elements directly from nature.

    "Your autumn walks can provide some wonderful inspiration for styling your home for the changing season,” she explains. “Take a look at the color palette of your surroundings and look for accessories that reflect the bronze, burnt orange, and ambers of nature. A beautiful brown tortoiseshell glass vase with some dried hydrangea heads would make a really stylish addition to your coffee table or mantelpiece.” 

    Jess Martin of Ginger Ray explains that it's not only about your colors. When it comes to seasonal accessories, the best pieces reflect the great outdoors during this stunning time of year.

    “Plumes of pampas grass and dried foliage are all over the agenda this autumn, offering a sense of grounding and calm while gently complementing the color scheme,” Martin notes, “Place small bunches throughout your home or for more of a centerpiece, weave into a wreath.”

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    ‘Cocooning’ Shades are a Must-Have Element

    Cozycore bedroom

    Katie Martinez Design

    Even as you look toward nature for inspiration, Lucy Ackroyd of Christy notes that there are other things to consider when creating your fall color scheme. To evoke the most warmth, consider the depth and richness of the shades as well as the tones themselves.

    “The deeper and more opulent the shade you choose, the more of a cocoon-like effect it will create," she notes. "Terracotta can bring this sense of depth and is perfectly paired with soothing colors such as peacock and soft pinks to create a cohesive color palette, promoting comfort and warmth.”

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    Warm Scents are the Best

    Autumnal scent scheme


    Cozycore is all about appealing to all five senses—and scent is a huge requirement. As Gina Strain of Matalan tells us, you can never underestimate the power of fragrance. "Enveloping your home in the perfect seasonal scents creates a cozy, autumnal feel," she explains.

    If you're unsure where to begin with your autumnal scent scheme, Strain gave us some insight.

    "In the scent world, smoke and leather are intrinsically linked—and are some of the oldest and most comforting scents," she says. "Use a reed diffuser placed higher up and in open spaces to make the most of airflow and fill the room with luxurious scents.”