The CPSC's Most Wanted Recalled Toys

Dangerous Recalled Toys Could Cause Injuries or Death

The Consumer Product Safety Commission notifies consumers of toy recalls and keeps a list of its most wanted recalled toys. According to the CPSC, these toys are dangerous and should be taken away from children immediately. It is important that parents who own these toys follow through on the company's offer to replace the toy or issue a refund. That kind of accountability hits toy manufacturers where it hurts, at the bottom line.

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    Recalled Toy Dart Guns From Family Dollar Stores

    Toy Recall: Auto Fire Toy Dart Gun Playsets from Family Dollar Stores - New Toy Recall
    Toy Recall: Auto Fire Toy Dart Gun Playsets from Family Dollar Stores. Photo © CPSC

    The CPSC and Family Dollar stores have announced the recall of 1.8 million toy dart gun sets sold exclusively at Family Dollar stores. 

    The "Auto Fire" toy dart gun playsets caused the asphyxiation deaths of two children, a 9-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy. Both children put the soft darts in their mouths and inhaled them into their throats. The suction cups caused the darts to get stuck and the children to stop breathing.

    The toy dart gun playsets come in two colors, an orange and...MORE yellow gun (pictured) and a blue and yellow gun. The darts have a small suction cup on one end. "Gordy Toy" for "Ages 8+" is printed on the packaging. The playsets were manufactured in China.

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    Recalled Magtastik and Recalled Magnetix Jr. Toys From Mega Brands

    Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. Recalled Magnetic Toys - Recalled Magnetic Toys from Mega Brands
    Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. Recalled Toys. Photo © CPSC

    Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. magnetic toys from Mega Brands contain tiny magnets that can come loose. If I child ingests or inhales small magnets they can connect inside the child's body and cause injury. These types of injuries can be fatal. The CPSC has received 19 reports of magnets coming loose from Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. products.

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    Recalled MagnaMan Magnetic Action Figures From Mega Brands

    MagnaMan Recall Toys - Recall Toys from Mega Brands
    MagnaMan Recalled Toys. Photo © CPSC

    The CPSC has received 25 reports of small magnets detaching from the MagnaMan action figures. Fortunately no injuries have been reported.

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    Recalled Tool Bench Toy From Playskool

    Playskool Tool Bench Toy Recall - Toy Recall for Playskool Tool Bench
    Playskool's Recalled Tool Bench Toy. Photo © CPSC

    Sadly, two toddlers have died after plastic nails that are part of this tool bench toy became lodged in their throats. While the nails are not considered small parts, Playskool has voluntarily recalled the toy. Parents who return the nails are eligible for a $50 certificate for a replacement toy.

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    Recalled Wind Chime Toys From Tiny Love

    Baby Toy Recall - Tiny Love Wind Chime Toys Recalled
    Recall Toy: Tiny Love Wind Chimes. Photo © CPSC

    Tiny Love has recalled Wind Chime Toys because they can come apart and reveal sharp metal rods that could cause laceration or puncture injuries. The 800,000 recalled Wind Chime baby toys were manufactured in China and sold in the U.S. and Canada.  Note that several types of baby Wind Chime Toys were recalled, not just the style pictured. Visit the CPSC website for more pictures of recalled toys.

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    Recalled Tiny Tink and Friends Children’s Toy Jewelry Sets

    Jewelry Recall: TinkerBell Necklaces Recalled
    TinkerBell Jewelry Recalled. Photo © CPSC

    Tinker Bell's Lil' Tinker Bracelet, Silvermist's Water Lily Necklace and Rosetta's Rosebud Key Chain toys have been recalled. The toys were all manufactured in China and imported by Playmates Toys. A metal connector that holds the charm contains unsafe levels of lead.

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    Recalled Dart Gun Playset - Action Team Playset Toy Recalled

    Recall Toy - Action Team Play Set Recall
    Recalled ACTION TEAM Play Set. Photo © CPSC

    Sadly, the death of an 8-year-old boy in Texas prompted the recall of a toy dart gun set manufactured by in China by OKK Trading Inc. The CPSC said the recalled ACTION TEAM play set. The set has a toy gun with three soft rubber darts, a S.W.A.T. watch, a baton, walkie-talkie, a whistle, and a badge with a clip and an identification card. The soft, pliable orange plastic darts have a nearly 2 ½ inch long shaft and an approximately ¾ inch diameter suction cup. The toy gun is black with an orange...MORE nose and trigger and red spring release mechanism. "Made in China" is printed on one side of the barrel.

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    Recalled Target Dive Toys - Swimming Pool Toys Recalled

    Target Dive Sticks Recalled - Target Diving Game Recall
    Target Dive Sticks Recalled - Target Diving Game Recall. Photo © CPSC

    Target Dive Toys or Diving Game Toys have been recalled because they can remain upright under water, causing an impalement hazard for children. The CPSC banned pre-weighted dive sticks in 2001. 365,000 Target Dive Toys were manufactured in China.

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    Recalled NERF Blaster Toy Guns

    NERF Blaster Recall Toy Gun- Recall Toy Called NERF N-Strike Recon Blaster
    NERF Blaster Recall Toy Gun. Photo © CPSC

    The recalled NERF Blasters can catch the skin in the gun, causing cuts or blisters. The CPSC has received 46 reports of injuries to the face, neck and chest in children ages 4-12. The package reads, 'NERF N-Strike Recon Blasters." Parents can contact Hasbro for a free repair kit that eliminates the hazard.

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    Recalled Little Tikes Toy Workshop Sets

    Recalled Little Tikes Workshop Toys - Toy Recall of Workshop Toys
    Recalled Little Tikes Workshop Toys. Photo © CPSC

    Several varities of toy Workshop Sets and trucks from Little Tikes contain red and blue plastic nails that can become caught in a child's throat and cause the child to choke. One child choked on the nails and made a full recovery.