What to Make for Craft Fairs and Church Bazaars

At this time of year, many people are wondering what kind of crafts they can make for local craft fairs and church bazaars. Making crafts for craft fairs and bazaars is a great way to spend time together crafting as a family, and it is also a great way for groups and clubs to ​make some extra money.

So, what kind of crafts should you make for a craft fair or church bazaar? During the holiday season, home-made Christmas tree ornaments tend to do well at craft fairs and bazaars.

Other seasonal items that might do well are holiday wreaths and handmade Christmas cards.

People also like to visit craft fairs and church bazaars to try to find holiday gifts. There are a wide variety of homemade gifts you can make. While I encourage you to browse through all of the home-made gift ideas I have compiled, the most popular categories might be gifts for the home, gifts-in-a-jar, gag gifts, and homemade beauty products.

Finally, you might prefer to make crafts that can be used year round. I have gathered together a collection of crafts you can make to use at craft fairs, church bazaars, and even for fund-raising. 

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