50 Craft Ideas for Boys

Ideas for Crafts Boys Will Enjoy Making

Here are some craft projects hand picked for boys, though of course that doesn't mean that girls won't enjoy them too! To find crafts by topic or technique, check out this craft project index.

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    Alligator Clip-On

    Boy cutting out shape
    Siobhan Connally / Getty Images

    Boys will enjoy using a clothespin to create an alligator with a large mouth that will open and close. They could also make dinosaurs using these techniques.

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    Ant Hill

    Alligator Clip-On

    Let your kids construct their own pretend ant hill using paper mache.

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    Baseball Pin or Magnet

    Baseball Crafts for Boys

    Any boy who loves baseball will enjoy making these baseball pins or magnets.

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    Basketball Hoop Game

    Basketball Hoop Game
    A visitor named Cami shared directions for making a basketball game that will keep kids busy long after the crafting is done.
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    Basketball Pin or Magnet

    Basketball Crafts for Boys
    Similar to the baseball pin above, this basketball themed pin can be made and enjoyed by older boys.
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    Bottle Cap Alien Magnet

    Bottle Cap Alien Magnet Craft
    Bottle Cap Alien Magnet Craft.

    Give the kids several bottle caps and a handful of craft supplies and see what kind of silly looking aliens they come up with.

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    Bug Finger Puppet

    Bug Finger Puppet

    Making this bug finger puppet can be a lot more fun than going outside and collecting bugs.

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    Card Collector Frame

    Discover how easy it is to make a small frame to hold a prized baseball card or any other card. This frame can be hung up or even used as a magnet.
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    Crafts for Boys
    Let your boys craft an entire school of fish using a stack of unwanted CDs.
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    CD Space Ship Craft for Boys

    A visitor named Kathryn shared directions for making a shiny space ship out of old CDs.

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    Clay Pot Frog

    Clay Pot Frog Craft
    For some reason it seems that boys and frogs go together. Let your boy craft his own frogs out of flower pots.
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    Clay Pot Spider Craft

    This little spider is so easy to make. All you need is a clay pot, chenille stems and paint.

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    making Crafts with Boys
    Most boys love building anything out of craft sticks. If they aren't sure what to make, show them the directions for making this pencil holder.
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    Dog Craft Foam Visor

    Making Crafts with Boys

    Learn how to make a visor that is fashioned after man's best friend...or should we say boy's best friend?

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    Making Crafts with Boys

    All you need to make these dog ears is some paper and a stapler. You may also want some crayons or markers to color them with.

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    Easy Hat Organizer

    If your son has too many baseball caps, have him make this holder that keeps them organized.

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    Flaming Puck Pin or Magnet

    Make crafts with Boys
    This is a great project for a hockey fan to make no matter what season it is.
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    Flying Saucer

    Flying Saucer Crafts for Boys

    Everyone in the family will enjoy creating their own unique flying saucers.

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    Flyswatter Painting

    Making Crafts with Boys
    Let your kids experiment with making different designs by dipping a flyswatter in paint.
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    Football Player

    Football Player Craft

    This is a fun craft for a football fan. Make them to decorate your house for a Super Bowl party or for a sports-themed birthday party.

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    Football Team Placemat Craft

    make crafts with boys

    Using this tutorial, learn how to weave paper by making placemats in your football team's colors.

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    Frog Craft Foam Visor

    Crafts with Boys

    Boys as well as girls may enjoy crafting these easy frog hats to wear.

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    Glowing Bug Necklace

    Boy Crafts

    There is no need to try to catch glow bugs when you can make your own.

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    Go Team Craft Foam Visor

    Boys Crafts
    Learn how to use craft foam to make this fun visor for any sports fan you know.
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    Boys Crafts
    Use this project sheet to construct a dog out of seven golf balls. You can use real golf balls or plastic ones.
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    Hand Print Spider

    Boy Crafts

    Help your boys trace their hands to make the legs of this spider. Can you believe the body is made using a toilet paper roll?

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    Hockey Jersey Pin or Magnet

    Boy Crafts

    This craft resembles a hockey jersey, but you can modify it to look like a jersey from almost any sport.

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    Hockey Puck Pin or Magnet

    Boy Crafts
    Learn how you can make a personalized puck out of craft foam.
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    Boy Crafts

    This is a fun craft to make for a hockey player, a hockey mom or coach.

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    Inch Worm Craft

    Boy Crafts
    Discover how easy it is to make an inch worm that you can form into different shapes.
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    Boy Crafts
    Let your boys learn more about bones and dinosaurs by making their own fossils.
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    Miniature Hockey Bag Pin or Magnet

    How to Make Crafts for Boys
    Follow these directions and learn how to make a miniature hockey bag that can be made into a pin to wear or a magnet to stick on your fridge.
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    Necktie T-Shirt

    How to Make Crafts for Boys
    Boys can have a lot of fun personalizing a plain t-shirt using scrap fabric.
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    Paper Mache Volcano

    Discover how fun paper mache can be by making a working volcano.

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    Paper Plate Frog Craft

    This tutorial explains how to craft a frog using two paper plates, some construction paper and a few other supplies.

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    Peeking Rock Alligator Craft
    Send your kids out to find long, skinny rocks and then show them how to transform it into this alligator.
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    Pen or Pencil Pennants
    Show your boys how they can make personalized pennants to decorate their pencils.
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    Pennant Pin or Magnet

    Pennant Pin or Magnet

    Use craft foam or felt along with dimensional paint to create pennants you can wear or share.

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    Pirate Eye Patch Craft
    Let your boys make their own eye patches and they can dress up as a pirate for Halloween or Talk Like a Pirate Day.
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    Rock Baseball Craft

    Start off by going for a walk to find round shaped stones, then use these directions to paint them to look like a baseball or other balls.

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    Rock Gecko Craft

    If your son carries around one of these lizards in their pocket, you won't have to worry about it getting loose in your house.

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    Rock Monster Craft
    You can use rocks of any size or shape to design your own monsters.
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    Sea Monster Glove Puppet

    Sea Monster Glove Puppet

    Some sewing is required for this monster craft.

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    Soda Pop Can Puppy

    Soda Pop Can Puppy
    Soda Pop Can Puppy.

    Boys will have almost as much fun crushing tin cans as they will decorating them to look like a puppy.

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    Spiral Snake

    Spiral Snake Craft
    Any boy will have fun scaring people with one of these snakes made from a paper bag.
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    Stuffed Baseball or Softball Craft

    This craft tutorial shows you how to use a paper bag to make a three-dimensional baseball picture.

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    Stuffed Football

    Stuffed Football Craft

    This football, made from a paper bag, is perfect to use as decorations for a football party; it's also a fun craft to do during the party.

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    Styrofoam Airplane

    Use the pattern to recycle styrofoam plates frpm meat trays into an airplane you can play with.

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    Toilet Paper Roll Dragon Craft

    This dragon, made out a toilet paper roll, looks like it is really spitting fire.

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    Yarn Spider Web

    Yarn Spider Web
    Use the suggestions shared in this tutorial to make spider webs using colored paper and yarn.