16 Cute Craft Ideas Creative Girls will Love

Crafts That Girls Will Enjoy Making

Young girl working on arts and crafts
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Have a crafty girl that loves to create art? Browse through this collection of craft projects that little girls may especially enjoy.  If you still need more crafty inspiration, check out more kid's craft ideas here.

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    Friendship bracelet
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    These fun beaded bracelets are easy enough to make that you will not only want to make them for your friends, but also for yourself and everyone else you know. 

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    Blooming Flower Pens Crafts for Girls

    Who wants to write with an ordinary pen when you can use one that looks like a lovely flower?

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    Crafts for Girls

    Your little gal will have a grand time making an entire bouquet of these charming flowers. These look lovely when made with vintage buttons and also with brightly colored buttons.

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    With the variety of buttons available, you can make dozens of these crafts and no two will be alike. Hint: If you have some extra buttons lying around but no elastic thread or stretch cord, you can use dental floss in a pinch.

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    Girl Crafts

    Any girl would love making these Candy Kiss flowers for all of their family and friends. We bet you can't make just one!

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    Girl Crafts

    Supply your girls with some old fashioned clothespins, some embroidery floss, and these directions and watch them create their own little people.

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    Paper dolls
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    Use these printable templates to make your own set of paper dolls. This collection includes dolls, clothing, and fun accessories.

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    Fabric covered notebook
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    Experiment with a variety of craft supplies and fabric to decorate your notebooks and journals.

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    Crafting With Girls

    Here is a classic craft that any little girl will enjoy making. Learn how to make personalized dolls using a clothespin and embroidery floss.

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    Crafting With Girls

    Let girls experiment with making their own beads out of magazine pages, junk mail, and any other colorful paper.

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    Crafting with Girls

    Have some fun practicing and learning simple sewing skills by recycling a colorful necktie into a usable coin purse or cell phone case.

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    Crafting With Girls

    Use the pattern shared here to craft an apron out of a large piece of paper.

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    Girls Craft

    Discover how easy it is to make colorful butterflies you can hang all over your bedroom or playroom.

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    Girls Craft

    Discover how easy it is to make lovely pictures using your own pressed flowers. These are great to use for gifts, cards, book covers, and much more.

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    Girls Craft

    Learn how you can create a colorful picture frame using craft sticks and puzzle pieces. You can hang this frame on the wall or attach a magnet to the back and put it on the refrigerator.

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    Crafting Girls

    Most girls I know, and women too, would love to be able to make purses that match every outfit they own. This easy pattern will help you do just that.