How to Appeal to Hobby Buyers with a Craft Room

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    Craft Room Storage Ideas Could Attract Artisans

    organized craft room paint brushes
    A well-organized craft room could attract hobbyists. Getty Images

    A craft room could be just what hobby buyers are looking for when looking for their next home. When it’s time to sell a house, adding special features to your property will make it stand out in the market, generate more interest in people at open houses, and even help you get better offers. One such update to consider is a multi-purpose craft room or a hobby area. As these days, most people, especially the Millenials, have interest and hobbies that they are really into; converting an area into a...MORE craft room will let these potential buyers know that you had them in mind when you updated your home. Find out how to appeal to hobby buyers with a dedicated room.

    Create Creative Craft Room Storage Ideas

    Craft room storage is generally one of the main reasons most people want a separate craft room. We want the supplies to be well-organized and easy to access- ideally within arm’s reach of the work area. Consider buying small pieces of furniture with cubbies, drawers or shelves. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the storage system. Repainted thrift store furniture, sturdy boxes covered with pretty paper, and recycled items can be used. Just make sure to plan the storage options very carefully. Consider the supplies, equipment, and finished pieces to attract potential buyers. Incorporating a horizontal rod to hang ribbons, wires, sheets of paper, and other craft supplies is also a great storage idea. 

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    Consider Using Closets or Corners for Craft Room Ideas

    Craft room storage dressmaking organization
    Small space storage ideas can attract hobbyists. Getty Images

    Use Small Spaces for Craft Room Ideas

    Often finding the space for an organized craft room is the biggest challenge. If you are not lucky enough to have a spare room that could be staged as a craft room, think outside the box to find an area that will serve the purpose. Which areas in your house are currently underused or unused? Is there a potential space in the corner of the family room, under the staircase, or in the garage? You can even consider setting it up right into the living room or...MORE dining room using multifunctional furniture pieces and storage solutions.  

    Home Staging Tips for your Unique Craft Room

    The goal here is to make it the ultimate craft room for potential buyers. Make sure there is nothing that does not fit the purpose of the room. You have to communicate to them the purpose of the space, and filling it up with unnecessary items will only convey that the home does not have enough storage.

    Think; is it needed/good for staging? If not, box it up. Also, though in real life it’s nice to have a couple of workspaces in the craft room; the area will flow much better when you will stick only to a minimum. Lastly, make sure to keep the decor neutral and not specific for any type of craft. Using neutral colors, prints, and decorative elements in the room will keep the craft area appealing to all.

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    Hobby Buyers Could Enjoy a Garage Wood Shop

    Garage wood shop ideas
    Consider adding a small garage wood shop in your home. Getty Images

    Attract Hobby Buyers with a Garage Wood Shop

    While converting an entire garage into a full room at the time of selling is never a good idea, setting up a garage wood shop in the corner is a great way to attract potential buyers. Look online, browse through magazines and books to come up with a layout plan. You will find images and get ideas of what to do with your own space. If required, seek professional help for a setup.

    Woodworking is one of the most attractive art and hobby that many people...MORE these days engage into. And as it can be a money maker too, it can really appeal to hobby buyers.

    Setting up a multi-purpose craft or hobby room does not require you to invest a lot of money. The whole idea is to convey to the potential buyers the purpose of the space. A dedicated area they can personalize to their own style, and imagine doing their favorite activities there. Have more ideas to stage a craft room? Let us know through comments.