15 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

Organized craft room

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Craft room organization and storage are vital in crafting because supplies left in disarray can leave you feeling stifled and uninspired. However, keeping supplies tidy can be a problem for some crafters. Being creative and being organized doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand. Often, designating a place for your things will help you get organized. Consider some of these top ways to organize craft supplies:

  • Label wicker baskets, hang and assign bins, or make a container system.
  • Use a pegboard, spool board, or reuse a jewelry holder.
  • Get a wall organizer, repurpose a china cabinet, or use a shelving unit.
  • Install a swinging door with storage on each side or get a rolling storage panel that slides behind doors or into a spare space.
  • Get a craft table with storage compartments or repurpose a filing cabinet
  • Designate a room or area of a room for storage or rework a closet space

Here are more details about each of these 15 craft room organization ideas that can help you rethink how you store, arrange, use, and display your supplies.

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    Label Wicker Baskets for Craft Storage

    Craft room storage in wicker baskets
    The Country Chic Cottage

    Craft room organization doesn't have to be ugly or monotonous. Craft rooms generally should blend into the other decor of your home. For instance, if you have a more natural, rustic feel in your home, consider labeling and organizing supplies in wicker baskets inside your craft room.

    My Craft Room Plus More Tours from The Country Chic Cottage

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    Use a Pegboard for Vertical Storage

    Organized craft peg board

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    Pegboards are a highly functional way to keep supplies organized, and they can be decorative too. To make your pegboard stand out from the plain ones you might see in a garage or workshop, paint it an attractive color that coordinates with your craft room. You can even frame the whole pegboard and then use smaller frames to section off groups of craft supplies.

    Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial from Honeybear Lane

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    Rework a Closet Space Into a Craft Room

    craft organization in a closet
    IHeart Organizing

    If space is limited in your home and you don't have a designated craft room, consider turning a closet into your crafting area instead. You can build in a desk, shelving, and other items to create an organized craft space that fits your needs. Be sure to use all the vertical space of the closet with bins on high shelving. Then, simply close the closet doors when you're done crafting to use the room for other purposes.

    The Ultimate Craft Closet Organization from IHeart Organizing

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    Repurpose an Entryway Wall Organizer

    organized craft supplies

    Hey, Let's Make Stuff

    There are many home organization products that can work for a craft room, even if they were intended for another space. For instance, consider using an entryway wall organizer in your craft room. In the entryway, you'd likely store items such as keys and mail in it. But in the craft room, you can hang scissors on the hooks and utilize the compartments for other supplies. 

    Craft Room Tour from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

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    Incorporate Multiple Shelving Units

    Craft room shelving units
    The Scrap Shoppe Blog

    When organizing a craft room, consider completely emptying the space. Then, choose a wall that can be dedicated to open and closed shelving units. This will allow you to keep all of your supplies in one spot and free up the rest of the room for your actual crafting work. The open shelving can be used for more decorative supplies while the closed shelving can hide items that aren't so visually appealing.

    Craft Room Reveal from The Scrap Shoppe Blog 

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    Use Dining Room Furniture for Crafts

    armoire with craft supplies
    Love Grows Wild

    For an elegant craft room, consider reworking an old dining room hutch or china cabinet into a craft supply storage unit. You can paint or stain the cabinet to fit the decor of your craft room. Then, use baskets and other storage containers to keep items neat and tidy within the cabinet. If the cabinet has drawers, use drawer dividers to organize supplies, such as markers and paint brushes.

    Office Storage Hutch Makeover from Love Grows Wild

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    Keep Craft Supplies in Separate Containers

    craft supplies in containers
    Unskinny Boppy

    For optimal organization, consider keeping each type of supply in a separate container. For instance, instead of storing markers and colored pencils together, give them each a jar. This will allow you to easily grab the supplies you need for your project without having to take along supplies you won't use.

    Craft Room Organization in the Attic from Unskinny Boppy

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    Repurpose a Jewelry Holder for Craft Supplies

    washi tape organizer
    Crafts Unleashed

    Consider using a jewelry organizer to store craft supplies. For example, a wooden jewelry holder works great to hold washi tape. Keep it on your workstation for easy access. It won't take up much space because it employs vertical storage.

    Decorative Tape DIY Storage from Holder from Crafts Unleashed

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    Hang a Swinging Storage Unit

    craft organizer door
    Infarrantly Creative

    This craft room features a shelving unit on hinges and wheels that swings open to reveal more storage behind it. This type of storage is excellent to hide slim items, such as an ironing board, that you don't want cluttering up your space. You can even use this type of storage as a partition if you need to section off your craft space from the rest of the room.

    Craft Room Studio Makeover from Infarrantly Creative

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    Adhere Bins to the Wall for Storage

    paint storage bins
    Sugar Bee Crafts

    Hanging storage bins can be a great way to keep craft supplies organized and right at your fingertips. To replicate this craft organization idea, purchase metal storage bins, and screw them into a piece of wood on the wall. Tilt the bins slightly upward, so your supplies don't fall out when hung on the wall. 

    DIY Craft Paint Organizer from Sugar Bee Crafts

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    Use a Craft Table With Storage

    craft table with shelving
    Organize & Decorate Everything

    Every craft room needs a functional work table. That typically means a table with a large, clear surface. To add extra functionality, purchase or make a table that has built-in storage in the form of shelving, drawers, or cabinets. This will allow you to have frequently used supplies right at your fingertips while you're crafting.

    Make Your Own DIY Craft Table from Organize & Decorate Everything

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    Use Rolling Storage

    rolling craft storage
    Simply Designing

    A rolling storage cart, such as a bar cart or kitchen cart, can add extra function and organization to a craft room. You can use it to store frequently used supplies or all of the supplies you need for a specific type of project. Then, rather than having to gather supplies from multiple places, you can simply wheel the cart next to your craft table.

    Industrial Rolling Paint Storage from Simply Designing

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    Store Fabric in a Filing Cabinet

    Storage cabinet of fabric

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Fabric can easily become disorganized and scattered in a craft room, so consider designating one space for it. One option is to store fabric inside a cabinet, like this clever design from Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona. You can reface the outside of the cabinet, so it matches your craft room decor. Then, store the fabric in file folders according to color, pattern, or whatever organization method makes sense for you.

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    Use Dowels and a Frame to Organize String

    Sewing thread organized on wall picture frame

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    One way to make craft room organization more creative is by turning simple items into something beautiful. For instance, this room by Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona uses basic wooden dowels to organize supplies such as string, twine, and ribbon. To make the dowels look more appealing, secure them to a decorative frame using hooks.

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    Choose a Spot to Display Crafts

    Craft room

    Reena Sotropa

    Don't forget to incorporate a place to display some of your favorite crafts within your craft room, like this one from Reena Sotropa. Doing so can help to inspire creativity in you to make even more crafts. Plus, having a designated display spot prevents your completed crafts from becoming scattered and disorganized throughout the space.