13 Genius Uses for a Pegboard in a Craft Room

Pegboard used in a craft room

The Pretty Life Girls

Take your craft room to the next level with the addition of a pegboard! Pegboards are excellent for corralling all of the materials you need to get creative but can also make a fun design statement. Below, we're sharing 13 of our favorite pegboard setups that provide thoughtful storage solutions and appear ultra organized and fresh.

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    Framed Fun

    pegboard with ikea frame


    This pegboard that Feeling Nifty blogger Jasmine designed is actually part of an IKEA hack—a Ribba frame fits around it perfectly. Jasmine also offers some tips for those new to using pegboards in their craft spaces. "The key to storing a variety of items on your pegboard is to plan for what types of items you’ll be storing first," she advises. "If you have large amounts of one type of item (like pens, markers, or even rolls of ribbon, etc), look for bins or baskets that you can group those items in together. That way you have more space for a variety of other items. It doesn't have to cost that much, the storage section of the dollar store should have all the baskets and bins you need!'

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    Petite Solution

    small pegboard

    @amistabaker / Instagram

    A pegboard doesn't need to be extra large to be impactful. This one manages to hold a bunch of sewing related materials without taking up much square footage. And if you'd like to customize a plain white pegboard, just add some abstract designs to it with paint, like we see here.

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    Lucite Love

    stickers in bins on pegboard

    @novakaydesigns / Instagram

    This pegboard is also painted and is nice and sleek looking thanks to the addition of small lucite containers, which serve as sticker storage. This well-organized setup makes checking tasks off your crafting to do list much easier.

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    Paint the Town

    paints on pegboard

    @mrsmacsrainbows / Instagram

    Whether you choose to display your painting essentials randomly or in color order, it never hurts to hang them on a pegboard. In fact, this setup practically doubles as art itself.

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    Artsy Additions

    pegboard with string

    @the_uphill_struggle / Instagram

    If you're going to use a pegboard to stash all of your crafting supplies, you may as well also utilize it to display a favorite creation or two. A simple notepad hung from one of the pegs also makes it easy to jot down important notes or names of materials to repurchase.

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    Shelf City

    paint on pegboard

    @poofycheeksblog / Instagram

    Adding shelves to your pegboard will make it easy to store containers of paint standing upright, as we see in this setup. A system like this makes it super easy to determine when you're running low on supplies, since everything is right there.

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    Mural Magic

    pegboard with mural

    @eveandsew / Instagram

    This sewing station pulls out all the stops! A pegboard is a great way to keep precious desk space nice and clear to focus on the task at hand. Plus, how cool is the painted wall that shines behind this pegboard? A craft room should inspire you to be your best creative self, and so why not take to the walls to express a little bit of your vibrant personality?

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    Wooden Wonder

    pegboard framed in wood

    @scrappywifeblog / Instagram

    Pen holders on this pegboard make it easy to grab writing instruments while getting crafty. Adding a wood frame around a pegboard is also a simple DIY upgrade that will make your piece look more custom and luxe.

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    Sleek and Secure

    pegboard with sleek storage

    @ellethriveboutique / Instagram

    This pegboard station utilizes shelves and small bins to keep items sorted by category. If you're not into as colorful of a display in your workspace, this setup proves that there are plenty of sleek storage components for pegboards, too.

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    Pretty in Paint

    pegboard spray painted

    @athomewithxin / Instagram

    This pegboard is painted in a bold saturated color and looks ultra on-trend. If you have paint left over from a past project and feel like your craft space could use a little extra oomph, you know what to do!

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    Double the Fun

    double pegboard setup

    Angie Holden

    This craft room has not one pegboard but two! One is white and the other is raw wood, which, of course, could be altered to feature the paint color of your choosing.

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    Words of Wisdom

    pegboard with banner

    Pretty Providence

    Need some extra encouragement? Go on, hang a motivating banner across your pegboard to cheer yourself on when the going gets tough! "The pegboard took all of fifteen minutes to hang, and then I got the hooks and organization done pretty quickly, too," blogger Jessica says of the above setup. "The best part about this project is that nothing is permanent. You can move the hooks all over depending on your needs at any given time, but the hard part is already done for you. Pegboard organization for the win!"

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    Wall to Wall

    pegboard on wall

    Heidi Kundin

    Blogger Heidi Kundin designed the above pegboard to fill the entire wall of her craft room! "I like to keep my most-used supplies on my pegboard so that everything is visible and easily accessible (plus, it makes it clean-up a breeze!)," she says. "I organize my supplies in rainbow order which makes it easy to see which items might need to be restocked and replenished, and it looks pretty, too!"