15 Craft Storage Ideas for a Neater Workspace

small hanging baskets on rod for storing smaller art supplies

@basketandbin_tx / Instagram

It's always fun to have a ton of craft supplies to experiment with, but finding a place to store them all isn't quite as fun. If you feel like your craft supplies are all over the place (we get it) or you're constantly forgetting about the great stuff you already own, these craft storage ideas for a neater workspace are for you. They work for small spaces and they'll help you spend more time crafting and less time finding your supplies (or running to the craft store to buy more).

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    Use Baskets

    craft supplies store in plastic and woven baskets

    Neat Method

    Small woven or plastic baskets with labels go a long way in keeping crafts organized. You can use clear ones for things you may forget to use if you can't physically see them and rope or wooden baskets for your everyday favorites.

    Craft Closet Transformation from Neat Method

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    Try a Rolling Cart

    a rolling cart used for storing craft supplies

    a fresh space / Instagram

    The beauty of a rolling cart is that it goes seamlessly in and out of a storage closet. If you look closely, you'll see that this cart gets additional organization thanks to small acrylic baskets that give everything a designated spot.

    Rolling Cart Craft Storage from a fresh space

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    Attempt the Pegboard Solution

    craft organization using ikea pegboard

    Hey Let's Make Stuff

    The great thing about a pegboard is that you can add it to any wall in whatever size makes most sense for you. Pegboards are equally great for storing loose items like scissors or tape and small hanging baskets, and even organizing wrapping supplies like ribbon and rolls of gift wrap.

    Craft Room Organization Ideas from Hey Let's Make Stuff

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    Hang Hooks Inside a Door

    craft supplies stores on hooks behind a closet door and in a cart

    Cake & Confetti

    This whole closet is a crafter's dream, but something as simple as a few command hooks behind the door can make a world of a difference when it comes to organizing scissors, paint brushes, or washi tape. We love door storage because it's otherwise wasted space.

    Craft Closet Revamp from Cake & Confetti

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    Collect Clear Canisters

    craft supplies organized in clear canisters

    breathing.room.organization / Instagram

    Pantry organizers work just as well in a craft room as they do in a kitchen. These on-trend acrylic canisters and bins are perfect for keeping all your supplies separate while still allowing you to see everything you have.

    Organized Craft Supplies from breathing.room.organization

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    Use Mounted Acrylic Baskets

    small hanging baskets on rod for storing smaller art supplies

    @basketandbin_tx / Instagram

    Never underestimate what a simple curtain rod and some S-hooks can do for your space. These hanging baskets keep small supplies organized, plus they make great use of an otherwise empty wall (and the baskets look really cute as part of the decor).

    Hanging Storage Baskets from Basket & Bin

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    Upcycle a Cassette Holder

    upcycled cassette tape holder used to store puffy paint

    Casa Watkins Living

    This is such a clever way to upcycle a cassette holder you might find at a thrift store. A bit of brightly striped paint breathes new life into the vintage item, and it just so happens that many bottled paints are the same length as a cassette tape.

    Craft Paint Storage From An Upcycled Cassette Tape Holder from Casa Watkins Living

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    Organize Yarn in Baskets

    yarn stored in wicker basket

    Studio DIY

    Square baskets are incredibly versatile and they come in so many cute patterns or textures, including this cane material. These look neat when tucked into a shelf, but you can easily slide them out to reveal bigger items like rolls of yarn or scraps of fabric.

    Kids Craft Supplies from Studio DIY

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    Set up Locker Craft Storage

    lockers used for craft storage

    A Kailo Chic Life

    A small locker is such a clever way to keep craft supplies organized and separated. The letter magnets as labels are a cute and whimsical touch.

    DIY Painted Locker & Craft Room from A Kailo Chic Life

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    Use Storage Trays

    washi tape displayed on trays

    Lia Griffith

    This tutorial shows a gorgeous craft room with a dedicated and orderly spot for everything, but even if you're short on space you can still borrow some of the ideas, like using long, narrow trays to display washi tape, beads, or embroidery floss.

    Organizing Your Craft Room by Lia Griffith

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    Make the Most of Rope Storage Baskets

    rope storage baskets used for storing craft supplies

    Sugar & Cloth

    When you get a basket you love that fits your decor, you'll actually be excited to store your favorite craft supplies in them. These rag rug baskets look relaxed and understated, and the texture looks pretty for holding yarn and other supplies.

    DIY Rag Rug Storage Baskets from Sugar & Cloth

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    Combine Shelves and Pegboards

    pegboard organization of craft supplies

    Honeybear Lane

    Attaching shelving to a pegboard is a clever way to keep your craft supplies organized and spare your walls from a ton of holes. Dowels are a smart way to store rolls of paper (you don't even need to take the rolls off to cut the piece you need), and spice racks are a cute way to hold paint and thread.

    Large Pegboard Tutorial by Honeybear Lane

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    Use Drawers for Storing Craft Supplies

    drawer space used for craft storage

    Neat By Meg

    If you're lucky enough to have some extra drawer space in the kitchen or in a spare dresser, it's a neat way to store crafts in a way that's still accessible to kids. Smaller organizers inside the drawers help keep everything in its place.

    Crafts Organized In Drawers from Neat By Meg

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    Set up Boxes With Inserts

    thread organized in a box with inserts

    Delia Creates

    You don't need to get fancy or expensive supplies to keep your crafts organized. You can buy a simple cardboard box with inserts (or make your own) to keep everything contained without it becoming a jumbled pile.

    Making Room For Crafting & Sewing Space In A Bedroom from Delia Creates

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    Go Vertical With Tall Basket Storage

    wrapping paper and rolled fabric stores in a basket

    A Beautiful Mess

    If you have rolls of wrapping and craft paper or bolts of fabric that are always unrolling, try using a taller storage basket to keep them all upright. A metal one works well, but so does something as simple as a clothes hamper.

    Tips For Organizing Your Craft Space from A Beautiful Mess