56 Craft Supplies You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

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    56 Dollar Store Crafting Items That Cost a Dollar or less

    craft supplies you can buy at the dollar store
    Lumina / Stocksy United

    Crafting is fun and can be addictive. If you are an avid crafter, the chances are excellent that you will appreciate saving money on your crafting supplies. Who doesn't like a good deal?

    Most people think of the big national chain craft stores as the go-to source for buying their craft necessities. These places are great; crafters have been known to frequent Joanne's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's on a weekly basis. You can get some great deals there if you watch the sales and use your...MORE coupons.

    The other but lesser known store fantastic for craft supplies is the Dollar store. I decided to go on an investigative mission a couple of days ago to search out just what type of crafting supplies my local Dollar stored offered. I must admit that I am not a regular Dollar store customer and was not aware just how many crafting products are available for sale in the amounts of  $1 of less.

    This shopping trip was an eye-opening experience. I was stunned! I found 56 items that can be used to make crafts,  but I am sure that there are many more products available depending upon the store location. You can be sure that I will be back to make more Dollar Store craft purchases in the future!

    Check out the slideshow to see all the beautiful craft supplies available for purchase that are one dollar or less.


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    Acrylic Gem Stones

    acrilyc gems
    C. Shehan

    Acrylic gemstones are a paper crafting necessity. These beauties can be used to embellish cards, boxes, and other craft projects. You can never have too many! Since the gems are $1.00 per package,  stock up and get them in several assorted colors.


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    Apple Scented Candles

    apple scented candles
    C. Shehan

    I love soy candles. My Dollar Store has an apple scented candle which would be perfect for a fall themed craft project. Why not embellish the glass candle holder with some autumn colored paper leafs and acorns? Decorated candles are an easy and fast children's project, and cost almost nothing to make.

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    Ball Mason Jars

    ball mason jars
    C. Shehan

    Ball mason jar crafts are trendy. Just search Pinterest, and you will find thousands of craft projects made from these glass jars. Mason jars can be painted, used for storage or even made into lamps. It is even possible to make a stunning rustic chandelier from these simple bottles!


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    Butterfly Garden Stakes

    butterfly stakes
    C. Shehan

    The dollar store sells butterfly stakes strictly for the garden, but we thrifty types are always able to repurpose items. Just pull the butterflies from the stakes and incorporate them into your scrapbooking, wall and home decor crafting projects. Lovely!


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    Butterfly Wall Stickers

    butterfly wall stickers
    C. Shehan

    The Dollar Store sells these butterfly stickers as wall art.Why not repurpose them in many different ways! Decorate your books, posters and use them in collage art! The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination!

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    C. Shehan

    Who knew you could buy buttons at the Dollar Store? Glue buttons onto scrapbooking layouts, picture frames, flower pots and more. The buttons are available in many trendy colors and are a good deal when sold for $1. Be a savvy shopper.You will pay so much more if you buy buttons from a notion department in the fabric store.


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    Cake Decoration Tips

    Cake decoration tips
    C. Shehan

    Cake decoration tips aren't just for cakes. Potters can fill the bags with a clay slip and decorate pots as a pastry chef would. Pure genius!

    One of the most unique projects I have seen are cakes made from polymer clay. These incredible works of art look like they are good enough to eat!

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    Clear Plastic Picture Frames

    clear plastic picture frames
    C. Shehan

    Clear plastic picture frames always come in handy! Use them to frame collage layouts, small scrapbook pages or to hold table numbers at a wedding! You could even hot glue them together to make a photo cube.

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    Wooden Clothespins

    wooden clothes pins
    C. Shehan

    My Dollar Store sells 36 wooden clothespins for a buck! I love the price! Use the pins to hold paper or fabric together while crafting. You could also decorate the clothespins with markers and fabric scraps, then glue a magnet onto the back side. Use them to hold photos or papers on your refrigerator. Painted wooden clothespins are a great craft for the kids, very easy and fun to make!

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    Colorful Craft Sticks

    colored craft sticks
    C. Shehan

    Colored craft sticks and children's projects just naturally go together. The colorful sticks can be used to make shapes, boxes, and even birdhouses! Precolored craft sticks are great when you are working with toddler crafts. No painting or messes involved!


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    Cookie Cutters

    cookie cutters
    C. Shehan

    Cookie cutters are useful for more than baking. Use the cutters as shape stencils for scrapbooking, card making and other paper craft projects. They also come in handy for clay projects and making potato stamps.


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    Cotton Balls

    Cotton balls
    C. Shehan

    Cotton balls are a necessary item in every crafter's tool kit! Use cotton balls for painting projects and to clean up messes quickly. You can also make a cotton ball "Snowmen" and "Easter Bunnies."


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    Cotton Swabs

    cotton swabs
    C. Shehan

    Cotton swabs are another item that every crafter needs to have. They can be used for paint projects, blending chalks and inks, and of course reaching into tight spaces.
    Make sure to take a look at the Q-tips website. This company is a major manufacturer of cotton swabs and has several good crafting tutorials for cotton swabs.


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    Decorative Tape

    decorative tape
    C. Shehan

    I love decorative tape. The Dollar store doesn't have the traditional washi tapes, but these are an economical alternative. You will find many trendy designs for you guessed it! Less than a dollar!


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    Die Cut Letters

    die cut letters
    C. Shehan

    Packaged die cut letters come in handy when you don't have an electronic die cut machine. These letters have crisp, clean edges and can be painted or decorated to suit your design aesthetics.They are a quick fix for scrapbook layouts when you are in a hurry!


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    Double Sided Tape

    double sided tape
    C. Shehan

    If you are a scrapbooker or cardmaker, you can never have too much double sided tape. This tape is also useful for gift wrapping packages. At Dollar store prices you have no excuses. You now can have tape on hand all of the time.


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    Fabric Flowers

    fabric flowers
    C. Shehan

    Chenille covered wire flowers add a nice touch to cards, invitations, and other paper craft projects. They come in a variety of colors to suit your every crafting need.

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    Fabric Paint

    fabric paint
    C. Shehan

    Get your children together and paint some t-shirts! They will have fun and so will you! You will love the prices so much that you will want to do this craft over and over again!


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    C. Shehan

    Go crazy and decorate your craft projects with feathers to add some whimsy! Make a paper mache bird and glue on these feathers to give it a funky, fun look!

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    Floral Filler Craft Supply

    floral filler
    C. Shehan

    Floral filler works well with paper flower wreaths, lining pots for paper flower arrangements and as a stuffing for gift bags.


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    Craft Foam Sheets

    foam sheets
    C. Shehan

    Foam sheets have various uses. Cut shapes and use for children's projects. You can even cut foam sheets on an electronic die cut machine! Use the shapes for various paper crafting projects and for stamping!


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    Glass Flower Vase

    glass vase
    C. Shehan

    The Dollar Store has many different types of glass vases. Decorate with glass paint, decoupage with paper or use stickers to add a fun trendy look to these humble containers.


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    Thrifty Glassware

    C. Shehan

    Pretty colored glassware can be filled with candy and used as party favors! Keep some extras on hand for the moment a crafting inspiration strikes.


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    Glitter Glue

    glitter glue
    C. Shehan

    Three bottles of glitter glue for a dollar! That is 33.3 cents per piece. At this price, you can keep your kids busy adding sparkle to objects all summer long!


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    C. Shehan

    A crafter can never have too much glitter! Buy glitter in all sorts of colors and textures and your projects will sparkle and shine!


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    Asian Style Hand Fan

    hand fan
    C. Shehan

    Add a touch of Asian flair to your home decor and craft projects with these beautiful hand fans.


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    Heart Shaped Stickers

    heart sticker note
    C. Shehan

    Use heart sticker notes as embellishments to cards and scrapbooking layers. Write a heartfelt sentiment or doodle on them to add creativity to your crafting projects.


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    Holographic Sheets

    holographic sheets
    C. Shehan

    Holographic sheets can be used to add a faux metallic look to your paper craft projects. Just remember a little bit goes a long way!


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    Jumbo Street Chalk

    jumbo street chalk
    C. Shehan

    These economical pieces of chalk are perfect for kids to make pastel type drawings. Adults can use them too to add some color to cards and stamping projects. Just remember to use a fixative spray to set the chalk!


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    Led Lights

    led lights
    C. Shehan

    Paper luminaries are safe when led lights are used instead of wax candles! Make the holidays festive this year!

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    Letter Banners

    letter banners
    C. Shehan

    Banners are very trendy party decorations. Buy some kits at the Dollar store and then add your embellishments to give them an upscale look.


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    Letter Cutouts

    letter cutouts
    C. Shehan

    These lovely letter cutouts are perfect for scrapbook layouts and signs. 


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    Metallic Embellishments

    metal embellishments
    C. Shehan

    Little metallic shapes are sold in bags, and can be used for cards, scrapbooking and other types of crafts. Why not glue these onto styrofoam balls and use them as shiny Christmas ornaments?


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    Neon Paper Starbursts

    neon paper starbursts
    C. Shehan

    As soon as I saw these starburst paper notes, I immediately thought of word clouds. Perfect for doodle layouts, scrapbooking and mixed media collages.


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    Paint Brushes

    paint brushes
    C. Shehan

    These paint brushes aren't of the highest quality but are perfectly suitable for children's art projects! Perfect for the little ones to use and throw away!

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    Paper Gift Bags

    paper bags
    C. Shehan

    What an assortment of gift bags at such low prices! Decorate them as you wish! Your friends will love the fact that you took the time to make their gifts extra special!


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    Paper Clips

    paper clips
    C. Shehan

    Every crafter needs to have paper clips on hand! Use them to clip papers together, as elements in your layouts, or in other ways. Did you know that you can even make jewelry from paper clips? So much fun!


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    Patterned Poster Board

    patterned poster board. C. Shehan

    These sheets of patterned poster boards are nice to use when your project needs a solid, sturdy paper surface. The printed patterns are so cute and will add colorful touches to whatever you are making.


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    Plain Craft Sticks

    plain craft sticks
    C. Shehan

    Popsicle sticks and crafting just go together. I can remember making popsicle crafts as a kid many, many years ago! These crafts were big years ago and remain popular to this day!


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    Plastic Table Lamps

    plastic table lamps
    C. Shehan

    Are you a bride on a budget? Why not use these plastic table lamps as cute table decor for your wedding? Glue some flowers or another type of embellishment onto them and place them on tables for a beautiful festive look.These lamps cost pennies to make! The thrifty bride will appreciate that!


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    Poster Board

    poster board
    C. Shehan

    As you can see for yourself in the photo above, poster board is sold for 69 cents a sheet. The price speaks for itself!


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    Power Clips

    power clips
    C. Shehan

    Large clips can hold together several layers of paper, cardboard, fabric, etc. They are useful when paper clips cannot do the job.


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    Push Pins

    push pins
    C. Shehan

    Push pins can be both decorative and practical when crafting.


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    Natural Raffia

    C. Shehan

    Raffia works well with floral design projects and gift wrapping. Use raffia when you want a rustic decorative look.


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    Wax candles

    real wax candles
    C. Shehan

    Wax candles come in handy for party decor and luminaries. Use them to add ambience to your event.

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    Rose Petals

    rose petals
    C. Shehan

    My Dollar Store sold both red and white colored rose petals.Rose petals are typically used for weddings and romantic events.


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    Bag of Colored Sand

    C. Shehan

    Bags of sand are available in several different colors. Why not layer colors of sand into some of that Dollar Store glassware for fun home decor pieces?

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    Silk Flowers

    silk flowers
    C. Shehan

     Many different types of silk flowers are available for purchase in the dollar store. Make a cute floral arrangement to decorate your home today!

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    Star Shaped Glass

    star shaped glass
    C. Shehan

    Add a candle wick and some wax, and you have a star shaped candle. Star crafts are lovely at Christmas! Why not make some as gifts for your friends?


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    Tissue Paper Crafts

    tissue paper crafts
    C. Shehan

     Do you want to craft a Pinata for your child's party but just don't know how to go about it? The Dollar Store offers tissue paper craft kits that will make your job that much easier!

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    Letter wall art

    letter wall art
    C. Shehan

    Use vinyl letter art as home decor. Just press onto your wall, and you will instantly have a designer look! Incorporate the vinyl letters into mixed media and poster projects too.


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    C. Shehan

    NASA originally invented velcro for use in space. In this day and age, you can hot glue velcro strips to attach craft elements. It is an easy "no-sew" solution.


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    watercolors paint
    C. Shehan

    These watercolors are perfect for kids art projects. Let their "inner artists" bloom!


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    Wax Paper

    wax paper
    C. Shehan

    Wax paper has many uses for crafting projects. For example: place two sheets of wax paper on top of each other and then sandwich some colorful autumn leaves in between the layers of wax paper. Put a piece of newspaper on top and press with a hot iron. The leaves are then pressed together between the sheets of wax paper. A perfect fall kid's craft project!


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    Waxed Basket Liners

    waxed basket liners
    C. Shehan

    Add a country touch to your projects with these liners. They are classic Americana for 4th of July and Memorial Day crafts.


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    Foam Stickers

    foam stickers
    C. Shehan

    These colorful foam stickers are excellent for card making and scrapbooking.