Craft Supply Spotlight: Cardboard Tubes

Craft Supply Spotlight: Cardboard Tubes

Do you know why I love crafting with cardboard tubes? They are the most versatile craft supply out there! I love teaching my kids about the importance of recycling by using cardboard tube crafts. You can use them for just about anything. Cut cardboard tubes into shapes, transform them into animals, use them as binoculars, make fun music with them as instruments, and much more.

There are thousands of crafts that you can make with cardboard tubes.

Start with one of these that I've listed down below!

Here are 10 projects using cardboard tubes: 


1. Cardboard Tube Snowman Craft: This is a perfect craft to do with your kids for winter! It's easy and super duper cute. This is a great project to do when it's snowing or too cold to go outside. 

2. Cardboard Tube Ghouls for Halloween: These simple cardboard tube ghouls would make fun napkin holders for a Halloween party or just display them on a shelf. 

3. Recycled Cardboard Tube Desk Caddy: Get your desk/workspace/house organized with this cardboard tube desk caddy. Find this project over on Crafts By Amanda

4. Winter Snow Globe Place Cards: This is one of my favorite crafts for the holidays. These snow globe place cards will look beautiful on your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. 

5. Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Craft for Kids: These cardboard tube pumpkins make great Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations.

Super simple craft for your kiddos to try from Buggy and Buddy

6. Cardboard Tube Cars: Race around the house with these cardboard tube cars. These turn out so cool! Find the instructions from Craftulate

7. Cardboard Tube Fox: Transform a plain cardboard tube into an awesome looking fox. Loving this animal kids craft from The Craft Train.

8. Hanging Bat Craft for Kids with Bat Wing Template: Spooky and silly- these hanging bats are great for Halloween crafting. Buggy and Buddy has the tutorial. 

9. Rainbow Rainstick: Make some homemade instruments like this rainbow rainstick. It's colorful, easy to make, and makes awesome music. Head over to The Mad House for the instructions. 

10. Statue of Liberty Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Educate your children about the Statue Of Liberty in New York City with this fun cardboard tube craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect. I think this craft is too cute!