Craft Supply Spotlight: Glitter

Craft Supply Spotlight: Glitter

We are talking about GLITTER today! How much do you love glitter? It's sparkly, pretty, colorful, and gives pizazz to any craft project. Glitter can turn a boring coloring page into an exciting work of art. It can get a little messy but that's part of the fun! 

Use glitter for holiday projects, greeting cards, kids crafts, science projects, and more. Roll up your sleeves and try one of these super fun glitter craft projects with your kiddos!

Here are 10 ways to craft with glitter:


1. Vintage Coaster Turned Glitter Ornamnets: Cute vintage ornaments that are made even better with pretty glitter. Display them on your Christmas tree. 

2. Glitter Jack o'Lantern Treat Bags: Try this craft for a Halloween party favor idea. Stick little treats inside and hand them out in your child's classroom. 

3. Recycled CD Snail Kid Craft: Recycle old CDs into adorable snails with glue, glitter, and construction paper. 

4. Give Your Shoes Some Glitter Bling: Do you think your shoes are boring? Give them a makeover with glitter!

5. Add Some Glitter to Your Plain Mat Frames: This is one of my favorite ways to customize a frame. These make great gifts for friends or family. 

6. Recyced CD Ice Cream Kid Craft: Here's another recycled CD project for you. Cute ice cream project that you can decorate with glitter. 

7. Holiday ABC Series: Z is for Zig-Zag: Use this Christmas tree glitter techinque to make any design you want.

This craft is easy clean up too.

8. Get Creative with These Robot Valentines: Create these robot valentine cards with your littles for Valentine's Day. The glitter makes these cards super cute. 

9. Salt Dough Beads: This project is the perfect boredom buster for summer time. Make glittery necklaces and bracelets with this do-it-yourself salt dough project.


10. Make a Glitter Test Tube Tornado: Have fun being a scientist with this cool glitter test tube tornado experiment.