Craft Supply Spotlight: Play Dough

Craft Supply Spotlight: Play Dough

How much do your kids love PLAY DOUGH? It's one of the best craft supplies out there. There are so many things you can make and do with play dough. There are different smells, colors, shapes, and more! Play dough is soft and malleable which makes it easy to shape into so many different objects. It can also be used along with other craft supplies to create something spectacular. 

Sift through these craft projects that all involve play dough and find something you can do with your kids.

  Get crafting and have fun!

Here are 10 projects using Play Dough: 


1. Edible Play Dough You Will WANT to Eat: Have your kids ever wanted to eat their play dough? Well now they can with this DIY edible play dough. Yum!

2. 3 Ingredient Play Dough to Make in Minutes: Play dough is super simple to make from home. No need to buy the store bought kind when you can easily make your own with this tutorial. 

3. Play Dough Placemats: Protect your table or counter surface from play dough mess with these DIY play dough placemats. Keeps the play dough (somewhat) contained and in one spot for your kids to get creative. 

4. Dentist Play Dough Pretend Play: Your kids can pretend they are dentists with this fun activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning. They will learn how important it is to brush their teeth. 

5. Sand Play Dough With Loose Parts: This sand play dough is soft and squishy and looks just like you're at the beach.

Get the instructions to make this from Mama Papa Bubba.

6. Wacky Sacks: These wacky sacks are balloons filled with play dough! These are so much fun and your kids are going to have a blast playing with these. Get the idea from Somewhat Simple.

7. Christmas Tree Play Dough Kit: Get all of the supplies together needed for this play dough kit for Christmastime.

Check out this festive craft from Mustard Seed Family.  

8. Pasta Structures: Put together these pasta structures with play dough as the binding material. Kids Play Box has the instructions. 

9. Glitter Play Dough: This play dough is pretty and sparkly and so much fun for play time. Visit Tikkido for the details. 

10. Edible Marshmallow Play Dough: Doesn't this edible play dough sound delicious? Get the recipe from One Little Project