Crafts for Kindergarteners

Kindergartener and Pre-K Craft Ideas

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Kinds in this age group can benefit from crafts that enhance fine motor skills and teach them skills they should know when they start school. You are the best judge as to whether your child is ready to handle these crafts. The goal is to have them enjoy themselves without getting frustrated. If you have a more mature 5-year-old, consider checking out craft projects for elementary-aged kids. To find craft projects for kids in other age group, check out this list of crafts for different ages. For...MORE even more craft fun, here are craft kits.

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    Alphabet Collage Book
    Alphabet Collage Book.

    Help kids learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet by printing out these templates and using them to make collages.

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    Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

    Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets kindergarten craft
    Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets.
    Kids may enjoy playing with these alphabet letters. Just make sure the magnet is glued on well.
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    Alphabet Rubbings

    Alphabet Rubbings
    Alphabet Rubbings.

    Let your kids experiment with different textures while they make pictures from letters of the alphabet.

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    Alphabet Soup Picture

    Alphabet Soup Picture
    Alphabet Soup Picture.

    Pre-K and kindergarten-aged kids will enjoy making a fun picture of alphabet soup using noodles and construction paper. Working with the small noodles helps develop fine motor skills and kids can work on letter recognition at the same time.

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    Apple Print Craft
    Apple Print Craft.
    While an adult should cut the apples, the kids will have fun dipping them in paint and making pictures out of the prints.
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    Bagel Bird Feeder
    Bagel Bird Feeder.
    Start out by tying a piece of yarn or string to the bagel then let your child spread it with peanut butter and roll it in bird seeds.
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    Bread Painting Snack

    Bread Painting Snack
    Bread Painting Snack.

    Kids will have oodles of fun decorating their food before they eat it.

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    Bug Finger Puppet

    Bug Finger Puppet kindergarten craft
    Bug Finger Puppet.

    Young kids will need some help with the cutting and some of the gluing, but they will be thrilled with their final creation.

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    Bug Suncatcher Craft
    Kids can create their own fancy suncatchers easily using these instructions.
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    Cat Ears Headband

    Cat Ears Headband
    Cat Ears Headband.

    All you need to make these cat ears is some construction paper, glue and a stapler or tape.

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    CD Photo Ornament

    CD Photo Ornament Craft
    CD Photo Ornament Craft.
    Let kids use their favorite photos of themselves, or pictures cut from other sources, to make a shiny ornament.
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    Cereal Jewelry

    Cereal Jewelry Craft
    Cereal Jewelry Craft.
    Give the kids a bowl full of circle-shaped cereal and a handful of chenille stems and encourage them to fashion their own jewelry.
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    Cereal Rainbow Craft

    Cereal Rainbow Craft
    Cereal Rainbow Craft.

    Show kids how easy it is to create a sweet smelling rainbow using half of a paper plate and some colorful cereal.

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    Clock Craft
    Clock Craft.

    Kids will not only enjoy working with this clock to learn how to tell time, they will also like helping you make the clock.

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    Craft Foam Mittens
    Craft Foam Mittens.

    Kids will enjoy personalizing these miniature mittens using dimensional paint and other craft supplies.

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    Decoupaged Coloring Bank

    Decoupaged Coloring Bank
    Decoupaged Coloring Bank.
    This tutorial, shared by Katie, will teach you how to cover an ordinary coffee can to turn it into a bank.
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    Doctor Bag Craft
    Doctor Bag Craft.
    Help kids fill up a pretend doctor's bag using homemade supplies.
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    Dog Ears Headband
    Dog Ears Headband.

    Help kids cut out and construct this headband, but let them paint or color the ears on their own.

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    Egg Carton Bugs

    Egg Carton Bugs Craft
    Egg Carton Bugs Craft.
    Read these suggestions and then help your kids craft their own unique bugs using egg carton cups and some basic craft supplies.
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    Elephant Puppet

    Elephant Puppet Craft
    Elephant Puppet Craft.

    Discover how easy it is to make a cute elephant puppet out of a paper plate. Show your child how to slip their arm through the hole to be the trunk.

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    Elephant Trunk Craft

    Elephant Trunk Craft
    Elephant Trunk Craft.

    Have your kids paint a paper towel roll gray and then help them put it on.

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    Fingerprint Balloon Picture

    Fingerprint Balloon Picture
    Pour some paint onto a paper plate and let the kids stick a finger tip in it and then press it on paper to make colorful balloons.
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    Fish Bowl Craft
    Fish Bowl Craft.

    This fun fish bowl is made from a single paper plate. You can cut your fish out of craft foam or use felt or paper.

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    Four Seasons Collage

    Four Seasons kindergarten Craft
    Four Seasons Collage Craft.
    Kids will enjoy practicing their cutting skills while looking for pictures related to their favorite season.
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    Getting Ready For School Book
    Getting Ready For School Book.
    Young kids can get nervous at the prospect of starting school. Help them make this book to get ready for this important time in their life.
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    Glitter Bracelet Craft
    Glitter Bracelet Craft.
    Kids can make fashionable jewelry by simply putting a piece of tape around their wrist, sticky side out, and embellishing it with glitter and sequins.
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    Growing Magnet

    Growing Magnet
    Growing Magnet.
    This magnet is easy to make and the kids will enjoy watching the seeds grow.
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    Hand Print Spider

    Hand Print Spider Craft
    Hand Print Spider Craft.
    Help your child trace and cut out a hand prints, and then show them how to use them as the legs to make this spider.
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    Hand Print Sun

    Hand Print Sun
    Hand Print Sun.
    These directions explain how you can create this happy sun out of a paper plate and several hand prints.
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    Hand Print Wall Hanging

    Hand Print Wall Hanging
    Hand Print Wall Hanging.

    Help kids make this keepsake. They can save it to compare their hand size to as they get older, or they can give it away as a gift.

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    Heart Counting Game

    Heart Counting Game
    Heart Counting Game.

    While kids might not be able to participate much in making this game, they will have fun playing it.

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    Inch Worm Craft

    Inch Worm Craft
    Inch Worm Craft.

    Show kids how they can use a chenille stem to make this little worm really look like it is crawling along.

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    Instant Noise Maker

    Instant Noise Maker Craft
    Instant Noise Maker Craft.
    Let your kids pick out several small trinkets to put in their bottle and then fill it withe rice.
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    Invent a Book

    Invent a Book
    Invent a Book.
    Encourage your kids to write their own stories by helping them invent their own booklet.
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    Juice Can Lid Memory Game

    Juice Can Lid Memory Game
    Juice Can Lid Memory Game.

    Make these memory games to help with counting skills, to teach letter recognition, or to help kids learn any other concept.

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    Ladybug Bowl

    Ladybug Bowl Craft
    Use this tutorial to show kids how to turn a bowl into a cute ladybug. You can also experiment with making other bugs.
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    Leaf Collage

    Leaf Collage Craft
    Leaf Collage Craft.
    Kids can easily use leaves and glue to create masterpieces.
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    Leaf People Craft
    Leaf People Craft.
    Use these suggestions and some imagination to dress up leaves to look like little people.
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    Mail Bag Craft
    Mail Bag Craft.

    Kids will enjoy making their own mailbags and then they will have fun playing with them.

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    Marble Painting

    Marble Painting
    Marble Painting.

    Give each child an old cake pan, a piece of paper, a marble, and a few drops of paint and then show them how to create a fun picture using them.

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    Mosaic Leaf Bracelet
    Mosaic Leaf Bracelet.

    A visitor named Jennifer explains how you can use colorful leaves to make a cool bracelet. You could also use flower petals and other items found in nature.

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    Nature Sun Catcher Craft

    Nature Sun Catcher Kindergarten Craft
    Nature Sun Catcher Craft.
    Show kids how easy it is to make a colorful sun catcher using wax paper and crayons.
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    Number Rubbings
    Number Rubbings.
    Print out these number templates and show your kids how they can make rubbings using the side of a crayon.
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    3-Dimensional Numbers Collage
    3-Dimensional Numbers Collage.
    This project not only helps a child learn their numbers, it also helps them with fine motor skills.
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    Painted Pots
    Painted Pots.

    Give the kids some paint and other craft supplies and let their creativity shine through while painting and decorating clay pots.

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    Paper Bag Pinata
    Paper Bag Pinata.

    Fill small paper bags with treats and let kids decorate them so they look like pinatas.

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    Simple Paper Bag Puppet
    Simple Paper Bag Puppet.
    These puppets are so easy to make and you can design them to look like almost anyone or any creature.
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    Paper Plate Noise Maker
    Paper Plate Noise Maker.
    These homemade noise shakers are perfect for a classroom parade or to help celebrate a holiday or event.
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    Pencil Top Critter Craft

    Pencil Top Critter Craft
    Pencil Top Critter Craft.
    These instructions share suggestions for masking your pencil tops look like cute, little critters.
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    Pick a Color Collage

    Pick a Color Collage
    Pick a Color Collage.

    Let children choose their favorite color and then have them use items in that color to create a monochrome collage.

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    Potato People
    Potato People.

    For this craft, start out by cutting a large potato shape out of a paper bag and then decorate it using paper scraps and any other craft products you want.

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    Sock Puppet Craft

    Sock Puppet Craft
    Sock Puppet Craft.
    You will be amazed at what a child will come up with if you hand them a clean sock and a bunch of craft supplies.
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    Sorting Sticks Craft and Game
    Sorting Sticks Craft and Game.

    Kids will have fun decorating craft sticks and then using them to practice sorting and counting skills.

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    Spiral Snake Craft

    Spiral Snake Craft
    Spiral Snake Craft.

    No child will be afraid of this snake that's made from a single paper plate.

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    Sponge Printing
    Sponge Printing.

    This craft tutorial explains how you can use shaped sponges to make fun pictures.

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    Suncatcher Collage
    Suncatcher Collage.

    This collage is made using clear Con-tact paper and scraps of paper and other flat craft items.

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    Texture Bear Craft
    Texture Bear Craft.
    Let kids experiment with different textures while making this cute bear.
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    Tooth Saver Craft

    Tooth Saver Craft
    Tooth Saver Craft.

    This is a great craft for kids around five years old to make, especially because this is about the age when they may start losing their teeth.

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    Turtle Bowl Craft

    If you flip a paper bowl over, it serves as a perfect turtle shell. Let your kids paint it green, or any other color they choose, and then help them make a head, legs and a tail out of scrap paper or cardboard.