Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Browse Through This List of Prechool Crafts and Toddler Crafts

Toddler painting
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Having a standby list of crafts for toddlers can be a godsend on a rainy day or whenever they're feeling antsy. Toddlers and preschoolers like working with clay, coloring, and painting, and you might be surprised at how focused they become on a project they find interesting. 

Most of these crafts are suitable for children ages 3 and under, but it's up to you to decide what your kiddo can or can't handle. The goal is for them to enjoy themselves without getting frustrated or bored. 

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    Preschool 3-Dimensional Numbers Collage
    3-Dimensional Numbers Collage.

    This fun craft will help kids learn how to count. Cut out a number and then have them count out that number of a variety of small objects. If you cut out a number 3, for instance, you could have your preschooler draw three circles, three triangles or three squares on the paper.

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    Alphabet Collage Book Preschool Crafts
    Alphabet Collage Book.

    Print out letters from the alphabet and let kids decorate them. This is a great way to help kids learn how to spell their own names. You can decorate the letters with objects that start with that letter (draw some apples on that A, or some bees on a B, for instance), and then make all of their pages into a book or other decoration. 

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    Alphabet Rubbings

    Alphabet Rubbings Craft
    Alphabet Rubbings.

    Cut large letters out of sandpaper. Place the letters, rough side up, on your work surface, then place plain white paper over them.

    Make a crayon rubbing of each letter by gently rubbing the side of the crayon on the paper that is over the sandpaper letters. While an adult will probably need to cut the sandpaper, the kids can do the rubbings themselves. 

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    Preschooler Crafts Apple Print Craft
    Apple Print Craft.

    Fill shallow dishes with different colors of paint and let your toddler or preschooler dip halved apples in them to make pictures.This is a messy craft, so make sure everyone is dressed accordingly and your table or other surface is covered before you start.

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    Cereal Bird Feeder

    Let kids string round cereal onto yarn and then help them hang it in a tree for an easy bird feeder. Make sure to keep it out of reach of any cats!

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    Cereal Jewelry

    Cereal Jewelry
    Cereal Jewelry.

    Kids can have a lot of fun making jewelry using doughnut-shaped cereal like Cheerios or Apple Jacks, and chenille stems. Their jewelry can even double as a fun snack if they get hungry. 

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    Cereal Rainbow

    Cereal Rainbow
    Cereal Rainbow.

    For this project, all you need is colorful cereal, half a paper plate, and glue. If you want to make an edible version (the kids will probably like it more than the adults), use cake frosting instead of glue.

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    Egg Carton Bugs Craft

    Egg Carton Bugs Craft
    Egg Carton Bugs Craft.

    Kids can use their imagination and a variety of craft supplies to craft all different kinds of bugs, including caterpillars, ants, spiders and more.

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    Glitter Bracelet Craft
    Glitter Bracelet Craft.

    Discover how easy it is for even the youngest kids to make beautiful jewelry by using masking tape. Place a piece around the wrist, just make sure the sticky side is facing out.

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    Hand Print Lamb

    Hand Print Lamb Craft
    Hand Print Lamb Craft.

    Trace around your child's hand and cut it out. This will be a lamb's body that can then be covered with popcorn.

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    Inch Worm Craft

    Inch Worm Preschool Craft
    Inch Worm Craft.

    With a little help, your kids can craft cute worms using scraps of fabric, a chenille stem, some wiggle eyes, and a few other supplies.

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    Instant Noise Maker

    Instant Noise Maker Craft
    Instant Noise Maker Craft.

    Clean and dry a small soda or water bottle and fill it with sand and small baubles. Be aware this is a noisy toy!

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    Leaf Collage Craft

    Leaf Collage Craft
    Leaf Collage Craft.

    Takes the kids on a nature hike and gather leaves on your way. You can even gather other items kids can use in a collage. If you have leaves left over from making a collage, use them to make colorful prints.

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    Make a Mail Box
    Make a Mail Box.

    Help your child make a mail box and you can fill it with all of your junk mail. Kids love receiving mail, so this craft has the potential to become part of a daily ritual.

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    Mouse Ears Headband

    Mouse Ears Headband
    Mouse Ears Headband.

    You can let your little one dress up like a mouse by helping them make these cute paper ears. This is another easy one and can be modified to make bunny ears or any other animal ears your child can think of.

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    Painted Pots
    Painted Pots.

    Hand your little one a clay pot and some non-toxic paint and watch what they come up with. This is a craft for slightly older preschoolers since it requires some patience.

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    Painting with Ice Cubes

    Put some blobs of paint on a piece of heavy paper (you can also use powdered tempera paint). Make fun designs and scenes by running an ice cube around on the paper through the paint. 

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    Pick a Color Collage

    Pick a Color Collage
    Pick a Color Collage.

    Help young kids learn more about colors by making one or more of these simple collages. This is one of the easier crafts on the list and will let your child use her creativity to decide what it will look like. 

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    Popcorn Pictures
    Popcorn Pictures.

    Give the kids a large piece of colored paper, a small bowl of glue, and a large bowl of popcorn and wait and see what they come up with. Keep a little of the popcorn aside for a post-crafting snack.

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    Sponge Printing
    Sponge Printing.

    Kids will have a lot of fun learning how to make prints using sponges, and they will also hopefully learn a little about shapes. This is a suitable craft if you have kids of slightly different ages because you can modify it accordingly.