Crafts for Slumber Parties

Fun Craft Projects to Make at Sleepovers

Friends at slumber party
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Check out this collection of crafts that work great for sleepovers and slumber parties. No matter what you call them — sleepovers, slumber parties, or pajama parties —- some parent might dread the thought of a houseful of kids staying overnight. The trick to keeping your sanity is keeping the kids busy. Besides offering the kids snacks, movies, and games, consider planning a craft project or two. These craft projects will help the time pass smoothly and make your child's slumber party or...MORE sleepover a great success.

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    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    All you need for this craft is a bunch of safety pins, some seed beads, and these patterns. making this jewelry will keep the kids busy for a long time.

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    Fleece Pajama Bag Craft

    Pajama bag Craft

    Let the kids work on some hand sewing skills or take turns using a sewing machine to make these easy bags they can use to carry their pajamas home with them.

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    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    The kids will have fun making their own tied blankets or working on one huge one together. This will certainly keep them busy for a couple of hours.

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    Bottle Cap Frame Craft

    Bottle Cap Frame Craft

    Let the kids each write their own special message on picture frames. You could even let them use a digital camera to take pictures to put in the frames.

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    Glowing Bug Necklace

    These glowing bugs are perfect for younger kids to make and keep nearby once the lights are turned out.

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    How to Tie Dye

    This is a good project to try if you have a lot of time and space. Everyone at the pay can make their own fashionable t-shirts.

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    No-Sew Pillow Craft

    Sleepover Crafts

    Get a bunch of small pieces of any fabric and let each child cover their own pillow.

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    The kids at the slumber party will have a great time making personalized slippers. Be aware though that some dimensional paint takes hours and hours to dry.

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    Beaded Friendship Bracelets

    This tutorial shows you how easy it is for kids to make friendship bracelets they can give to each other. The different colored beads all have different meanings so they can also be personalized.

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    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet

    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet
    Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet.

    Let all of the kids design their own magnets using bottle caps and beads.

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    Crafts for Slumber Parties

    This project is so easy you can let each kid make their own pinata filled with treats.

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    Pet Rock Craft

    How about letting everyone at the sleepover make their own pets? Set out a bucket of clean rocks, some paint, and some wiggle eyes and watch what everyone comes up with.

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    Warm Fuzzy Craft

    Warm Fuzzy Craft

    Let everyone at the party make their own warm fuzzy craft to take home with them.

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    Bed Bug Craft

    While this craft project may gross out some people, many kids would have a lot of fun crafting these bed bugs.

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    Bug Finger Puppet

    Bug Finger Puppet

    Challenge all of the kids to create their own unique bug puppets, and then they can put on a puppet show.

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    CD Case Brag Book Craft

    CD Case Brag Book Craft

    Let the kids each make their own mini photo album and then let them fill it with pictures from the party.

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    Cereal Jewelry Craft

    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    At breakfast time the next morning let the kids use cereal to make jewelry.

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    Crafts for Slumber Parties

    Let each child make their own camera and then they can draw pictures that they take with it.

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    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    This is an easy sewing project that everyone can have fun making. Let each child sew their own sleeping bag.

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    Slumber Parties Craft

    All you need for this project is some craft foam, some paper, and some glue. Let the kids write messages to each other and then trade fortune cookies.

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    Freezer Pop Sleeve Craft

    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    If you are having a sleepover in the middle of summer, you can have each child make their own freezer pop sleeve.

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    Juice Can Lid Memory Game

    Sleepover craft projects

    Everyone can pitch in to make a few game pieces and then they can all play the game.

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    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    This is a fun activity for a group of older girls. Give them a supply of old magazines and glossy junk mail and let them make their own beads.

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    Crafts for Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

    Have everyone gather together and make their own puppets using paper lunch bags.