8 Crafts to Make for the Family Dog

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    8 Crafts to Make for the Family Dog

    Deirdre Sullivan

    Dogs are the best. They bring so much love and joy to any family that has one. They can be a lot of work but the reward is worth it. Get your kiddos together to make these crafts for your family dog!

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    T-Shirt Dog Toy

    T-Shirt Dog Toy

    Use an old t-shirt to make a super fun toy that your dog will love. All you need are a pair of scissors and an old t-shirt.

    T-Shirt Dog Toy from BarkPost

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    Homemade Ice Pops

    Homemade Ice Pops
    he Etsy Blog

    Your pup will really enjoy these yummy ice pops on a hot day outside. You only need a few simple ingredients for these treats.

    Homemade Ice Pops from The Etsy Blog

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    DIY Dog Bed

    DIY Dog Bed
    Practically Functional

    This is a quick and easy project that can be made in one afternoon. Spray paint an old tire to make a comfortable bed for your dog.

    DIY Dog Bed from Practically Functional

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    Treat Dispenser

    Treat Dispenser
    Daily Dog Tag

    Your dog will not be able to keep his paws off this treat dispenser. This toy is easy to make with just a few simple supplies.

    Treat Dispenser from Daily Dog Tag

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    No Sew Bow Tie

    No Sew Bow Tie
    Pretty Fluffy

    Turn your pup into a dapper dog with this tutorial for a DIY no sew bow tie! It’s easy and turns out really cute.

    No Sew Bow Tie from Pretty Fluffy

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    DIY Dog Toy

    DIY Dog Toy
    Ammo The Dachshund

    Get in some major play time with this super easy DIY dog toy. Your pup will have hours of fun with this toy.

    DIY Dog Toy from Ammo The Dachshund

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    The Flirt Pole

    The Flirt Pole
    Notes From A Dog Walker

    Physically and mentally challenge your dog with this flirt pole activity. It will keep them busy and having fun!

    The Flirt Pole from Notes From A Dog Walker

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    Lion Halloween Costume for Your Dog

    Deirdre Sullivan

    Turn your friendly pup into the king of the jungle for a night with this adorable and easy knitting craft!

    Lion Halloween Costume for Your Dog from The Spruce