Craftsman House Colors

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    Anatomy of Craftsman Colors

    Craftsman House Colors Schematic
    Craftsman house colors schematic. Sherwin Williams

    In the Craftsman style, home and nature work together in harmony. Because so many Craftsman homes are associated with California, the colors often reflect this: earthy browns; muted greens; cool stone-like blues.

    When painting your house exterior in this style, keep in mind that you will be dealing with three areas: walls, trim, and accents. Sometimes your design will have more colors, but only rarely.

    Walls are the biggest area that you will be painting. These are sometimes called the "body" of the house.

    Trim consists of eaves, pillars, railing, and the like. Accents are wall sections that are smaller than the body area.

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    Sherwin Williams' Colors

    Craftsman House Color Palette
    Craftsman house color palette - Sherwin Williams Paints. Sherwin Williams

    This palette of six color schemes is derived from Sherwin Williams paints. Each row of three colors represents a complete palette you can apply to your house. Rows go sideways.

    Each column is read downwards. For example, the designation "Wall" applies to all colors downwards.

    So, numbers 2842, 2843, and 2838 are a complete exterior color scheme for wall, trim, and accent, respectively.

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    Valspar's Offerings

    Craftsman House Paint Colors Valspar
    Craftsman house paint colors from Valspar. Valspar

    If you're looking for historical precedents for your exterior paint, take a look at Valspar. This popular paint brand, offered by Lowe's, does a pretty good job of identifying historic properties and deriving from them color schemes that anyone can use. One of their best initiatives has been to team up with the National Trust for Historic Preservation®, issuing Georgian, Neoclassical, Southwestern, and Victorian colors based on real places.

    While the Valspar products in our photo gallery are not part of this National Trust collective, they are part of a separate section devoted just to Craftsman paint colors. It's worth looking at:

    • Caraway Seed
    • Sandy Cove
    • Twilight Jungle
    • Thundering Clouds
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    Homey and Comfortable Colors

    Exterior Craftsman Paint Scheme
    Exterior Craftsman paint scheme. Behr Process Corp.

    Here's a color scheme that is simple and easy.

    Tip: Looking for something other than Craftsman? There are others worth checking out including Tudor and Victorian.

    From Behr:

    • Powdered Snow - Trim
    • Shortgrass Prairie - Main area of siding
    • Chianti - Red area around door
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    Bold Craftsman House Colors

    Craftsman Paint Color Ideas

    These exterior colors come from Valspar:

    • Dry Earth
    • Woodlawn Misty Morn
    • Sienna Red
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    Craftsman House Colors That Work With the Landscaping

    Benjamin Moore Craftsman Exterior Paint Color
    Benjamin Moore Craftsman Exterior Paint Color. Benjamin Moore

    A California Craftsman house with a paint scheme that works well with its surroundings. From Benjamin Moore:

    • Antique White - Trim
    • Horizon Gray - Main body color
    • Night Train - Accent.
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    Mild Craftsman Colors on a Tract House

    Craftsman Colors on House

    On many tract houses, sometimes the only features that qualify the style as Craftsman are the distinctive pyramid-shaped columns and their river-rock bases. Add a few colors from the right palette and you've got "Craftsman Lite." From Valspar:

    • Lyndhurst Gallery Beige
    • Coconut Milk
    • Country Path
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    A Very Modern Craftsman House and Its Colors

    Modern Craftsman House Colors
    Modern Craftsman house colors. Benjamin Moore

    Granted, it's pushing the boundaries of Craftsman with this house (note the extraneous shutters and the brick apron). But house style aside, it's a handsome blend of four Craftsman-inspired colors from Benjamin Moore.

    From Benjamin Moore:

    • Clarksville Gray
    • Stampede
    • Black
    • Papier Mache
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    Craftsman Colors on Porch

    Craftsman Paint Colors on Porch
    Craftsman paint colors on porch. Benjamin Moore

    Tight shot of a shingled house with its porch painted in Craftsman colors. Nice door, too!

    Paint is from Benjamin Moore:

    • Richmond Gold
    • Clarksville Gray
    • Cloud Nine
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    Craftsman House Colors on a Shingled House, With Porch

    Porch Colors: Craftsman Style
    Porch colors: Craftsman style. Benjamin Moore

    Paint is by Benjamin Moore:

    • Fairview Taupe
    • White Opulence