11 Craftsman House Colors

Craftsman house exterior painted with dark and light green paint

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

When it comes to painting a Craftsman home, there are nearly endless choices. You can likely spot a Craftsman home from a mile away–with a traditional covered porch, a sloping roof, and wide columns, this traditional architectural style is easily recognizable. But just because the architecture is easy to identify, that doesn't mean there's a standard Craftsman exterior paint color. In fact, Craftsman homes are one of the most varied styles and look beautiful in a wide variety of colors. 

From a deep, homey brown exterior, as seen in this home pictured by daniellonergan, to more bright and colorful options, there are many wonderful color choices for a Craftsman home.

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    White and Blue

    White and blue craftsman home

    nelaliving / Instagram

    This home from nelaliving gives us major nautical vibes with stunning navy blue walls and crisp white accents. Navy blue is a dignified, playful color for any home, but the stark contrast here helps to highlight the overhanging roof eaves and oversized porch.

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    Bold and Red

    Red craftsman style home

    cilantrosue / Instagram

    No other color screams "Look at me!" like a rich red, and this home from cilantrosue is the perfect inspiration to channel a fire engine during your next home makeover project. We love the monochromatic palette with orange and yellow accents that give this home major retro vibes. 

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    A Light, Airy Blue

    Light blue craftsman home

    digs_and_dwellings / Instagram

    This robin's egg blue Craftsman from digs_and_dwellings is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a little color without it becoming overwhelming. It pairs beautifully with white columns and brick exterior accents and is a totally happy color you can't help but love. 

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    Colorful and Vibrant

    A colorful craftsman home

    craftsmanbungalows / Instagram

    Why settle on a single color when picking the perfect exterior Craftsman paint color? This whimsical bungalow from craftsmanbungalows uses shades of tan, yellow and green to create a playful color palette that really highlights the Craftsman accents. 

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    An Earthy Hunter Green

    Hunter green and tan craftsman home

    bungalowroots / Instagram

    There's just something about a rich hunter green exterior that gives a home a rooted feeling. The earthy green hue used on this home from bungalowroots blends beautifully with the tall greens and woodsy vibe around the house and lends it a truly vintage feel. 

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    Gray and Orange Palette

    Brown craftsman style home

    daniellonergan / Instagram

    The mixture of the deep gray and playful orange used in this house from daniellonergan makes it really stand out. The dark gray gives depth to the shingled siding while the orange window trim and front door provide a whimsical pop of color.  

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    Pale Green

    Light green craftsman home

    ourcraftsmancottage / Instagram

    If you want to paint your house a happy color that feels modern and fresh, a pale green is a great choice. This home from ourcraftsmancottage just makes you smile, and the light green shade looks lovely against the white banisters and the brick accents.

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    A Sunny, Happy Yellow

    Yellow craftsman home

    daniellonergan / Instagram

    What's happier than a yellow house? This Craftsman bungalow pictured by daniellonergan is painted a cheery golden hue that looks great paired with the gray stonework columns. The use of bright orange gives the home a truly retro feel and makes it pop. Add a few bold, bright perennials to really tie the whole exterior together. 

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    Consider Mint Green

    Mint green craftsman-style home

    turpinrealtors / Instagram

    This renovated home from turpinrealtors features a soft mint exterior with dark red trim and an olive roof. The green exterior color palette is perfect for a traditional Craftsman because it feels classic but still features a fun pop of color that stands out against the standard neutrals. Pair with brown rafters or beams, or lighten the look with a coat of white paint on the stairs and banister. 

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    Keep It Simple

    White craftsman home

    rees_remodeldiy / Instagram

    While many of the Craftsman homes you'll see feature bright, bold colors, this little bungalow from rees_remodeldiy is simple but incredibly chic. White is a great exterior paint color for a Craftsman home because it's crisp and clean, and emphasizes the horizontal lines that make this architectural style so remarkable. 

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    Neutral, Earthy Tones

    A craftsman house in neutral tones

    craftsmanbungalows / Instagram

    The earthy feel of this Craftsman home pictured by craftsmanbungalows is incredibly homey and welcoming. From the light shingles to the dark beams, we love the shades of pale green and browns used throughout the exterior that give it a grounded feel. The exposed rafter beams in this house are exaggerated and provide a focal point above the front porch.