10 Classic Features of a Craftsman-Style Interior

Living room in a craftsman

Design: Alana Homesley Interior Design

Architecture: Evens Architects

Photography: Manolo Langis

The craftsman-style home is popular throughout the country and rose to popularity during the arts-and-crafts movement at the turn of the 19th century. Many of these homes are bungalow-style and are known for their natural materials, cozy interiors, and wide porches. They're particularly popular in California and the Midwest, and appeal primarily to those who love vintage homes.

While a craftsman home is fairly easy to spot from the outside, there are also certain features that many homes from this era share beyond the front door. We have rounded up some beautiful craftsman interiors to highlight those key features that make these homes so remarkable.

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    A Living Room Off the Porch

    Craftsman living room with double doors

    Design: Black Lacquer Design 

    Photography: Mary Costa

    Rarely will you find a craftsman home without a wide-open porch (one reason for their immense curb appeal). Once inside, you typically step directly into a small foyer or immediately into the living room. Often, there is both a visual and a physical connection between the living room and the porch, as seen in this space from Black Lacquer Design. Here, a set of wooden double doors leads to the porch and allows for indoor-outdoor living.

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    A Fireplace

    Fireplace with seating on either side

    blooming_acre / Instagram

    When it comes to key features of a craftsman home, a fireplace is one of the essentials. Few bungalows go without a built-in hearth to center the space and create a clear focal point for the living room. Here in this room from blooming_acre, a stone fireplace is flanked by two bench seats to create the ultimate centerpiece for the rest of the living area.

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    Built-In Bookcases

    Built-in book case

    curihome / Instagram

    In traditional craftsman homes, the living room was a haven for entertaining, reading, and relaxation, and almost always had built-in bookcases—usually next to the fireplace like these ones from curihome. Today, they may be filled with media equipment or pieces of art instead, but built-ins are still among the signature features of a craftsman interior. You will also find them throughout the home, in bedrooms and dens as well.

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    A Dedicated Dining Room

    Dining room with wainscoting

    champagneandsawdust / Instagram

    While you may come across a renovated craftsman home with an open floor plan, the traditional style typically had a dining room set between the kitchen and the living room. Like this example from champagneandsawdust, a craftsman dining room also usually has wainscoting or beadboard detailing, windows, and sometimes built-ins for seating or linens.

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    Lots of Natural Materials

    Natural wood doorways

    1920craftsman / Instagram

    When you think craftsman, you probably think handmade or artisan. And there's a reason for that—arts-and-crafts homes had a focus on natural materials, so you will often see hardwood flooring throughout these homes, even today. You may also find beautiful wooden details, like these columns from 1920craftsman, and natural materials on the exterior of the home as well.

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    Exposed Ceiling Beams

    Craftsman home with ceiling beams

    Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design

    Photography: Jennie Corti

    Another feature of the focus on handcrafted woodwork is the exposed beams you will find in many craftsman homes. As in this space from Michelle Lisac Interior Design, exposed wooden beams help to give the craftsman home that warm feeling and help to center the rest of the furniture and elements in the room.

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    Dens and Reading Nooks

    Reading nook in a Craftsman home

    Design: Alana Homesley Interior Design

    Architecture: Evens Architects

    Photography: Manolo Langis

    Craftsman homes are full of endless detail and character, so you will often find fun features in the vein of this reading nook designed by Alana Homesley Interior Design. When space allows, there is usually a small den as well, dedicated to reading or other solitary activity, which is typically placed off the living room or dining room.

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    Eat-In Kitchens

    Breakfast nook in a kitchen

    champagneandsawdust / Instagram

    A craftsman home is designed with family in mind, so many of the spaces you will find cater to social activity. When the kitchen is large enough, you will sometimes find a breakfast nook, like this one from champagneandsawdust. Because craftsman homes always have a dedicated dining space, this nook is small and only serves as a place for a quick bite, not a larger meal.

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    Earthy or Neutral Color Palette

    Living room with fireplace

    curihome / Instagram

    While it's not a hard-and-fast rule, many craftsman homes adhere to a simple color palette consisting of grays, whites, or earthy tones such as greens and beiges. As in in this living space from curihome, these softer colors tend to work better with the various natural elements and exposed wood you find in a craftsman home.

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    Focus on Natural Light

    Dining room in a craftsman home

    tanialacaria / Instagram

    Small bungalows and cottages often rely on natural light to help open up the space and add a connection between the outside and inside. Most rooms in a craftsman, like this dining room from tanialacaria, rely on at least two sources of light or one oversized window to keep the room light and airy.