9 Lovely Library Nooks for Your Decorating Inspiration

Striking book nook with floor pillows

  Gina Rachelle Design

For many homeowners and renters, books are treasured items that have the power to transform how one thinks. So it makes sense you want a place in your home that shows off your literary tastes. The following ideas share innovative and, in many cases, easy to replicate ways for storing your collection in both small and large spaces. Get ready to display your favorite reads with these striking library nook ideas.

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    Clever Built-In Library Nook

    Wide show of living room libary nook
    Gina Rachelle Design

    Our jaws dropped when we spotted this fantastic custom library nook shown in the first photo and also directly above by Gina Rachelle Design. The little enclave is a built-in hovering above a pint-sized living room. A small wall-mounted ladder provides access. Inside the loft-inspired library is a collection of small space furniture: a tiny coffee table, floor pouf, and pillows—each piece maximizes comfort. White shelves held in place by wall-mounted brackets display a curated selection of favorite reads. Bright recessed ceiling lights eliminate the need for a floor lamp. Here is a practical tip: white walls bounce light and can help make little nooks feel bright and airy instead of cramped and claustrophobic.

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    Library Nook for a Small Child

    children's library nook
    I Spy Fabulous

    A successful library nook must always keep in mind the target audience, as is the case with this idea perfect for small kids by Erica, the decor blogger behind I Spy Fabulous. She transformed an untapped corner in a bedroom into a cozy little spot to curl up with good a read simply using a bookshelf and floor cushions. Making the nook feel even more charming is the collection of whimsical wall decor.

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    Acrylic Coffee Table Turned Library Nook

    acrylic coffee table with books
    Krystine Edwards

    Interior designer Krystine Edwards has a smart book storage idea for those wrestling with limited space. Here she created a tiny library nook under an acrylic coffee table. It is an ingenious way to display a curated collection of novels, art books, and even magazines. Note how the colorful binders enliven the living room with pops of vibrant hues.

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    Small Nook With a Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

    office library nook

    This nook in an apartment staged by Alvhem makes use of the limited square footage in a tiny home office by building up all the way to the ceiling. This is an excellent idea that can be extended to windows and doors—just add bookshelves around and above.

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    Optimize Wall Space Around a Staircase

    Books stored over a staircase
    Lisa Joanne

    For those starved for extra storage space, hallways typically are open spaces perfect for vertical optimization. This idea, by savvy DIYer Lisa Joanne, riffs on the concept of using available vertical square footage. She turned the available space around a staircase enclosure into a spot to stash books.

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    Display Books on a Console Table

    stack books on console table
    My Scandinavian Home

    A simple low-slung console becomes an insanely stylish library nook in this idea featured on My Scandinavian Home. Artwork, a vintage lamp, mirror, and potted plant all throw focus to the elegant display. The trick is good placement. Note how all the decorative objects are either hung or placed right over the arrangement of books. Balance was also kept in mind. The large plant on the right balances out the mirror and lamp on the left.

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    Arrange Books by Color

    color coded books
    Erica Burns

    Here is an ingenious decorating tip every book lover should steal. Interior designer Erica Burns enlivened this living room's color scheme by arranging books by hue. To do so, she removed the dust covers before arranging. The idea turns what could have been a typical home library into a spectacular focal point.

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    Narrow Library Nook Perfect for Small Entryways

    floating bookshelves

    A slim entryway in an apartment staged by Alvhem makes room for a library nook using narrow shelving. We love how storing the books horizontally as shown makes it easier to read the spines. But the storage goodness doesn't end there. Keeping books in the entryway is great way to put unused wall space to work.

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    Double-Duty Book Storage Solution

    book nook steps
    Zminkowska De Boise Architects

    Who doesn't love double-duty home features that make excellent use of square footage like these built-in steps designed by Zminkowska De Boise Architects. The feature provides valuable storage while working overtime as a place to curl up with a good read.