4 Ways to Create a Chevron Wall Pattern

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    Chevron Patterns on a Budget

    Inexpensive alternatives to traditional wallpaper. mfto/Getty Images

    Wallpaper can bring instant pattern, color, and dimension to any room. It can help create focus in a large open space, bring intimacy within a small space, and add a dynamic touch to a room that needs a little oomph. But it’s expensive. And sometimes you have to prep your walls before applying. And your landlord might not approve. So how can you achieve that fabulous, repeated patterned look without blowing your budget? Check out these four ways to create a trendy chevron pattern on your walls...MORE without shopping for wallpaper.

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    Vinyl Decals

    Chevron vinyl decals from Trendy Wall Designs.

    Vinyl stickers, those removable and completely temporary stickers, are now offered in a massive array of styles, colors and price ranges. These stickers can be found on a number of sites and there are manufacturers who will even produce custom colors, shapes, and sizes. To help narrow down your choices, have a good idea of your wall size, ideal colors and what shapes or patterns you’d like. Stickers are generally applied one at a time so consider how much time you want to spend peeling and...MORE sticking.

    Applying the stickers is easy but it can also cause frustration. The stickers are thin and if you have a heavily textured wall, the texture will show through as a shadow on the surface. If the stickers don’t include a smoothing device you may want to buy one at a craft store or you can use any handheld, rigid piece of plastic (like a credit card).

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    Chevron stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils.

    Stenciling is an old technique of hand painting patterns on a wall with the help of a cutout template. If you aren’t good at freehand drawing or painting, a stencil is an easy way to consistently repeat a pattern or design on a wall. Like any good painting project, the art of the perfect stencil is all in the preparation. Before you begin applying paint, have all your supplies on hand like drop cloths, cloths for wiping up spills, painter’s tape and brushes. Stencil patterns are usually sold...MORE next to other stenciling supplies like stipple brushes, which allow just a fine amount of paint to be applied. Just like stamping, a stencil works best when you work slowly and carefully so as to not smear the pattern.

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    Painting Patterns

    Wall Painted in Chevron
    Joyce Manalo / EyeEm. EyeEm/Getty Images

    Freehand painting a repeating pattern takes patience but can be accomplished with the right amount of preparation. Like stenciling, you’ll want to spend time preparing the area and planning your design. In fact, it may take you longer to sketch out and tape off the pattern than it does to actually paint.

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    Removable Wallpaper

    Zee removable wallpaper from Urban Outfitters.

    If you’re intimidated by hand stenciling or painting, look for inexpensive, removable wallpaper. Applying the paper can be as easy as applying a giant sticker, in fact, some removable wallpapers are the same material as a vinyl sticker. The advantage over the usual type of wallpaper is that they are easy to apply and easy to remove. You can usually purchase removable wallpaper in small packs so it’s perfect for trying out on a door or piece of furniture. If you are looking at a pattern that...MORE would be too complicated for individual stickers, the removable wallpaper will make your life easier.