How to Create a Harmonious Family Home With Feng Shui

well-appointed kitchen shelves with traditional decorations
Helena Schaeder Söderberg/Getty Images

Feng shui places great importance on the center area of your home, also referred to as the "heart of the home." It is the sacred feng shui energy spot from where all the other energies of your home originate. Keeping the center of your home bright, clean, and clutter-free is a must to encourage good feng shui energy throughout your space. But there are many other feng shui principles to follow when it comes to creating a harmonious family home.

Your Home Bagua

Your home is divided into the bagua, or feng shui energy map of the space. Within the bagua, there are eight areas that are connected to certain aspects of your life. The classical bagua uses compass readings to define your areas:

  • North: Career and life path
  • Northeast: Spiritual growth
  • East: Health and family
  • Southeast: Wealth and abundance
  • South: Fame and reputation
  • Southwest: Love and marriage
  • West: Creativity and children
  • Northwest: Helpful people

To successfully apply feng shui in your home, it is necessary to know your home bagua. Each bagua area is linked to a specific feng shui element and its corresponding colors and shapes.

For example, the east area of your space, otherwise known as the health and family bagua area, is linked to the wood element. Wood is expressed with green and brown colors and rectangular shapes. So to bring good feng shui energy to the east bagua area and improve the health and family aspects of your life, use decor that strengthens the wood element. Some options include wooden furniture, lush plants, and even green or brown wall paint.

Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Home

Besides working on remedies to strengthen the feng shui elements of each bagua area, there are several feng shui guidelines to create an overall harmonious family home. Some are very complex, but fortunately others are simple. And you can employ them even if you only have a limited understanding of feng shui.

Some basic feng shui tips to bring harmony to your family's home include:

  • Clear clutter and cleanse the air: A clutter-free home can nourish the good feng shui energy, bringing amazing clarity and heightened energy into your life. In addition to cleaning all surfaces, regularly cleanse the air. Use feng shui energy purifiers, such as essential oils and candles, to bring harmony and balance into your space.
  • Display family photos: Have many happy images of your family throughout the house, especially in the common areas: the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Also, display family photos in the eastern part of your space (the health and family bagua area) to strengthen its energy.
  • Pay special attention to bedrooms: In feng shui, the energy of a person's bedroom greatly affects them because they spend lots of time in the room in a passive state. So for a harmonious home, make sure you apply feng shui remedies in your bedroom, as well as the bedrooms of any children. One standard tip is to place your bed facing the door but not directly in line with it.
  • Reduce EMF exposure: Feng shui recommends lessening electromagnetic field exposure to create a healthy home. For example, keep electronics out of your bedroom whenever possible.
  • Decorate with harmonious colors: Because colors are associated with specific feng shui elements, they can bring out different energies in a space. For instance, the browns and yellows associated with the earth element are recommended for a living room where family and friends gather because these colors can promote a grounded, supportive environment.

Feng shui is all about making an effort to connect to your home. When you do this, you can find out what your space really needs to benefit your personal energy.