How to Create a Harmonious Family Home with Feng Shui

A well appointed kitchen corner with decorations
Helena Schaeder Söderberg/Getty Images

Feng shui wisdom places great importance on the center of your place, also called the Heart of the Home. It is a sacred feng shui energy spot from where all the other energies (called Bagua areas) of your home originate. Keeping the center of your home clean, open and clutter-free is a must for a healthy and harmonious home.

The Importance of North, South, East, and West

In feng shui terms, each area of your house is connected to a specific area of your life. For example, the East feng shui area of your home is "responsible" for the energy of health and family, while the Southwest area is connected to the energy of love relationships and marriage.

Know Your Home Bagua

To successfully apply feng shui in your home, it is always helpful to know your home bagua. The bagua, or feng shui energy map of your home, is used to access the relationship between the physical space and the lives of people who live in that space.

However, just knowing the bagua is not enough as a good feng shui home is a home that has fresh and clean energy. So, ideally, you would start applying your feng shui cures only after clearing your clutter.

Start by Clearing Out Clutter

Living in a clutter-free home will bring amazing clarity and heightened energy levels into your life. A home free of clutter will also be able to benefit from your feng shui decorating efforts and nourish the good feng shui energy.

There are so many ways to bring more harmony at home with feng shui, some simple, some very complex. It is best start with basics. 

5 Basic Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Home

  • Have many happy images of your family throughout the house, especially in the living room/family room, kitchen and dining, as well as the East feng shui area of your home.
  • Apply feng shui in your bedroom, as well as the bedrooms of your children. A harmonious home much depends on the energy in your bedroom.
  • Balance the energy in your home according to the five feng shui elements by bringing the most harmonious colors. Start with easy color tips, then if you so desire go into more complex color applications.
  • Be mindful about the EMF levels in your home; choose to create a healthy home.
  • Use feng shui energy purifiers, such as essential oils, crystals and candles to bring harmony, calm and balance into your space.

Feng shui is easy to apply once you understand the basics, as well as make an effort to really connect to your home to find out what it needs.