Creating a Romantic Bedroom With Color

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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In your hectic life, having a romantic retreat may be crucial to keeping a relationship on track. The dishes may be piled in the kitchen, the dog may need a bath, but your romantic escape can be just on the other side of your bedroom door.

Everyone's idea of a romantic space is different, but the most common goal is creating a gorgeous bedroom that feels like a retreat. ​Creating a romantic bedroom doesn't require a lot of money or time. You can create a special space with as little or as much effort as you're comfortable with. A totally over-the-top romantic bedroom will require more work, but these basic bedroom color decorating tips are all you'll need to get started.

Find Color Inspiration for Your Romantic Bedroom

The internet is the first place that most of us start our search for decorating inspiration. Visit the top interior design sites and blogs for ideas and color trends for your bedroom. There are tons of bedroom decorating inspiration on decorating sites, but you'll also find ideas by looking at other types of rooms. Your perfect color palette might be found in a living room or dining room, so don't be shy about checking out everything.

Decorating shows on HGTV and DIY Network can not only give you inspiration but also offer tips on simple decorating projects for your bedroom. If you spot a particular product that you love on a decorating show, you can often find the name of the company by looking for promotional credits or the list of sponsors and product placements on the show.

If your idea of a romantic bedroom is a luxurious hotel suite, then you can find inspiration by viewing accommodations online. Look at websites for the top hotels in big cities if you love a contemporary hotel style, or search for bed & breakfast inns for intimate and casual bedroom inspiration. Most high-end hotels and inns are designed to be romantic and comfortable, so borrowing their look is an easy bedroom decorating hack.

Choose the Right Paint Color

Whether you use jewel tone colors, soft pastels, or neutral colors, the secret to decorating a romantic bedroom is choosing a harmonious color palette. Creating a monochromatic color scheme is one way to achieve a soothing space. Using light and dark shades of the same color creates interest but keeps the room from looking too cluttered or busy.

Romantic paint colors don't have to be soft and sweet, they can be rich jewel tones like burgundy and purple, or dramatic colors like charcoal gray and dark brown. If you love the idea of dark paint color in your romantic bedroom, consider adding an accent wall instead of painting the entire room in that color. A stunning accent wall color is the perfect backdrop for a chandelier or hanging pendants over your nightstand.

If you love pastel paint colors, try a color scheme that combines pastels with neutral paint colors. The newest pastel paint colors are subtle to the point of looking neutral. These new soft colors are so pretty in a romantic bedroom retreat. A pastel/neutral color palette is perfect for decorating in a rustic and romantic style.

Choosing the Right Bedding Can Make Decorating Easy

Your bedding will most likely be the most colorful accent in your bedroom. No matter how simple your bedroom color scheme is, you can totally personalize your space by choosing the right bedding. A duvet and throw pillows are the best way to add more color without making a major change in your bedroom. If you are looking for a quick way to rev up the romance at home, bedding can completely change the look and mood of your bedroom.

Steal This Secret From Designers: Style Your Nightstands

Those romantic bedrooms that are so swoon-worthy all share a secret tip that is totally doable. The top designers and bloggers "style" their nightstands. Styling simply means that you choose accent decor for your nightstands that will look beautiful together. Simple! Taking the time to think about what goes next to your bed, and what makes you happy when you see it, is the simplest way to style your nightstand. You'll want to have essential items nearby like a small dish for jewelry or a pretty water carafe, so incorporate your must-haves with stylish accents for a romantic look.

Choosing the Right Lighting Is Essential

Nothing says romance better than soft lighting in the bedroom. Add a chandelier if you love the style, but a semi-flush mount light fixture on the ceiling can be just as glamorous. This might mean that your ceiling light fixture should be set up with a dimmer so that you can customize the amount of light you need. Be sure to consider all the uses of your bedroom so that you have adequate light available for all activities. Learn the basics of lighting your home to enhance the mood of your bedroom.

Lighting on or above your nightstand is important. If your nightstands aren't big enough to support table lamps comfortably then swing arm lamps like the hotels use are a stylish option. The flexibility of a swing arm lamp is perfect for reading in bed, too. Another super chic bedroom lighting idea is using small pendants or chandeliers over your nightstand. This frees up space next to your bed and has a very hip look. Vintage style hanging light fixtures are perfect for bedside lighting.

Pulling It All Together

Your romantic bedroom isn't complete without accent decor and accessories. Dressing your windows with soft drapes in velvet or linen give your bedroom a romantic look and can hide boring blinds and unflattering views outside. For a soothing color palette, choose drapes to match your wall color. The texture of your drapes and bedding will add enough visual interest so that you won't need to add additional colors.

Choose artwork for your bedroom carefully. You'll want to use accent colors from your palette when you choose artwork for your bedroom, but do select art that is personally meaningful and appealing for this very personal space.

You can pull your bedroom makeover together by adding pops of color with candles, throws, and other pretty accessories that will enhance the romantic mood. Don't forget an adjacent bathroom if you're decorating a master bath. You can make your romantic bedroom and bathroom look like an expensive hotel suite by using luxurious colors and finishes that flow between the rooms. Don't forget to include fluffy towels and robes in colors from your palette for a romantic and luxurious touch.