Create a Romantic Dinner for Two Including 30 Recipes

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    Creating a Romantic Dinner for Two

    Romantic Dinner for Two. Elaine Lemm

    Valentines is a day for romance, that goes without saying. How you decide to celebrate is up to you, but one way to woo your significant other - usually much appreciated - has to be  a romantic dinner for the two of you. If the thought of preparing one strikes fear  right through you, rest assured, it does not need to be complicated. Here are some tips, hints, suggestions and some good recipes to help you through.



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    Romantic Dinner for Two Recipes - Starters

    Tomato Consomme Recipe
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    A romantic dinner for two needs to be light and uncomplicated. Any dish which can be prepared, or even made in advance helps make things easier.

    A classic starter on the romance front are oysters perhaps because they are considered an aphrodisiac? Oysters, however , are not to everyone's liking, so do check first.

    You can serve the oysters fresh and unadorned, or how about Warm Oysters with Chive Sauce.

    Other light good starters include:

    Prawn Cocktail

    Delicate Tomato Consommé

    Spring Onion and Pea...MORE Soup

    British Asparagus is only available from April to mid-June. It makes a lovely starter

    20 Recipes for Asparagus

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    Main Courses for a Romantic Dinner for Two

    Classic Beef Wellington
    Classic Beef Wellington. Getty Images

    As with starters, mains for your romantic dinner preferably should be something prepared or made in advance. You can keep it very simple, after all it is time with you sweetheart you want, not time standing in the kitchen on your own.

    A Few Suggested Mains with a Little Wow:

    For the carnivores - Beef Wellington or Pan-fried Beef with Asparagus

    Fish - Sea Bass with Lemon Potatoes

    Salad - Asian Inspired Salad with Pomegranate and Cranberry

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    Desserts for the Romantic Dinner

    Chocolate Heart. Getty

    Dessert, for many the favourite part of the meal and a romantic dinner is no exception. Keep it light, keep it pretty. Chocolate is, of course, a must.

    White Chocolate and Raspberry Creme Brulee

    Decadent Chocolate Cream

    Pimms Jelly

    Elderflower Cordial Recipe

    Honey and Pine Nut Tart

    If you are feeling brave ...

    Chocolate Soufflé

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    Table Setting, Flowers and Champagne

    Champagne and Ice Bucket. Getty

    The Table Setting for a Romantic Dinner

    Create a powerful impression through the table and the mood surrounding it. It is here where simplicity can have the most impact.

    Bring out the crystal glasses and don’t be afraid to mix them. Informality adds a relaxed touch of elegance.

    The one area where excess is acceptable is with candles. Candlelight is the most becoming so the more the merrier. Bring out all the candlesticks, mismatched doesn’t matter; neither do different sized candles. And the...MORE flowers, avoid putting them in the center of the table; place them on either side instead to create a soft, all-round light - far more flattering.

    The Flowers:

    No flower embodies romance more than the rose. A simple red rose on the plate or stem in a vase keeps the table uncluttered. Keep the table between you and your partner unfussy. After all, what is it you want to look at?

    There is a language associated with which flowers to use. Red roses are still the most popular and declares true love, but a white rose means I Love You Not! Yellow depicts jealousy with pink for innocent love. Red Tulips are a declaration of powerful love and Snowdrops bring hope. So check first to see what the flowers you are sending carry the correct message.

    To Drink:

    Champagne is a good to drink any time. For simplicity, chill a bottle (or two) in the fridge, ready for a drink before and during dinner.